Geohot Releases blackra1n to Jailbreak Any iPhone and iPod Touch Running iPhone OS 3.1.2

Jailbreak iPhone 3GS using purplera1n

Geohot has just released his eagerly awaited jailbreaking tool blackra1n, which can be used to jailbreak any iPhone or iPod Touch running iPhons OS 3.1.2 just as he had promised few days back.

blackra1n is currently available only for Windows users.

Geohot has provided the following details about his new jailbreaking tool:

So, what is blackra1n? blackra1n is a 30 second ALL device 3.1.2 jailbreak. Even the ipt3, but the ipt3 is tethered. In order to boot it, just rerun blackra1n.

He has issued the following warning for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS users who want to unlock their iPhone:

Warning 3g and 3gs unlockers, do not upgrade to 3.1.2 using iTunes if you want to keep your unlock. Baseband cannot be downgraded. Check out the dev team's offerings. Also blackra1n doesn't hacktivate.

So if you want to unlock your iPhone then you will have to wait for iPhone Dev Team to release a new version of their PwnageTool, which allows you to upgrade to jailbroken iPhone OS 3.1.2 and also preserve the baseband. Dev Team has confirmed that they are working on PwnageTool for iPhone OS 3.1.2.

If you want to only jailbreak your iPhone and don’t care about unlocking it, then you can try blackra1n by downloading it from this link

Please remember hacking your iPhone could void its warranty. So please proceed with caution. It is always a good idea to take a backup of your iPhone before you hack it, refer to this post for more details.

If the solutions works for you, don’t forget to drop over at the blackra1n’s website to give Geohot a donation for all his hard work.

As always, if you give it a shot let us know how it goes. 

Thanks tigger and Pooh for the tip!

[via Geohot’s blog]

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  • Dave

    This dude ROCKS

  • Sam

    Hi. Giving My Thanks to Geohot again, I unlocked my 2G using his hardware method, he's great, Just updated to 3.1 and preserved baseband, Hoping someone such as geohot makes us a preserved Baseband to upgrade to 3.1.2, If anyone wants a custom 3.1 IPSW, email again many thank Geohot

  • david

    man this was the easiest thing in the world. hit one button!!!!!!!! geohot is the MAN!!!!!!!!!

  • Andrew

    WOW that was bad ass. Too damn easy. I had to donate on this one. Thanks Geohot

  • TonyK

    – disable virus scanner
    – Run blackra1n.exe.
    – Plug your phone in.
    – closed off itunes
    – Clicked on "Make it Rain".
    – wait 30 seconds
    – itunes started up and BlackRa1n logo appear
    – close off info screen
    – iphone will rebooted 20 seconds later
    – unlocked sim
    – blackra1n icon appear
    – install Cydia or Rock

  • Talhah

    Without sounding like a noob… What is the ipt3?

  • davebaby

    Ipod touch 3rd generation

  • pauldta

    Can I use this for OS 3.1 ?Because mine was not update to 3.1.2 yet.

  • pauldta

    Is this how to jailbreak ?

  • Salman

    hi just visit but there is no option to download software…..

    Can I jailbreak and unlock sim while haveing baseband 05.11.07????

  • Silver

    Anyone know if tethering is still working after using Blackra1n?

  • TonyK

    yes Pauldta, I have a iphone 3G 3.1.2fm.
    I am having issue installing crack apps via itunes as it used to work. Everything else seems fine, I cant confirm on tethering.
    Baseband is untouched

  • carl051

    do i need to install anything on cydia to make the jailbroke apps work

  • Jacky Chan

    Just click on the Windows 7 logo, thats the link. Took me the whole day to figure out…


    Salman, just click the windows icon and it will download, also the paypal icon to donate?

  • I didn't time it, but Blackra1n worked and worked fast! THANK YOU! 3GS running 3.1.2 that's now JB, only thing left on the wish list is tethering. (PDAnet redownload for now)

  • jumbo007

    everthing works like charm, everything is from cydia is compatible with this. It was the easiest jailbreak ever. Man i love this guy.

