Popular Console Game ‘Ace Combat’ Coming Soon to the iPhone

Ace Combat, the popular PlayStation flight game coming soon for iPhone

Time to rejoice for all the gaming fans. 

The popular flight action game, Ace Combat could be coming soon to the iPhone. 

This was revealed by the developers of the game, Namco Bandai at the Tokya Games Show 2009 where a demo of the upcoming iPhone game, Ace Combat Xi was on display.

Considering that a game like Ace Combat requires terrific skill in maneuvering and shooting targets – something that could be pretty difficult on a small screen like iPhone's, reviews show that Namco Bandai has done an excellent work in making it so simple to 'fly' and 'shoot down' enemies.

Players control the flight movements with tilting the iPhone while all other controls like throttle, selecting and firing weapons are all available as icons on the screen. 

Here are a few reviews from those who were able to try their hands at the game

"iPhone Ace Combat plays pretty much how you'd expect it to, but for a series that's as huge on control and precision as Ace Combat it's awesome to see that Project Aces managed to squeeze all the controls from the main game into the tiny platform." – IGN's Mark Bozon

"The demo level I played was a simple enough matter of keeping enemy fighters (who were very far away and therefore tiny on the screen) in target lock until the icon turned red, then tapping the "missile" icon and watching them explode. For a bite-sized Ace Combat experience, that seems like enough. The graphical presentation is somewhere in the early PS2 era, which is to say very impressive for an iPhone experience." – JC Fletcher,Joystiq.com

You can checkout the demo video of Ace Combat Xi for iPhone below:

While the demo of the game was available on iPhone 3GS, Namco Bandai are believed to be working on providing a similar experience on iPhone 3G as well. 'Ace Combat Xi' is expected to be available on the iPhone App Store sometime in the winter.

If you are a fan of Ace Combat like we are, let us know in the comments how much will you  be ready to pay for this iPhone game.

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