iPhone OS 3.1 Breaks Tethering and MMS Hack

iPhone OS 3.1

iPhone OS 3.1 has already brought some bad news for users who want to jailbreak and unlock their iPhone (at least until the iPhone Hacking community figures out a way to hack it).

There’s more bad news, as iPhone users are also reporting that the tethering and MMS hack don’t work after upgrading to iPhone OS 3.1.

As you might already know, tethering and MMS features are still not available to AT&T’s iPhone customers even though Apple had introduced these features in iPhone OS 3.0 almost three months back.

AT&T announced last week that MMS will be finally available to their iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS customers on September 25 and there is still no news on when the tethering feature will be available.

In the meanwhile, some smart folks had figured out a
way to enable both MMS and tethering features on the iPhone running
iPhone OS 3.0.

iPhone users (including our wonderful readers) are reporting that the tethering and MMS hack don’t work after upgrading to iPhone OS 3.1.

This was expected as we had heard reports that the beta versions of iPhone OS 3.1 was disabling the tethering hack.

Please let us know if the tethering and/or MMS hack are still working after upgrading to iPhone OS 3.1.

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  • ybt

    I have heard reports of this working with people that already had tethering with the ipcc file and not benm. Also you'd have to restore from a back up, and that backup will have the ipcc file, and you should have tethering. I have not tested it my self because I'm waiting until 3.1 can be jailbroken and unlocked. I use tethering all the time.

  • Hi i have an iphone 3g that's not jailbreak and i updated to the 3.1 OS, and still have tethering from the last time you guys help us dowmload it. So i guess i doesn't break it in all the Iphones.

  • I upgraded to 3.1 on my 3gs after previously having the carrier 5 file in my phone and now my mms works perfectly. My internet tethering worked fine on 3.0 but it is now disabled. Is anyone else's mms working after upgrading?

  • im running the new 3.1 update and followed your instructions this morning on how to enable mms. Well, I got it to work without problems and have been sending pictures all morning to friends and receiving them. Not only that the tethering is working perfectly… .

    All I did was install it using the older Itunes 8.2 or something like that,, I did not upgrade to the 9.0..

  • Have itunes 9.0 and OS 3.1 on the phone.. Internet tethering is now broken it, seems to uninstall the internet tethering only after you turn the tethering on.. this sucks.

    What I saw.. as soon as I turned off the wifi and turned on the tethering it began to sync… it never did this before. As soon as the sync was completed the tethering was gone.

  • Interesting! Which carrier are you on? AT&T?

  • Yes, i am with AT&T…

    I tried to make it work with itunes 9.. I am not even sure if that worked or not.. I should have rebooted my phone after, but the instructions on the page are not that detailed. Also, I did not know I had to rename the file that you download to IPCC, like I said, the instructions are not details at all, they kind of suck.

    Me thinking it did not work, i went to my laptop because it has the previous install of Itunes on it. I cancelled out of the update and ran it again on my laptop. is the version I used and I updated. but again did not see anything new.. So I rebooted the phone. After booting back up, I saw there was a photo option in the messages section on the phone and it works fine.

  • Brian

    MMS works for me, this is what I did.
    iTunes 9
    iPhone 3g 16g
    ATT, family texting plan
    not a jailbroken phone
    simply updated the carrier settings to ATT 5
    restarted phone

  • Nate

    I have a JB 3GS, but my MMS was disabled sometimes last weekend when I was in Chicago, I tried all the methods and can't get it back. It just stopped working in the middle of my trip and when I went home to sync, options were gone. Could this be related to the new 3.1 and 9.0? I'm still on 3.0 JB and iTunes 8.2

  • bocaj7777

    i have it on my iphone 3g too so idk what u guys r talking about ??????

  • actually the Internet Tethering is not working after all… but the MMS is!

  • ybt

    the original website where i got the information on how to do it is here: http://tinyurl.com/Keeptetheringmms

  • kenny

    I still have it too. But I noticed that there is a tethering counter on the usage screen. Have you used it since upgrading to 3.1? Is there a charge at all or does the tether data usage go up?

  • kenny

    So your saying tethering only works with iTunes 8?

  • I just purchased a 3Gs 32 iPhone yesterday after avoiding the need to upgrade to the latest and greatest for 5 years, I decided to jump in with both feet. While the iPhone is great, I am astounded that there is not way to remotely access the iPhone through Bluetooth, USB, or WIFI. Even my ancient Nokia 6280 allowed me to send SMS messages from my laptop via Bluetooth via mobile. I could check my messages, browse and transfer files, etc. This most basic of networking protocol, but my super-duper iPhone is locked up like Fort Knox!

    Not sure if I can return the phone, but I am seriously considering returning the phone for this simple reasom.

    Everyone moans and groans about Microsoft, for which I have no love, but Apple is equivalent of a technology-tyrant. Shame cause this may result in me never buying another Apple product again, since I was considering upgrading the office to MAC.

    I hope that someone can jail-break OS3.1 soon, so I can install Veency and really be able to utilise the technological marvel called the iPhone.

  • Mr.J

    Well I updated but I still have the tethering.

  • bocaj7777

    same here

  • bocaj7777

    try it it will go way thats wat happened to me

  • 2kool4G1z

    ok so i have a iphone 3g 3.1 and my mms is working great but i cant seem to get it on my iphone 3gs dont no y both on 3.1

  • pro install, but I get an error because the phone aceba Can you help.

  • Patrick

    I still have 3.01 and am noticing the Thethering hack is no longer reliable. It randomly losses it's internet connection, but once I removed the USB, and plug it back in, I have access the internet again for awhile. I have not gotten more details on it…but ATT may be behind this. Anyone experiencing this?

  • azua5

    i'm really new to this , so your saying your MMS works fine. How do i get mine to work, cuz they say that won't be abable til 9/25

  • I randomly lose internet connection too.. but wasnt that a problem from the last upgrade?

    My MMS is still working fine! Hopefully they wont turn it off and just leave it on for the 25th launch.

  • Chris

    jailbreak the phone

  • vinny

    i have a 3G with 3.1 and modem firmware 05.11.07…am i correct in thinking i cannot tether it, even if i jail break it

  • will tethering be available with the new 3.1.2?

  • Jen

    This is what happened to me too. Sucks. I have been looking for a break but can't seem to find one online. If you find one please post it for us! 🙂

  • Scott

    I am currently on version 3.0 with the AT&T profile hack, and there is no timer/counter for the teathering usage. I do not plan on upgrading until this a known fox for the 3.1.2 release!

  • i can trying it