Apple Approves Toktumi’s Line 2 iPhone App; Google Voice Coming Soon?

Apple has just approved Toktumi’s iPhone app nearly three months after the iPhone app was originally submitted.

Toktumi’s iPhone app called Line2 adds a second number with voicemail to your iPhone.

The approval of Toktumi’s iPhone app is quite interesting as in many ways it’s similar to Google Voice iPhone app that Apple had rejected and resulted in a major fiasco in which even Federal Communications Commission (FCC) got involved.

Toktumi’s Line2 iPhone app has some similar features as Google Voice, which makes it interesting:

  • It gives your iPhone a second number that can be used to receive and place calls.

  • You can use Line2 to make cheap international calls like Google Voice.

The second number which is essentially a virtual one can be quite useful as you can use one for your business calls while the other you can use for personal calls. This helps you keep the personal number private and is ideal for small businesses. The second virtual number has its own voicemail, call history and contacts.

However, there is one key difference between Toktumi’s iPhone App and Google Voice iPhone app:

  • Line2 does not support SMS while Google Voice allows you to send and receive SMS for free.

But due to the similarities of Line2 and Google Voice iPhone app, which was not approved by Apple, Toktumi CEO Peter Sisson was quite concerned so he kept pestering Apple about its approval over the last one month.

It looks like his pestering has worked as the iPhone app has been approved and available on the iPhone App Store. The iPhone app is currently available only on the US App Store.

It is good to hear that Apple has approved the Line2 and Vonage iPhone app, it indicates that Apple might soon approve Google Voice related iPhone apps as it looks like Google Apple has made some changes to its approval process for such iPhone apps.

What do you think? If you give Line2 iPhone app (direct iTunes link) a try, please let us know how it goes in the comments.

[via TechCrunch]

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