Apple Updates Boot ROM in new iPhone 3GS Models to Prevent Jailbreaking

iPhone 3G S performance comparison

The iPhone hacking community has recently managed to stay ahead of the cat and mouse game of jailbreaking the iPhone, thanks to blackra1n, Geohot’s amazingly easy jailbreaking tool and iPhone Dev Team’s PwnageTool.

But looks like Apple has just upped the ante. iClarified is reporting that Apple has started shipping new iPhone 3GS models with updated boot ROM that is not vulnerable to the 24kpwn exploit that has been used to jailbreak iPhone 3GS.

iClarified reports:

Apple is now shipping the iPhone 3GS with a new Bootrom that is not vulnerable to the 24kpwn exploit.

The iBoot-359.3.2 started to ship last week. A screenshot posted by Mathieulh shows the new version number.

MuscleNerd from the iPhone Dev Team confirmed that if the updated boot ROM is no longer vulnerable to the 24kpwn exploit then it might not be able jailbreak these new iPhone 3GS models currently. He tweeted:

“oh oh, from what @cpich3g + @Mathieulh have found so far, a normal untethered JB may be in jeopardy in brand new 3GS units”

It’s the first time Apple seems to have updated the boot ROM on an existing iPhone model as they have typically done this when they release new iPhone models (once a year).

As ModMyI explains:

The bootrom is a snippet of code that runs at startup time, and checks on the status of the boot image. It's generally used to verify that the image has not been corrupted, but can also be used to check for unauthorized firmware. The 24kpwn exploit – otherwise known as 0x24000 Segment Overflow – bypassed the signature checks on iBoot and allowed unsigned firmware to be loaded.

If you want to find out the version of the boot ROM running on your iPhone 3GS then the only way to achieve this is to check the System Profiler while the phone is in DFU mode.

As always, let us know your thoughts about Apple’s latest attempt to prevent jailbreaking in the comments.

[via iClarified, ModMyI]

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  • mike

    if really impossible to jailbreak then my current 3gs is the last iphone i will use.

    BYE BYE Apple!!!!!

    back to blackberry

  • K.Rock

    Why doesn't apple leave the jailbreak in the unsupport territoy? Meaning, we allow it, but don't support it…

  • PsychoKiller

    Goodbye apple if really is unjailbreakable iPhone.

  • larry

    @ K.Rock, it is because jailbreak dips into their revenue stream, introduces customers to a more superior product faster than anticipated which increases customer demand when there is no supply (if they take jailbreak away), and puts a load on network resources with options like tethering.
    Funny thing is, most of the hackers already have the phone jailbroken. As long as this move is not retroactive, I'm cool. Otherwise, I'll get a storm 2 and call it a day.

  • Qwerty

    I will cancel wait for tmobile dark project then cancel ATT and sell my iphone then buy the nokia n900. Or stick with new walmart unlimited plan.

  • Apple must realise that it really doesn't matter what they do, the phone will get jail broken… but if they want to keep wasting time and money blocking it, so be it.

  • Robin

    While it makes sense to prevent unauthorised unlocking (as that has the potential to spoil their subsidised deals with providers), I agree that it's foolish for Apple to prevent jailbreaking. The only people who do it are people who are serious about modifying the functionality of their phone, and they wouldn't go to all that trouble if they were equally happy with a "stock" iPhone. If this is true, I probably won't upgrade to another iPhone unless/until someone figures out how to jailbreak it… and if another kind of smart phone manages to catch up in terms of functionality in the mean time, then that will be a loss to Apple, not a gain.

    It's a very silly move – quite disappointed in Apple about this. Thought they had more sense than to actively block jailbreaking.

  • Use my phone till plan is out and fuck apple with att, I will buy a Regular gps and go back to my razor Moto…

  • Akaki

    Yeaaa, Apple sux, making money in any possible way they can 🙁 without jail breaking we cannot even change theme of the phone… bye bye Iphone
    Hello again Nokia, check this baby out "nokia n900"
    so sad, such a good thing iphone and crappy maker 😀
    i wonder are they gonna give us custom EQ in any future? :))))…..

