How to Enable MMS on iPhone OS 3.1 (AT&T)

Disassembled iPhone iPhone 3G S

When we reported that iPhone OS 3.1 breaks MMS and Tethering hack, we had many readers reporting that MMS and in some cases even tethering is working for them after upgrading to iPhone OS 3.1. It looks like it is working for users who had used the MMS hack.

Aaron Krill who had discovered the MMS hack for iPhone OS 3.0 is at it again. He has figured out a way to enable MMS on iPhone OS 3.1 without the need to jailbreak your iPhone.

Please proceed with caution and remember that you run the risk of voiding your iPhone's warranty.

Before you start, you need the following things:

  • Modified version of ATT_US.ipcc (carrier file), which can be downloaded from this link.

  • iPhone running iPhone OS 3.1

  • iTunes 8.2 or iTunes 9

Note: This will work only for AT&T customers.

You then need to enable IPCC updates for iTunes 8.2 (or iTunes 9) and copy the carrier (.ipcc) file to your iPhone. To achieve this, you need to follow these instructions:

Enabling IPCC Updates for iTunes:
iTunes 8.2 or iTunes 9 won’t allow you to apply the carrier file updates so you need to follow these steps:


1. Close iTunes.
2. Open Terminal (Applications > Utilities > Terminal).
3. Run the command: defaults write carrier-testing -bool TRUE

Windows 32 Bit:

1. Close iTunes.
2. Go to Start then Run and type CMD.
3. Run this command(If you right-click on the cmd window you can paste): “C:Program FilesiTunesiTunes.exe” /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1

Note: If the command in point 3 doesn't work then please double check the path of iTunes.exe on your computer and use that path instead of the one mentioned withing quotes above.

Windows 64 Bit:

1. Close iTunes.
2. Go to Start then Run and type CMD.
3. Run this command(If you right-click on the cmd window you can paste): “C:Program Files (x86)iTunesiTunes.exe” /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1

Note: If the command in point 3 doesn't work then please double check the path of iTunes.exe on your computer and use that path instead of the one mentioned withing quotes above.

Updating your iPhone with the Carrier file:
To update your iPhone with the carrier file follow these instructions:

  1. Open iTunes & connect your iPhone.

  2. Click on your iPhone in iTunes(under devices listing).

  3. Windows Users: hold shift and click “Check for Update”.  MAC OS X: hold alt and click “Check for Update”.

  4. Select the .IPCC you downloaded earlier.

  5. Reboot your iPhone.

  6. MMS should be enabled on your iPhone.

Based on feedback from our readers and this HowardForums thread it looks like updating your iPhone with the carrier file is working for quite a few users. However, it doesn’t seem to work for everyone. Aaron thinks that this is because AT&T is in the process of removing the opt-out codes. I think AT&T is probably rolling out the MMS feature gradually for the official launch on September 25.

Update 1:

It looks like the tutorial doesn't work for iPhone 2G users and the earlier method to enable MMS on iPhone 2G also doen't work with iPhone OS 3.1.

Update 2:

If the above steps don't work then you can checkout the steps provided by YBT, it has worked for some users:

Make sure you have this typed in on settings/general/network/cellular data network and on the MMS section fill in the blanks :
APN: wap.cingular
MMS Proxy:
MMS Max Message Size: 614400

After i typed this stuff in mine and restarted my iphone it worked.

Thanks YBT!


Updated the post to add a note based on James's suggestion. Thanks James.

If you try this tutorial, please don’t forget to let us know how it goes.

[via Aaron Krill’s blog]

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  • bocaj7777

    works great :):):):):):):):):):):):) now y is it not working for tethering

  • I'm running Windows 7 64-bit and iTunes 9. Try the command above for 64 bit but it doesnt regconize.

    I copied and pasted this line:

    %Program Files%\iTunes\iTunes.exe” /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1

    What am i missing?

  • Aaron who had also figured a way to enable tethering on iPhone OS 3.0 has mentioned that he is currently trying to figure out why the previous methods aren't working. So looks like, we'll have to wait for some more time on that one.

