Apple Rolls Out ‘Apps for Everything’ Section to Make it Easier to Find iPhone Apps

You might have already seen Apple’s “the iPhone has all kinds of apps” TV ads.

Apple has just rolled out a new section called Apps for Everything on its website, in what seems to be a continuation of their effort to make it easier to find iPhone apps on the App Store, which currently has more than 85,000 iPhone apps.

iPhone Apps for Everything

The Apps for Everything section has 12 featured categories of iPhone apps:

  • Apps for cooks
  • Apps for keeping current
  • Apps for the great outdoors
  • Apps for music
  • Apps for work
  • Apps for music
  • Apps for students
  • Apps for moms & dads
  • Apps for working out
  • Apps for going out
  • Apps for managing money
  • Apps for traveling
  • Apps for fun & games

Each category page features between eight and 24 iPhone apps.

With more than 85,000 iPhone apps on the App Store, it has become extremely difficult to find quality iPhone apps. I think the new section will help users to find iPhone apps faster based on their interest.

What do you think?

[Apple via TechCrunch]

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