Excellent DIY iPhone Dock Using Card Paper

DIY iPhone Dock Using Card Paper

If you’re looking for an iPhone dock but don't want to shell out $49 for it then you should checkout this do-it-yourself iPhone dock designed by folks at French design site Dessine moi un objet (translated as "Draw me something").

This card paper iPhone dock is simple and looks quite good.

Folks at Dessine moi un objet have released a printable template of their dock so that you can do-it-yourself using 220 – 270 g/m card paper or some thick paper.

DIY iPhone Dock Using Card Paper

DIY iPhone Dock Using Card Paper

DIY iPhone Dock Using Card Paper

Take a printout of the template on the card paper and checkout the video walkthrough to see how it is done:

We’ve seen quite a few do-it-yourself iPhone docks such as the wooden iPhone Dock, iPhone dock using pencils and rubber bands, one using binder clips and another made out of cardboard

If you try it out, please don’t forget to tell us how it goes in the comments.

[via Dessine moi un objet]

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  • bocaj7777

    wtf no one cares

  • pirate phil

    shut up bocaj!! there will ALWAYS be someone who cares!

  • Don

    Well said pirate phil 🙂

  • Patrick

    There will always be a douche…People making things to save others money, and this is all you have to say.

    Well kudos to them…I'm gonna try it out!

  • Don

    normal cardboard is too thin to support iphone's weight,the problem is if the card board is too thick it'll be very hard to fold also 😛


    That's why u need to use 220 – 270 g/m card paper :p

  • Dan C

    Flash on an iPhone site again. Tsk tsk iPhone-hacks.Com

  • I made one with a fedex envelope and it worked great. I just printed it on regulat paper, overlayed it and cut it out.

  • Andre

    If you use thick card then you have to score it using the back of a Stanley Knife of other knife, this will make it fold just don't score too deep.

  • The comments about flash videos on this site are pointless and stupid. Case in point: bitch to apple that your device is lacking functionality found in windows 95 not this website which most people browse using a computer not a phone with a 3 inch screen. Tool.

  • Slim

    Just made one for my desk at work. Don't have to worry about someone taking it since its just paper. haha

  • Broken link.. Your link to the Binder clip links to the pencil and rubber bands one instead. Just to give you a heads up lol

    Keep up the great work iPhoneHacks!!!

  • JohnnyMe

    Cay you Say Frash? Flash video on Iphone, Check it out. As for this Holder Very Clever!
    Too bad some on here do not have any class.

  • Andy

    I use an old belt buckle as a stand – looks great but only works in landscape (which is what I wanted)…and it’s Hugo Boss so designer too!