  • Quotes at the beginning?? It should be:

    "%Program Files%\iTunes\iTunes.exe” /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1

    The idea is to find the path of the iTunes exe file on your computer and put it withing the quotes followed by the other parameters.

  • DistortedLoop

    Okay, I haven't upgraded to 3.1 yet; I am waiting for the jailbreaking tools to come out, however, I could never get MMS working on my iPhone, even with the modified ipcc file, which I never uninstalled. I assumed my account had a block on it.

    I did notice this morning, though, that my iPhone was suddenly able to send and receive MMS messaging. I tried it after reading a post somewhere where the guy said it started working for him yesterday. When I messaged that it worked for me, a friend messaged back that it has been working for him for about a week. He lives in a different part of California than I do.

    My conclusion is that AT&T is indeed rolling out quietly and in stages by removing the blocks on accounts. Come 9/25, they'll authorize a new ipcc for iTunes and let the masses have at it.

  • Marc

    Ok I can also confirm that it works!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!

  • Interesting, it might be case as I just stumbled upon this post over at Mediaite where Ash Kalb also noticed the same thing and he didn't seem to have done anything special to enable MMS just like you.

    Or the fact that you had installed the modified ipcc file earlier might have helped.

    So looks like AT&T is rolling out the feature and as you mentioned the will release a new carrier update on September 25. Very nice!

  • bocaj7777

    ya ok im going to keep trying to get it myself

  • Josh

    Anyone in Washington state have MMS yet???? Mine doesnt work yet. 🙁

  • Mike

    Sorry guys, but I am also a bit confused. The path of my itunes is…

    C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunes.exe

    What would be the proper command to perform this? I am running Windows Vista with iTunes 9.


  • Jae

    Anyone in New York got this working?

    Im gonna try this out now. Bye Bye Jailbreak for me

  • Try this command:

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes\iTunes.exe" /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1

    If that doesn't work, try this one:

    "C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunes.exe" /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1

  • dawsy

    i'm in ny and the mms hack worked, still no tethering

  • Mike

    Thanks man, just tried it and it works PERFECTLY! Youre the man! Thanks again.

  • One

    A few days ago my mms bubble went missing and I looked in settings and it wasn't there but tethering still worked. Now when I install the carrier file it does nothing. The mms doesn't show up. Any ideas?

  • Mr. J

    Every time I hold shift and click the check for update I can't find the ipcc file and will only show ipsw files. Did I do something wrong?

  • Anthony

    I have 3.1 and 5.11 carrier file. I can't select the .IPCC carrier file that I downloaded–it just looks like a white page in OS-X snow leapord. Any suggestions? I followed everything else exactly.

  • I'm in New Jersey, very close to New York and it didn't work fro me. I see it updated the carrier file from 5.0 to 5.1. I'm running iTunes 9.0 and OS 3.1. I see there are settings for Cellular Data now under General\Network but I haven't touched the settings like some of the old hacks say to. Did anyone have to add information here? I also turned the iPhone off and on.

  • You need to follow the instructions under the heading "*Enabling IPCC
    Updates for iTunes*", which will allow you to select the carrier file.

  • You need to follow the instructions under the heading "*Enabling IPCC
    Updates for iTunes*", which will allow you to select the carrier file.

  • MalibuJack

    Just tested and confirmed working here in DFW, however that doesn't mean it won't stop working in a few hours though.

  • Ryan

    damn that's sick. worked like a charm. use the copy / paste feature for the stuff you need to put in terminal to ensure you don't mess up. i might have mis-typed something the first go round, but when i copy / paste it worked perfectly. was able to select the ipcc file just fine, took a second to update. restarted my iphone and bam !!!!

    to iphonehacks – you might want to remove the period '.' in the mac section after TRUE so people don't get confused and actually use it.

