Users Reporting Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues after Upgrading to iPhone OS 3.0

iPhone OS 3.0

Based on this long Apple Discussion thread, it looks like many iPhone users are facing Wi-Fi connectivity issues after upgrading to iPhone OS 3.0.

They are reporting that after upgrading to iPhone OS 3.0, their iPhone either cannot maintain a Wi-Fi connection or it doesn't download data once it is connected.

iPhone OS 3.0.1 which was released recently doesn't fix
the issue, and it looks like the issue isn't fixed in the beta versions of iPhone OS 3.1.

User Gibbons was the first to report the issue back in June 18th, a day after iPhone OS 3.0 was released:

Just thought I'd see if anyone else is having the same strange problem with the WiFi on their iPhone after the 3.0 update.

Essentially, WiFi works fine after the phone has been freshly booted
(i.e. right after a restart) – however, once it has put itself into
standby mode it will no longer download data over a WiFi connection
after the phone is turned on again. It remains able to find the WiFi
network, but simply refuses to download data over it.

Have tried restarting my phone and changing the WiFi security from WPA to WEP, but to no avail…

iPhone users are still reporting issues with their Wi-Fi after upgrading to iPhone OS 3.0 even today, more than 2 months after iPhone OS 3.0 was released. User nhTroy reported of a similar problem:

I have been experiencing wifi trouble as well. Just installed 3.0.1 on my 3G iPhone with no luck.

Trouble started not long after 3.0 update. I watched as the signal from
my home wifi network got weaker. Soon I could not detect any networks
where I used to see 5 or 6.

I have tried nearly every suggestion on this board with no change. Next
step is to get an "expert" on the phone I guess, although sounds like
the only solution is to go and get a replacement.

The issue seems to be affecting many iPhone users as the Apple Discussion thread is currently on the 44th page.

This Knowledge Base article which provides some tips on how to resolve Wi-Fi related problems also doesn't seem to have helped users.

Based on our past experience with Wi-Fi connectivity issues, you can try some of these potential fixes If you are facing this issue:

  • Turn Wi-Fi "Off" then "On" in Settings.
  • “Forget” the currently configured connection and allow it to reconfigure.
  • Switch the router to WPA2.
  • Remove all spaces from the WPA pass phrase.
  • Remove all security from the router until a stable connection is attained then reconfigure the security.

If the above tips haven't helped in solving the problem then we would recommend you to visit the local Apple Store rather than waiting for Apple to fix it in the next version of iPhone OS.

As always, please drop us a line in the comments if you are facing this problem, or if you have figured out a way to resolve

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  • Zac

    iPhone 3GS OS 3.0 – I've noticed that my reception of wifi is much much weaker and on relatively rare occasions i can stand still near my router and the signal can fluctuate from one bar to full signal randomly, but as for the complete lack in connectivity and/or network activity and reduced speeds, I'm not experiencing that.

    I've read somewhere else, when I first read about this issue, that putting the phone in the freezer for a bit can improve wifi experiences. I'm not speaking from first hand knowledge however. I'm hesitant to try this out for myself.

  • Yeah I read about it as a solution in the discussion thread but it sounded
    stranger than the problem at hand 🙂

    Maybe you can try it if the above solutions don't work.

  • Ben

    ive never noticed any problems with it, but last night it randomly no longer worked, i tried everything (reset network settings,forgetting networ, everything i could think of, including rebooting) but nothing worked

  • Did any of these potential fixes work:

    – Turn Wi-Fi off then on in Settings.
    – “Forget” the currently configured connection and allow it to
    – Switch the router to WPA2.
    – Remove all spaces from the WPA pass phrase.
    – Remove all security from the router until a stable connection is
    attained then reconfigure the security.

  • Dah

    My experience suggest that the 3.x OS has a real issue with "N" wide band Wi-Fi. I have a linksys WRT350N router and an ipod touch 2g. Before the upgrade to 3.0 on the ipod touch it had no issue connecting to my WRT350N in wide mode "N" after the upgrade it can not maintain a connection if the WRT350N is in wide "N" mode.

    I must now put the WRT350N into slower non wide mode, in order for my ipod touch 2g to connect, or for my 3Gs to connect! Also there seem to be an issue with the power save mode of operation, in that I must now reboot the wireless router every few days for the ipod touch or 3Gs to connect to the router and be able to download, data.

  • I've 3x3G & 1x3Gs in the family, all on OS 3.0 (not 3.0.1), all jailbroken, one of the 3G's had wifi problem and I've sent it back to Movistar (live in Spain), will see if they fix it.

    Also have an old 2G where wifi been lost "forever", only way to get it to work is the freezer trick, i.e it seems to overheat somehow. Anyway its in the box of old mobile's nowadays.

  • intins

    i have problem with wifi after upgraded to 3.0 , these fixies does not work for me

  • intins

    please help me with some different fixes to because with no wifi it cost to have iphone

  • Jay

    I had the same issue but solved it.

    Just reset your Network Settings(Settings-General-Reset). Now my phone works perfectly.

  • I noticed this not too long ago as well. I can not keep a connection at all.

    So here is a quick fix.

    All I do is go into Settings, Select Airplane Mode and turn it on. Exit settings, then go back in and turn Airplane mode off…

    So far this has worked for me 100% and I get a connection right away. Although, its not a permanent fix, I will have to do this every time I lose connection.

    I have tried the other suggestions listed above and they did not work for me.

  • intins

    i traded every of yours suggestion already long time ago, when i realized that my wifi is "brooked" that i found lot of similar iphone owners on internet with similar problem , so i am looking for some new fix problem , maybe d. team have some fix for it, which i can download from cydia???


  • Mike

    Seems (for me and a lot of others on various discussion areas) this only happens when I have bluetooth turned on.

    My connection drops low or altogether when I have BT enabled and I access an app that uses the network.

    Disabling bluetooth immediately returns my wifi connection to 100%.

    With my phone, this is so obvious, I am in a routine where I enable BT if I need to use my headset and instinctively disable bluetooth after my call.

  • Tamrok

    Since updated to 3 and then to 3.1 I have terrible wifi performance. I use a Wimax router with built-in wifi at home. to download a 10 mb file it takes about half an hour to 45 minutes where as my nokia takes 1-2 minutes the same file (Ie: you tube videos)

  • i've just turn to 3.0.1, scared with the idea of a hacker killing my iphone… now, NO WIFI, NO SOLUTION… also can't restore to 3.0.0, that it worked perfect.

    WHAT TO DO? take you r iphone, go to your browser and ask for a nue one? and NEVER actualice your iphone again

  • tom

    I also had that issue. i tried a lot of ways but it still could not connect to wifi. finally, i brought it to apple store. A guy tried to help me out, but he counldnt. And then he gave me a new one like a replacement.

  • eric

    I try to use mine at the YMCA and their system blocks it because when I open safari it automatically tries to go to in the background. Ymca blocks it and kicks me off.
    any fixes?

  • adam

    Ever since i bought my 3gs, i have been thinking i was the only one experiencing the issue. happy to hear others are having same trouble, not that it should be something to be happy about. please fix it apple.


    I went to Apple for my 4th phone replacement on friday an Apple offer to answers to why this happen.

  • Jeremy

    I tried this fix with D-Link DI 524 (WEP encryption off, no security on) and my wifi has at least for the time being started to work again. Thanks for the help!

  • Sean

    My iphone has recently just acted up wifi wise. I see full connection but nothing is being downloaded. The progress circle to the right keeps coming on and off like its struggling to download.

  • Victor

    Thank you sooo much Jay. This worked for me… Thank you….

  • aris

    my fone setting indicates no wifi..