  • Harsha

    Frankly speaking.. i know iphone is awesome.. it was gr8 looking once.. but if they really do not come out with gr8 new lookin headset next year then i will move to another company … i like new things!

    BTW, N900 looks promising to me.. Even Plam Pre is gr8..

  • TC

    FUCK Jobs and Apple. I join the chorus thus far and can categorically state that once my service contract is fulfilled, I will no longer own *any* Apple shit.

  • RP

    Crapple is shooting themselves in the foot. They are not a consumer driven company, rather they think they can decide what is best. I mean damn it Crapple if you knew what was best for the consumer, we wouldnt have waited FOREVER for copy / paste and we would HAVE FLASH!!!! Apple, you can only feed the market, not control it, and if you start feeding it shit, don't be suprised when it throws up in your face…….nuff said.

  • Shinken1

    Whoa! That's pretty much what I'm thinking.

  • jt

    Me too. Just JB'd my 3 week old 3GS (3.1 oob – thanks dev-team) and it will be my last iPhone.

    But , not a Blackberry.

    Android. If I could get Android in the physical package of my iphone, I'd have already switched. Android is about 80% of the way there. Close. So close you can taste it.

    The sad thing is, Apple doesn't give a rat's ass if the JB crowd leaves. Of course, these people represent the tip of cool.

    Where the hackers go, cool goes. Where cool goes, others follow.

    Look for iphone circa 2012 to be used mostly by old folk.

    And Apple still won't care.

  • Shinken1

    I feel that if I signed the contract, paying the extra fees to use the device, I should have absolute say over what I do with that device.


    I've been tricking out my phones for years and I ain't gonna stop. From Mod My Moto to XDA Developers to being a Symbian Freak!
    I make my own ringtones and post for all to use and I get threating emails from the RIAA! I PAID for my CDs and any other music I have so I can do whatever the hell I want with them. Just like this iPhone I'm posting from. Maybe I'll get a 3GS but I'm keeping this badboy just to be my digital middle finger to apple.

    And yes, the N900 is sounding good right now.

  • eclipse3g

    Guess this will be a bonus for Verizon, as their coverage is far superior. As people drop iphone/AT&T at renewal time and go with one one the Verizon supported devices.

  • aaaaa

    if no more JB for iphone time for new phone diff one not with the I.

  • bbbbbb

    maybe time for HTC’s HD2 looks sweet!

  • Aaron

    How will this be a bonus for Verizon?

  • Aaron

    Do you have $800 USD for that device? Trust me it's not worth it. I purchased the original HD for about $700. Not worth the price for a half an inferior processor

  • Pauldta

    Fuk Apple.I guarantee that lots of customers will stop buying their shit around the world if Apple keep doing so.Apple is not the fucking smartphone in the world.Eat apple…….

  • YW

    Apple is a mean company! I paid good money for that phone, let me do whatever I want with it!!

  • TimW

    I'll just stick with my 3G till it quits, who knows what's around the corner!
    Remember, it's early days for the new boot rom and there's a hell of a lot of hackers out there who will hopefully find a vector to attack.
    As said, it's a cat n mouse game, and the cat's just taken a new unchartered direction (Think Tom & Jerry, in 40+ years, the cat has never eaten the mouse, caught yes, eaten, no)
    can see where apple are coming from tho, I've not bought an app for at least 6 months
    on the App subject…is it me or have App prices started going up??

  • TonyK

    this is just a mere pat on the back for software firms and the media to say apple is continuing to fix flaws, but deep down inside apple knows a large portion of iphone users are drawn to buy the iphone because of its jb ability.

    With the new bootrom released, apple will monitor if usage percentage drops. If so, who say apple cant secretly leak an exploit to enable jb?

  • karl

    theyll me able to hack this so we can still jailbreak right?

