Apple Could Unveil New iPod Touch, Nano and Shuffle at Tomorrow’s Special Event

Apple's Special Event

John Gruber of Daring Fireball has just made some predictions about what Apple will announce at tomorrow’s special media event "It’s only rock and roll, but we like it".

However, this time around Gruber admits that "I’ve heard very little about tomorrow’s 'It’s Only Rock and Roll' event." He claims that "the word is that Apple's 'secrecy machine' has been kicked back into high gear" since Steve Jobs returned from his medical leave.

John Gruber who has a good track record with Apple predictions has made the following predictions for tomorrow’s special event:

  • Apple will announce the third generation iPod Touch:
  • New iPod Nano
    • It will also get a camera.
    • Developed from some sort of secret top-secret new material.
    • It will get an FM Tuner.
  • New iPod Shuffle
    • Brand new design – maybe even with a button.
  • iPod Classic isn’t going away yet, it could get more storage (160GB from 120GB) for the same price.
  • Steve Jobs might not give the Keynote address at tomorrow’s event. (It would be great to see Steve Jobs on stage so I hope Gruber is wrong on this one.)
  • Cocktail – the much-rumored new multimedia “album” format.

I think Apple might also announce the release date of iPhone OS 3.1. We’ll have to wait and see if the release date will be this week and Apple will enable the MMS feature for AT&T's iPhone customers via a carrier update on September 25 or Apple will release iPhone OS 3.1 only on September 25.

Here is some other rumors that we have heard:

We would love to know what’s on your wishlist for tomorrow’s special event so please drop us a line in the comments below.

[via Daring Fireball]

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