AT&T Customers: Is MMS Working on your iPhone?

Disassembled iPhone iPhone 3G S

Based on feedback from our readers, we had felt that AT&T’s launch of MMS feature to iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS customers yesterday had gone off smoothly.

But folks at Boy Genius Report have just reported that AT&T might be facing an outage currently as users are reporting issues sending MMS.

BGR reports:

“We’ve received a couple tips about MMS possibly being down completely for some AT&T subscribers and a quick call to AT&T’s customer care line revealed that there is a known latency issue with MMS in all states with no estimated time of repair.”

AT&T has been working hard to prepare for the launch of the MMS feature and the last thing they need is an outage.

We’re not seeing users complaining about it on Twitter nor have we got any complaints from our readers so far, so we hope this one is a false alarm.

But please let us know in the comments if MMS isn’t working on your iPhone or if you're facing any delays in sending or receiving MMS.

[via BGR]

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