  • Does anyone know how to use this System Profiler to check the iBoot version of ur 3GS?
    Im on Windows XP PRO SP3 and i know how to goto DFU mode on the iphone but how and where to use this System Profiler?
    Also, does it work for jailbroken and non-jailbroken iphones?
    Thanx, in advance.

  • I love the Iphone and Ipod but Apple is controlling way cross the line!

    I feel like living in a communist country when using Apple product. They duck tape your mouth and locked you up with their powerful technology.

    If the iPhone/iPod is impossible to jaibreak or unlock in the future…then I have no where to go but Android?

    Here is what I want to see:

    Better Android OS than iPhone OS!
    Android phone similar to iPhone but better!
    Android tunes with Apps Store!

    If that really happens…i'm sold and bye bye Apple.

    Android is an open source OS isn't it? :))

  • eclipse3g

    Verizon coverage over the US is far better that AT&T, my GF is still with Verizon and as we travel around the country she almost always has data coverage, but with AT&T as soon as you get out from highly populated areas I'm lucky to even enough service to even make a phone call.

  • AppleFTL

    This move to deny JB makes me think Apple is out of ideas on how to improve this product any further. It seems as if they are just going to try and milk it as it currently is now by controlling access to it.

    Time for a new phone.

  • Simon

    So if u already have 3gs iphone can apple update it

  • Chad

    It's only a matter of time. I'm pretty sure someone will find a way to jailbreak this new updated ROM. Apple can't block it for ever. Everything is program and binary & machine codes. So Apple really can't block it for ever. Pretty soon Apple need to find a another method to prevent jailbreaking their phone after someone comes up with new method to jailbreak new ROM. Sorry APPLE.

  • Qonneqtion

    Blah blah blah, everyone stop crying cuz you're going to CONTINUE to use your iPhone. You're not going anywhere. And if anyone knows ANYTHING about "fine print" what all of us JBs are doing (including myself) are violating the license. We're lucky they didn't add a GPS alert during boot up that let's them remotely shut down any iPhone that's been tampered with. Enjoy what you have and stop crying…it's a phone.

  • Alex

    Why is everyone complaining like it's the end of the world! It's like a firmware upgrade. It takes time to crack the case.. Jailbreaking and unlocking doesn't come out instantly. There are always time periods and there's people doing hard work for free to help everyone. Be patient and don't forget to donate to the devs.. They are doing this for free.

  • Pandora

    Apple is going the same route as the Sony PSP once did. Sony upgraded the hardware on the newer PSP to make it impossible to run custom firmware on it. Since that time, many people stopped buying PSP, or upgrading their PSP's because the only fun part of this console was gone…

    Same thing will happen to the Iphone, once it cannot be jailbreaked, lots of people will move on to something else. Why would anybody purchace a dull phone that cannot be customized beyond the ringtones..Bye bye Iphone

  • Havok

    LOL at the people who are all ZOMG apple you will fll if you do this zomg zomg zomg.

    JB or not the iphone will stay a cut above, it will be the phone to have for some time. Every time one comes out that seems to be better apple will just release something new for the iphone and be on top. Hell the ipod is still the standard of mp3s and the iphone will be as well.

  • One thing i hate seeing is, people think Jailbreaking is illegal, its not. although it's still being decided by the courts, modifying hardware owned by you (without breaking FCC laws) is legal, but just unsupported by the manufacturer, its Apples decision to change the software, and it has the right to.

    There WILL be another exploit as there are limits to boot checks so people just be patient, and we all know how bad apple is at programming 🙂

  • richard

    yep, i'm sorry apple but u can fuck me signing any contracts with u in the future. jailbrakin makes the iphone better than other phones, but with it… its just an overly hyped product which doesn't cut it when compared wi other new smartphones

  • jimmy
  • Dan Cassidy

    does anyone know if the new 3G[s] is in ATT retail stores yet?

    im planning on buying one tomorrow and was just wondering.

    im okay if i have to wait for a jailbreak, but i just want to be prepared either way 😉

  • Havok lol

    iPod is only the "standard" because of Apple's advertising campaigns. It is a far inferior product to other, better, players out there. By saying they are the standard then you are one of the many that have succumbed to the power of advertisement, nothing more.