  • Lance D

    I had to return my phone back to Apple and they gave me a new phone which had 3.1.2 already installed on it. Does anybody know how long I might have to wait until I can jailbreak my phone again.

  • Jaylou180

    You don't have to wait any longer. You can use black rain. So get your umbrella and make it rain!!

  • Harry

    Hi, i have a iphone 3g and 2g, both are unlocked and jb on 3.0, could i update the 2g with itunes to 3.1.2 and unlock it with this or is this just a jailbreaker, there

  • Sabah

    reminds me of Xda developers who provide useless roms for poor misinformed users. They upgrade to crap roms then they cry it is not working. On top of that they want donations.

    I am yet to find one compelling reason to jailbreak my Iphone. Just give me one reason just one, why? The only think I can think of is fun. Just because we can do it.

  • Hekri

    what is this?????

  • vascaino

    amazing how simple that guy made to jailbreak… amazing iphone 3gs 3.1.2

  • atariboy

    Sucessfully installed, Cydia works blah blah blah but I am unable to get to the root directory.
    IPhone Explorer and IPhonebrowser do not register that my IPhone is jailbroken.

    Any ideas

  • TonyK

    same goes with iFunBox, only recognise as iPhone 3.1.2


    Donated…Geohot FTW!

  • Socttsters

    iBlacklist only avail on Cydia. No more annoying calls – ever.

  • atariboy

    Yep looks like there may be an issue. have reinstalled Iphonebrowser but it wont access the system files…keeps saying "have you jailbreaked"

  • Flame Red

    Does not work for me on a 3G with activiated ATT carrier. Goes into recovery mode, Blackrain says running, and sits there forever. Tried running a dozen times. Never goes any further.


  • Sam

    I agree. I just bought my 2nd iphone (3G s) 3.1 and it took 10 sec
    and has been running smoothly since 4 am. Great work. He is the

    PS= Did U donate? I did a small amount.
    Please guys, if U can support him.

  • jumbo007

    So, y ru here in this website? i think it says "" and it says it all man. I don't think u need a reason to jailbreak. U need to check our "WWW.APPLE>COM" instead of this website.

  • Kai

    WAY WAY WAY Easier to use than redsn0w. Took less than 30 to jailbreak when you run it.

  • dgr1983

    im on 02 with a 3g iphone, it boots mine into recovery mode and it says its running but i've left it for a good 10 mins and still nothing?


  • johnsoneo

    Me too iPhone 3G did fresh restore to 3.1.2 then Blackra1n screen on iPhone shows connected to iTunes logo, Blackra1n "running" nothing happens. Unplug messages says phone will reboot and will be unlocked. but screen hangs. Help please!

  • 4string4ever

    I seem to be having a problem. Blackra1n is just running and has been for about 15 minutes. I upgraded to 3.1.

  • James

    I keep on getting an error message saying "This application has failed to start because QTCF.dll was not found"
    I have a 3g running 3.1 any suggestions?

  • huff

    Can't get it to finish. It stays in recovery mode and I have restore every time. Should have never updated.

  • adonaki09

    This is happening to me also. Cannot get it to go any further than the connect to iTunes logo……there is a message pop up saying successfully installed devices, which is my iPhone then it just sits there running……

  • Kai

    is it alright to uninstall blackra1n from my iphone after it has been jailbroken?

  • albe

    Iphone 3G 3.1.2, after Ra1n, when Itunes starts I don't see any BlackRa1n logo, and IPhone hangs with connect to Itunes symbol.. how to solve it?

  • huff

    Has anyone been able to successfully jailbreak via iPhone 3G?

  • Phosphorus

    You need 3.1.2

  • huff

    Ok I figured it out. If your stuck at running… and recovery mode do this.

    1. close blackra1n
    2. open blackra1n
    3. hold home and power buttons down.

    phone reboots but keep holding down until geohot's pic shows up. similar to redsn0w.