  • MalibuJack

    Oh, and I wanted to clarify that the command line option for windows doesn't launch iTunes, it just sets the preference to allow carrier files, you still have to launch itunes from your icon. At least this was the behavior of itunes 9

  • Ryan

    of course i say that but didn't bother testing it out first. doesn't work here in houston 🙁

  • Dawsy, did you have to edit your Cellular Data Network settings by adding a username and password, etc?

  • Anthony

    I followed the instructions exactly. In the terminal it displayed a bunch of type that made it appear like that part worked. Could there be something else wrong?

  • john

    does the visual voicemail still work with this hack?

  • PhillyEagle

    I just tried MMS via Swirly which I've had for a while on my 3GS and it never worked. Just tried it and works like a champ now. I'm in PA north of Philadelphia.

  • MalibuJack

    My visual voicemail doesn't appear to be working at the moment after doing this.

  • daniel

    If my iTunes path is C:\Users\Public\Desktop
    what would the proper command be?
    im using Vista with iTunes 9.

  • Jae

    Thank You sooo much for confirming!!! Im a hacker but honestly at times the jailbreaking and cydia process can get really annoying. I'll stick to just doing the jailbreaking stuff for my girl. two Iphones to track n adaily basis is just too time consuming.

  • Anthony

    I figured out what was wrong. You have to eliminate the "." after TRUE under OS-X, when copy and pasting into the terminal.

  • Anthony

    Thanks Ryan–removing the "." fixed my issue of not being able to select the IPCC file. I appreciate you taking the time to bring this to my attention.

  • Anthony

    Is it supposed to say Cingular under "Cellular Data" on the iphone after you restart? If not, how do you change it? MMS isn't working, even though it's showing on the phone.

  • yea the same thing happened with me i just checked and it works now.

  • Anthony, see my earlier post for what I have and where I am, but I had to wait about 15 minutes of failed sends until finally I received an old message someone sent me that contained a picture. After that, it works, however, if what MalibuJack wrote above about Visual Voicemail is true, that sucks. When I changed the carrier file a while back, my Visual Voicemail stopped working as well. That means this hack is no better than the previous one. As for editing the settings under Cellular Data, I didn't have to change anything and it never became populated with anything from an OTA-type update.

  • ShaQ

    I would assume it would be

    "C:\Users\Public\Desktop" /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1

  • Well I just tested Visual Voicemail and it works, but now my MMS stopped! Ha! Pretty crazy results. I hope you guys keep posting so I can see what's going on with you.

  • james

    it works!!! :D:D:D

  • DMc

    So I want to hear from a few other users, IS VISUAL VISUAL VOICE MAIL WORKING OR NOT?

  • PhillyEagle

    Forgot to mention earlier I have 3GS with 3.0 installed. But since everyone was posting about MMS availability thought I would chime in. I just tried the IPCC 5.0 modified file and have the iphone's MMS working now. WOOHOO!!!!!!

  • oskar

    i wrote teh thing on the CDM n it says dat it doesnt find it so idk wat to do??? n another thing i installed the 3.1 on my phone n now the applycations r not working so if anyone knows let me know wat to do plz

  • Cory

    this shows the picture icon but when i try to send a picture it does not work what do i need to do

  • daniel

    Ok i installed the ATT_US.ipcc on my phone but it won't send no pictures.
    What could be the problem??

  • Jerime

    i tried it and its not working for me it tryes to send the picture and and then just sits there and says not able to send

  • YBT

    make sure you have this typed in on settings/general/network/cellular data network and on the mms section fill in the blanks
    APN: wap.cingular
    MMS Proxy:
    MMS Max Message Size: 614400
    MMS UA Prof URL:

    after i typed this stuff in mine and restarted my iphone it worked.

  • PhillyEagle

    Go to settings/general and reset network settings. This should bring back your visual vm. I tried tethering and MMS to see if this would cause another issue with VVM but it seems to be working fine now. Mine stopped working after enabling MMS initially. All good now.

  • Dana

    everything worked fine until i try to send the pic, then it just stop when its really close to sending and gives me the cant send message error. Is there anything I can do?