    The iPhone has always been touted as the toy of smartphones, nothing more. Blackberry has always been the business end, no fun at all. Android comes to the market trying to bridge the gap, but I think it's more toy than business still (full disclosure: I have an android). Apple/Jobs has a history of making bad business decisions after many great ones. These bad ones always make the company's market share drop. How do you think Gates got to where he did with Microsoft? Jobs is never willing to break away from his personal belief of what is pretty and right.

  • ts

    Hasn't the iPhone been available since June???

    Though Apple Senior Vice President of Marketing Phil Schiller said during his keynote speech at the company's Worldwide Developers Conference that the phone will first be available in the U.S. and seven other countries on June 19, he didn't offer a specific time.

  • ts
  • DanTheGeek

    im sorry for the confusinon, i ment does anyone know if the 3gs with the new bootrom was in ATT store.

    i just picked up my white 16gig 3g[s] today and it didnt have the new boot rom.

    so for people in new port richey, fl the ATT store isnt carrying the new ones yet 😉

  • Back to Blackberry, Android…. bye bye apple !

  • Stephen

    THANK YOU. You guys signed your contracts. YOU paid for the phone. YOU pay extra every month to have the luxury of using the device you obviously wanted so badly that you switched to AT&T so you could have a cool new device. I guarantee 90% of you didn't know about jailbreaking when you bought the phone. So shut your mouths.

    Also, are any of YOU doing any work to try and stay ahead of "Crapple?" No, I bet not. So what are you losing? The 5 minutes it took you to use Blackra1n? You asshats make me sick.

    God for-fucking-bid you pay $5 for an application. Does the owner of a Ferrari complain about the price of upgrading and maintaining his luxury car? No, because he knows what he is getting and knows that he can afford the cost of upgrading and maintaining the vehicle. You have the Ferrari of telephones. If you're bitching about the price of upgrades, maybe you should have thought about it before you drained your bank account for a new cell contract.

  • Stephen

    [pssssst…you didn't sign a contract with Apple]

  • Will

    Yea apple an att wants money i think its funny when you go to the store they always want you to buy things if you need help with a device they tell ya to call the service number go to you can get any phone made for att

  • kieran

    ok the iphone is grate and so if apple.
    you cant not say they are giving a lot of support and updates to your phone…..if they never made the iphone the phones of today would be a lot worse. because the iphone stared phones off to a new era!!!!
    apple shouldn't keep stopping the jailbreaks tho i do see why they wouldn't want jail-breaking to happen!!!
    what they need to do is find out why people jailbreak and update there firmware so that there would be no point in jail-breaking!!!!
    or join with cydia rather than fight it and make a contract with it!!!! simple!
    and dont worry there will be an untethered jailbreak coming soon……. 😀

  • Reader

    Boot-359.3.2 ??? All matter of time 😉
    Creator are smart BUT HACKERS ARE NOT STUPID

  • mike

    if really impossible to jailbreak then my current 3gs is the last iphone i will use.

    BYE BYE Apple!!!!!

  • AshBomb

    Fuck apple! mother bitches! I'm switching to Android opensource.

  • One

    I know someone will hack these fuckers soon!

  • My phones better than yours cause its stock

    I have a new 3gs and i applaud apple for doing what theyre doing. Jailbreakers are dumb.Its a phone! Leave it cry that you cant jailbreak it and you also cry when something goes wrong because you jailbroke it. Stop being little girls Apple is a company. AT&T has a contract with apple to sell iphones NOT T MOBILE! If you want an iphone that bad.. be real and change to at&t,Pay for what ever apps you want so the creators can get paid for their work.Morons,morons,morons and more morons. Get a life, A job and stop playing with your phone like its your dick.I have jailbroken iphones and used them and personally the iphone performs a hell of alot better when left STOCK! Get a life, Get a job, have a nice day and quit crying like babies any moron can make jailbreaking software and jailbreak an iphone leave it alone or figure it out on your own

