Qik’s iPhone App Can Now Upload Video Over 3G

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Qik had recently released their iPhone app on the iPhone App Store for iPhone 3GS users.

Unfortunately, the official iPhone app had two major limitations, which severely affected its functionality.

They have released a new version of their iPhone app, which addresses one of the limitations.

1st limitation: The official iPhone app didn’t work like their other mobile apps. It is a capture and upload app and doesn’t broadcast live video from the iPhone.

2nd limitation: It worked only over Wi-Fi.

As expected, Qik didn’t have any problems getting the new version of their iPhone app approved, which now works over Wi-Fi 3G. So it addresses one of the limitations.

Unfortunately, it still can’t broadcast live video from the iPhone. The limitation is imposed by iPhone’s SDK and not Qik’s fault, but it restricts one of the core features of the application where users can stream live video from their mobile phone and see viewer comments show up on the screen while they are recording.

Let’s hope Apple relooks at such limitations (some of which is due to pressure from carriers like AT&T) in the wake of FCC scrutiny over the rejection of Google Voice related iPhone apps.

You can download Qik’s updated iPhone app using this
direct iTunes link

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