  • Good point, removed the period '.' to avoid confusion. Thanks Ryan

  • cody

    You don't need to type in anything.

  • CrewDog

    No luck in Northern Virginia…

  • bob

    putting in these setting worked for me in Illinois.

  • I think it's hit and miss as AT&T is enabling MMS on accounts one at a time.

  • rob

    hey my cmd is popping up like this
    C:\ documents and settings/dea

    i keep pasting “%Program Files%\iTunes\iTunes.exe” /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1
    for windows 32 bit and its saying system cant find path
    my itunes is in C:\Program Files\iTunes

    i need help

  • Jacob

    the link will not work for me 🙁 any help ?


    Finally got it to load on my phone, but just sends out blank texts when I try to send out a picture, and still can;t recieve them normaly, get the stupid thing with the user name and passowrd bs. What did I do wrong?

  • Mark

    It wont allow me to set my limits to blank. I've been having some trouble receiving messages from t-mobile customer and its been prompting that messages are to large. Solutions?

  • tika

    tried everything but still can't sent any pics
    and I'm in SF

    is there anybody can help pls,thx

  • tried anything but still can't sent any mms, everything seems config right , any help pls ,thx

  • Ulises

    How can I change the ipcc back to the original. And for some reason the cellular data option does not appear on the setting menu. Can anyone help? I have 3gs

  • haze

    i need to know what ext. is requiered in order for me to install the .ipcc file on the update becouse i am browsing for it and i cant find it for some reason

  • Tcw1969

    Finally got it to load, and have all the same settings but it just sends out blank texts. What did I do wrong?


    Got to work after a couple of false starts.

    I ended up navigating to the itunes folder and running the command without all the stuff before itunes.exe (and no quotes)

    Then I uploaded the ipcc no problem. I had to edit a line in the mms settings on the phone, a quick reboot and wallaa it works!


  • Ian

    I followed the steps and can send pictures but for some reason I can't receive anything. O don't get a failure message or the thing I just never get anything.

    Any ideas?

  • idk wats wrongf but when i type in dat command in CMD it says da system cannot find da path any reason why?

    On the other hand if u have a jailbroken phone running 3.0 or 3.0.1 an easy way to enable MMS RIGHT NOW is go to cydia add the sinful iphone repo and install MMS and tethering settings reboot phone and MMS works perfectly for me im in NC btw i was jus trying to do this for my mom whos running 3.1

  • Jae

    Help!! I get carrier profile 5.1 when I update the ipcc. Is that why my mms isnt working??

    somebody help please.

  • Monk

    Works great in Michigan. I haven't had any issues with visual voice mail since I did it either. It is capped to where you can send no more than seven images at a time I think. I have also noticed that I am getting stronger signals in places I wasn't just a week ago too. Tethering is not a huge deal for me, so I am a happy camper.

  • Monk

    David try typing RUN, instead of bringing up the CMD window, browse for itunes exe file , select it and paste /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1 behind it and hit enter and that should work for you.

  • No such luck in GA. Stops at about 95%, tried everything on this page.

  • wow, thank you iphone hacks, maybe well idk if you can edit this post on enavling it then do this in the future…put what you said to mike in the post, like say, "you should figure out what path your itunes is located in and then copy the location", and so on, because i wouldnt have ben able to do it without reading the comments, so thank you, cause mine to was located in "C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes\iTunes.exe" /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1….so when i tryed your first method my CMD didnt reconize it, so again thank you and maybye in the future you can put tht in there. im not criticizing i was just saying tht for the convenience of making it work.

  • Thanks James, updated the post based on your suggestion.

  • J Johnson

    If you get the red "i" when trying to send, AT&T has not removed the block from your account. They are methodically going through and doing this groups at a time, not all at once. Be patient.

    Also, if you are not using an iPhone data plan/text plan, that could be cause of the red "i".

    My friend could send, I couldn't. Same settings in phone, same methods. Two days later I could send, without making changes. It was that my block hadn't been removed and his had. You can call and ask, but I doubt they'll remove it for you.