  • cragle

    ahh look a forum full of illegal activity buttholes…. Hackers suck.Iphones suck, Droids suck,You all suck,smartphones suck, jailbreaking is for low life scum people

  • richard crainium

    Oh No! My iphone is locked to AT&T and its not jailbroken any more im going to have to kill myself now like a little whinning bitch

  • meddy

    now we have nothing i don't want to hear about any apple device apple don't care about their customers what happen with them?this why i love nokia look how we suffer about their device 3gs if you make a mistake to update to 3.1.3 now you're just going to hell i have now one week without to sleep find the way to unlock this iphone 3gs with 3.1.3 firmware

  • Co tran

    I will never use Iphone again and give it back to their store. I,m living in other country, not USA. I like Iphone and I want to use it in my country but Apple prevents to jailbreak it, I feel sorry about that. do You know? I bought an iphone 3GS lock 16GB in USA, price 600usd + tax 42usd. Accidently I updated to fw 3.1.3 baseband 05.12.01, now It dies and looks like an ipod. I look my iphone and cry, I hate Apple, I hate Iphone. pls help me to jailbreak it. pls let me know when you have a tool to jailbreak it. Email:

  • storm 2 sucks balls dude i had one for 2days and sold it…screen is too unresponsive

  • mizzie

    Really Sucks!! For the first time, I really liked Apple.. but now.. not ever again! The worst nightmare around… nothing to do.. and expensive trash all the way!! Even the itunes store sucks! Can even use the mobile for buying apps. BADBAD!

  • well I love apple stuff … Superior computers and phones etc. …

    but what I do not understand is Why "FOR EXAMPLE" 4Gb of RAM for a laptop costs almost dubble the exact same RAM you can buy in a PC store???

    no one, no matter what, can convince me that there is anything different with the ones sold at the aplle stores and that the PC RAM won't perform the exact same….

    I have an iPhone 3G 3.1.3 … Jailbroken but still carrier Locked.

    Today I bought a 3GS at chance … got the new baseband .. but hey … I can wait cuz I know that it won't take long until they crack it.



    lol yup a bunch of loser moron cry babies

  • peephole

    why dont you let me jailbreak your woman like everyone else has? HAHAHA Fuckbags get a life leave your phone alone jerkoff

  • kreepyoneyourass

    what? Is your country too poor to make a good phone??????


    Could anyone help me with my Iphone?
    It had 3.1.2 with 05.11 baseband and it was jailbrokcen and unlocked.
    I have reseted by mistake all settings and it probably cleaned off everything in it and after that it keeps restaring itself every 15 min for whole day..
    I tried to restore new 3.1.2 ispw firmware,but it doesnt let do to.. This window come up when I tried to restore 3.1.2
    "Your Iphone could not be restored .This device is not eiligible to for the requested build…"
    What is my chnace and what I can do to have Iphone works ?

  • Guy's,

    After I accidentally updated my iPhone 3gs, today I have successfully installed Cydia through "Spirit Jailbreak".
    w w w .
    (remove the space between http://www.iphone….)

  • David

    this some bull-ish 7D11's are always getting the short end of the stick :.-(

  • Tompei

    They have to do it. As stated by the deal with AT&T.

  • Cdd

    Anything man made can be hacked/cracked… so why panique ? I agree with Basyarah, anything they ll come up with is just a waste of time anf effort, someone WILL JB this bootrom again, just a matter of time. It's like a cat & moues game to them, the difference is that APPLE is paying these developpers , while the hobbyist at home is pissing them off hacking it WITHOUT being paid for it. So wonder who the joke is on ? Apple should put more effort in the iphone 4 and get THAT one running as it should. lol

  • Wow was directed to this site on Yahoo poking around for another subject entirely, and now I’m revisit and go over the rest of your site.

  • Lol this kid says he discovered some Runescape hacks… do you think he’s kidding? Is that even doable since RS is a client side game?