  • vijay

    help me . i got locked iphone 3gs without sim . i cant able to jailbreak using geohot tool . can u help me

  • vijay

    help me . i got locked iphone 3gs without sim . i cant able to jailbreak using geohot tool . can u help me

  • mesut

    Can i jailbroke my 3gs 3.1 now with this blackra1n pls anyone tell me

  • dazza

    mine too, blackra1n stuck on done, waiting for reboot, iphone stuck on itunes logo with cable. itunes opened itself and have been waiting now for over 15mins then phone did end up rebooting itself but nada, just back as it was.

    would be happy to donate if only it worked?

  • dgr1983

    cheers mate that worked a treat, iphone 3g on o2 jailbroken and working fine

    blackra1n is awesome, took about 10 secs

    long live blackra1n

  • Steve

    Got a 3GS iphone with 3.1 and waited patiently for this jailbreak we he, this guy rocks . Many many thanks your a genious.

  • Nibsworld

    Please Help ,
    i bought an apple iphone 16gig 3g from the net put my simcard o2 in worked fine hoocked it up to my pc to move my contacts over and itunes updated it 3.1 and the new baseband all i get is sim not surported so in the end i installed the custom 3.1 firmware but i had so carrier settings i then installed ultrsn0w and have carrier but it says no service when will the hack come out to unlock baseband 5.11.7 so i can use this phone again please help

  • Roderick

    App Sync is better backing up applications. Its free and offered throught the sinfuliphone repo.

  • Chris

    if you guys have any problems..deft do this step by step, if you can't find ipodservices.exe dont worry, just end process tree on itunes.exe. Thanks steve

  • Pauldta

    Superb fast and pretty simple to jailbreak my 3gs OS 3.1.Thanks Geohot.Yo da man.

  • ja lo

    is anyone else going all the way threw and it says waitn for reboot and nothing happens

  • itried again it didn't work stuck on tha itunes logo..

  • Jose

    need help on installing blackra1n to jailbreak my iphone………

  • Chris

    status notifier is working but not loading up the settings, any clues to fix this?

  • Jose

    need help… Can not JB my iphone with BlackRa1n… need steps to JB successfully

  • Mark

    Help my phone is stuck on the itunes with the usb cord on it. Itunes wont even read my phone help

  • Todd

    I ran as described in the OP and worked great, until I installed Cydia AND Icy….. Opened up Cydia to reload some sources and it tells me that cause I have Icy installed I can't use most of Cydia and the best way around it is to re jailbreak… so I ran BlackRa1n again and didn't change anything (didn't think it would) I then restored to my backup I made before I started and now I cannot use BlackRa1n! I did it the exact same way as I defore half hour before and all I get now is BlackRa1n saying and my iphone with the itunes logo and cable screen, if I crash out of it (hold power and menu button) it reboots into the non-jailbroken state! What should I do? I have tried resetting to factory default (through iTunes) and restoring my backup (may be the fault) and the only thing left is a compelte Reset All Settings!

    Any one have some suggestions?


  • JOSE

    HELP PLEASE..CAN NOT JB MY IPHONE 3G running on 3.1.2

  • Todd

    Also blackra1n just says Running

  • ok jb with blackra1n but now i have no cell service all it says is searching and sometimes no service. I am on AT&T so didnt need to be unlocked can anyone help me

  • Todd

    Have left it running for 30 min and same thing! NO!!! LOL

  • This guy is a genius… Thanks for making this available! Will this jb work with any future updates to the firmware?

  • Hey, friends! I made a mistake and updated my i-phone to 3.1.2 version. Yesterday i downloaded your blackra1n to my windows vista and i did a jailbreak. It was fast – no doubts, BUT it still doesn't show me the menu but tells me that i can make only an emergency calls. Beside that it sees my sim card (not the at&t operator) and recieve the sms, my calendar still making noises when it should make it… What's happening? What should i do next? Could you help me please?