  • tcw1969

    Still not working in West Texas, I have changed all of my settings but all I appear to be sending is a blank text which the recipient never gets.

  • Shelly

    I'm in Houston, this worked like a charm.

  • Jedi Jesse

    with the above instructions i was unsuccessful
    but when i added the

    password: CINGULAR1

    to the network settings…it worked!

  • Thanks so much! I finally got it work today with the "…" instead “…”.

  • Fermin

    I also had to do the following for my 3GS 32gb 3.1

    Double check your MMS settings below the Visual Voicemail settings above to match this (do not enter anything in blank fields):
    APN: wap.cingular
    MMS Proxy:
    MMS Max Message Size: 614400
    MMS UA Prof URL:

  • Chris

    For those of you having issues with the Command window, you need to apply some old school skills. use the "cd.." with out quotes to direct your system back to the C:/ drive. Then use the "cd " command (using a space after cd and then entering the next directory.

    cd.. backs up a directory at a time and "cd Frogram Files" will change the directory to Program Files

    "cd" means "Change Directory" I had to manually back up to the C:/ prompt and then got to iTunes. Once done, I entered in the remaing command to change the iTunes pref.

  • Chris

    I how ever am in Portland Oregon and am having no luck with sending pics. It get 95% and hangs, then fails. I've used WiFi and 3G, both fail. My VVM works fine and I get the weblink to view an image that is sent to me.

  • Scott

    win 7 32bit: had a problem with cut and paste of the file location. manual typed it in and it worked.
    hack worked on (3Gs jail broke 3.0), (3G not jailbroke fw 3.1) locale worcester ma

  • Scott

    ^^^^ in addition to the my last post, I also kept the tethering hack on the (3Gs jail broke 3.0). It's goona be a looooooong time before I update the firmware. MMS and tethering, I am very content

  • why did it take like 5 mins for my pic to send??

  • Eric's computers and consoles

    to fix visual voice mail go to general/network/cellular data network/visual voicemail and change your apn to acds.voicemail

    I found this somewhere on the web and it fixed mine. everything else still works. Now I can mms, tether and use vvm!!

  • I am in NE Ohio (Cleveland) to be exact. I followed the instructions and it worked on my 3G. I did have to add the wap.cingular to my /network/cellular data network on the MMS section example APN: wap.cingular. All of the other fields were already filled in. I could not send a MMS message until I did that and rebooted my phone.

  • Tyler Chase

    i cannont CMD says cannot run file, or c drive not found..HELP 🙁

  • Tyler Chase

    i need some help, im running windows vista 64 bit, and iv tried almost every stuck… here is the on eim on now, "Local Disk (C:)\%Program Files (x86)%\iTunes\iTunes.exe"/setPrefInt carrier-testing , but its not working..can some one help me out?? when i pull up command it automatically says C:\Users\ty> then i dont know the command… my itunes is under local disk c, program files (x86) itunes, itunes.exe..please and thanks!

  • Tyler Chase

    ok well i got the CMD to work, but when i go into windows, and hold shift and click on the check for updates, its not showing the .ipcc file…any ideas?

  • sweet thanks again, ive ben a regular site viewer since the 3g release and ive always liked ur articles, and i feel great tht i better made this post so more ppl dont have to wait for att to make up there friggn minds about mms lol. but thanks guys, glad i can help

  • ulises

    hit the the down arrow next to the file types

  • Angel

    does mms work thru wifi? bc i dont have the data plan for my iphone. i did this and the camera button shows up, but when i try to send something it doesnt let me

  • Rick

    I can confirm the IPCC file worked with a 3.0 JB Redsnow 3G and a 3.1 JB Pwnage tool 3G. I can also confirm the messages do not work on wifi.


  • Sam

    Everything is going great for me until I select the new ipcc file and click "Open" in iTunes. When I do that, it says, "Updating iPhone Carrier Configuration" momentarily, and then it gives me an error message. What am I doing wrong?

  • Colten.

    I don't trust this.

    help me.?

  • Matt

    Thanks for the update – works great! So far I've set up 6 iPhones running 3.1 using the update and all work perfectly. Just a couple of tweaks to get it up and running on 3.1

    1. After installing go to settings>general>network>cellular data network and enter wap.cingular into the MMS APN
    2. restart the phone
    3. wait about 10-15 minutes
    4. start sending pictures

    Seems for the 3.1 release you need a combination of options 1 & 2

    Happy MMS'ing

  • Two days after applying this, MMS started working, takes like 5 minutes for it to send though.

  • Wench

    Running iphone os 3.0 on jailbroken phone installs fine pictures do not send…also im located in mass.

  • RL Balt

    I'm on 3.0 JB still (3GS) and it worked for me. I suspect that by Sep 25th it will work for all (3.1 or 3.0 if you have the carrier bundle changed) as At&t seems to be working on rolling out the MMS for Iphonesz. Just my thought.

  • Rick

    Reporting back, still no MMS on wifi. Makes perfect sense, no different then having to authenticate with an SMTP sever when you are not on the network.

    2 Users above reported this user / pass combination worked, however it did not work on either our 3G 3.1 or 3G 3.0. Looking to confirm MMS settings with ATT friend soon..

  • scott

    where do you see this?

  • Jonathan Awad

    it wasnt working before, i went into my account, changed the feature from individual texting to family texting, and then switched it back to individual and it worked!

  • GR MIke

    this worked 100%! 3.0.1, grand rapids, mi i have had it working without these settings and it just now stopped. I added these and its working again. Thanks!


    works great!!!

  • pkm33

    working on my cell uff but now att is going to upgrade it si it is too late

  • Lloyd

    cydia? Who dat?

  • Chert

    Do You Know Why I Get The Red Try Again????

  • I live in Arroyo Grande and it's not working!!!

  • Why Wont it Work

    so it does work? im out near kop and nothing at all here

  • Mason

    Worked first try with just the hack. No need for changing carrier settings.

  • Randy B

    Everything installed and updated here and my iphone now has the ability but I keep getting the red exclamation. I am in Tampa.

  • Ive

    works for me in Queens NY…3.1 with 5.1


    Worked like a charm to change the option in the CMD prompt i entered this "C:\Program Files (x86)\iTunes\iTunes.exe" /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1

    i dont know if it was any different. and then changing the MMS APN helped also. Thanks…

  • Tcw1969

    Still not working after a week, and have noticed my battery life sucks now. Is the a way to go back to what it was before?

  • zseese

    It is working now in OK, at first it was acting like it was not completing the send action but was sending anyways, but now is working fine since i filled in the network info and restarted,

  • r

    Here is something wierd. I have two iphones one for work (8GB) and my personal (16GB) my work one works my personal one does not

    I did the exact same thing and I have the MMS icon too, tried the regular settings the second settings above and no joy. other than size the phones are the same.

  • Tim

    The bubble shows up after I reboot but I can't send or receive any pictures yet. I'm running OS 3.1 with modified IPCC, iPhone 3G, iTunes 9, OSX Snow Leopard. What am I doing wrong and how do I fix it?

  • Htown

    no luck in Houston

  • frank junior

    Im in long island and I followed the instructions to a T. i got the camera bubble and when i send a text pic it goes only half way then it errors out with the exclimation point. Any assistance would be appreceated…. thanks!

    3gs – 32 gig – itunes 8.2 – firm 3.1

  • Michael

    Awesome! Live in mid-Ohio and it's working for me! Thanks!

  • Michelle

    I'm in Seattle and this worked for me. I sent it to my brother who is in Dallas/FW and he had some touble until he entered the extras in settings/genera/network/cellular data from's comment 😉 Thanks all!!

  • Collin

    Works great! Just sent a picture message to my brother on Verizon!

    Now to do my fiancee's phone and I'm all set! Screw you, AT&T!

  • rob5six2


  • Rob5six2


  • Rob5six2


  • bmcdade

    It worked for me. I had to add the cellular data portion (just adding the APN worked). Thanks!

    iPhone 3GS 32GB

  • Bruno

    MMS just started working, I'm in Eastlake, OH. Running OS 3.1 and iTunes 9.


    NYC not working for me 🙁

  • joe b.

    The hack works great except that my Visual Voicemail now isn't working at all…

    I saw a comment about changing some of the voicemail settings under the "cellular data network" settings… but i do not even have those options. In the "cellular data network" options i have only "cellular data" and "mms"


    iphone 3.1, mac w/ snow leopard,

  • Steve

    I'm in Houston. When I try to send without entering all the MMS info, I get the red "!". After entering the cell data and MMS info, the text with photos seem to go.

    Just confirmed—my friend got the photo!


  • SDMofo

    Worked for me!!! Thanks!

  • Alaskan_Mac_Geek

    Works great in Anchorage, Alaska! Thanks soo much! I'm running version 3.0.1 on iPhone 3GS. Even works to/from another carrier up here, GCI.

  • pascal

    I just loaded the ATT file and then rebooted my phone. The phone doesn't want to turn on anymore. I see the apple logo then the screen goes blank for 1-2 minutes and reboots itself again. Looks like its in a loop. Please help!!

  • Ragnaroc

    I got it to work with the old MMS hack on my 3G, but I haven't tried it with my 3GS. With the 3G, the hack lasted for only 12 hours so I'm hoping with the proximity to the actually launch date should make it more permanent.

  • rw

    MMS Working in Northern Virginia!!!

  • tatbat

    Well, AT&T's announcement that the official MMS activation makes a lot of sense now.

    It won't be automatic but activated thru an iTunes download tomorrow morning.

    Apple probably snuck the trial activation in random, select downloads of the 3.1 update.

  • derrek

    hey i used this hack about 1 week ago, just was wondering what would happen to this hack once at&t rolls out the official carrier file? should we update it w/ that one, or keep the hack, or what happens if we have both?

  • DUDE!!! ur awesome, ur C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunes.exe" /setPrefInt carrier-testing 1
    worked for me after hours of trying

  • Mike

    Ok, it's not working for me in command prompt. I'm using Vista. When I paste the the command into command prompt it says: "The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect." What do I do? I have 3.1 software.

  • Al

    Hack worked on 3GS and 3G phones both with 3.0. However, this ipcc file is version 5.1 and another hack post shows 5.5. Does anyone know the differences between the versions ?


  • Dusitn

    THANKS!! As always it worked like a charm!

  • John

    Can I update the carrier settings with the new update from ATT that enabled MMS?

  • Matt Lillard

    Works great.

  • Kevin

    I did this successfully… I don't receive voicemail anymore though… any ideas on why this would be an issue?

  • Kevin

    did you get it working? … and if so, how?


  • Anthony

    Absolutely flawless! I idk y but before this I couldn't get my MMS at all- but I did the update and then auto-updated my carrier settings via iTunes and itworks perfectly now. No notifications, no broken firmware, no Jailbreak. MMS works perfectly now thanks so much! 😀

  • Al

    Had the same problem. You need to make sure that the ATT ipcc that you use is 5.5, not 5.1

  • Al

    Also, from an earlier blog, try resetting network setting before changing ipcc.

  • roz

    i have the 1st iphone and tried this… it doesnt work

  • korty13

    i tried doing the tutorial on my iphone 2g running 3.1.2 and it just wouldn't boot up afterwards. it would try to start up, showing the apple, then it would just shut off after a few seconds. no unlock screen or anything.

  • john

    well, i am getting the issue of The filename, directory name, volume label syntax is incorrect.

    the file is there. but i still cant seem to get it working.

  • Xell

    hello anyone,

    mind to help me as i cant enable ipcc for itune9 on my macbook.

    i did as per mentioned above, but still itune recognize the ipcc file in gray.