  • Meow

    ive got a new Iphone 3GS with OS 3.12
    If i Blackra1n it,I am aware that it does not unlock phone still. Should i wait for DEVteam's PwnageTool or can I go ahead Blackra1n and later unlock when new PwnageTool is out? I am new to iphone thing. PLEASE ADVICE!

  • Alen

    Thank you for your post Krish.This was very helpful form me.

  • Kevin

    Hmmmmm I have no visual voicemail and no texting now. Maybe it was too good to be true.

  • Peter

    Tried all of the variants, including this, altogether at least twenty times.

    I read the log, and it was almost exactly like the one posted before.

    Every time got stuck one way or another. Finally, it just went through in seconds like all of you were telling. Thought you were on drugs though…

  • ODIE

    GEO is really hot. I installed , ten seconds and is finished, wait till reboot. Cool…u will see your iphone being possessed by Geo's face on that ten seconds.

  • Tammy

    Hey guys, I've an iPhone 3GS running on 3.0.1. I'm wondering if I were to fail in jailbreaking my phone, if I restore to original settings, would I be able to use my phone as before?

    The phone I have is originally unlocked hence I'm not worried of the upgrading to 3.1.2 causing the phone to be locked issue. My only concern is the possibility of failing to jb my phone.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Joe

    I have never really had the need to jailbreak my phone but I did use the Thethering hack. My question is can you get thethering with the jailbreak? Also what else can you do with jailbreak? Why would it be any better than what I have now?

  • Cesar

    I ran blackra1n and got stuck on picture forever so I turned off phone now it wont turn back on, its like there is no battery and it was fully charged, any suggestions?

  • Simon

    When i jailbreak using blackra1n its has 3 option cydia , rock , and icy can i install all three do anybody know

  • Exec

    I did all you said, but when my Iphone goes to Recovery mode and Itunes started, I see no BlackRa1n logo, Itunes does not see Iphone and nothing happends. Erased/Restored 3 times already. Any Ideas?

  • jake

    black rain did not work! all it did was put my phone in dfu mode, whats going on

  • david

    u need to have the sim inside

  • Todd

    Got it working
    Had to completely reset my iphone
    Setting – General – Reset and select option 2
    Delete ALL DATA and SETTINGS
    Once done I reset my iphone from scratch – in iTunes I didnt restore from a back, I said it was a new iPhone. Then I ran blackra1n and still it froze on the usb/itunes screen, so I crashed out of blackra1n (closed it), turned my iPhone off (Hold power and menu button for about 20 secs or till screen goes black) restarted blackra1n, click make it rain, then I pressed the power button on my iphone for 3 seconds, then released it and held the menu button until the blackra1n screen appeared, waited a min or 2 and all done!

    If your havings troubles just try different combonations of restating your phone with blackra1n running, putting your phone into DFU mode (google it) and restore mode (google it) and you should get by, if not, just wait for the new pwnage tool (the mac version was released today, check main page)

  • dee

    im a 8gb iphone user and my solution is ITUNES must be open for it to work and no processes itunes wih ya phone plugged in already and finally run blackrain-o should see geo gazing at o a iphone!!let me know if this process worked for u

  • dee

    and only install cydia as it will cause conflicts if u try to install both

  • ja lo

    i had my itunes open as well

  • ja lo

    if your iphone model starts with mb it will go threw smooth if it starts with mc you will have troubles check em out guys see if i am right

  • Vishnu

    hey sbsetting is not working for me
    iphone 3gs 3.1.2

  • Herb Basil

    Where do you actually download blackra1n.exe. file?

  • whokid978

    i have a 3gs updated to 3.1.2 firmware on itunes. i want to jailbreak, but would jailbreaking it now prevent me to unlock it in the future?

  • Goku

    i have done a full update, the baseband and all will blackrain still work?

  • User

    Does anyone know of a way to jailbreak 3GS 3.0.1, without upgrading the baseband (still want to unlock)?

  • Joe

    Anyone knows of a method to jailbreak a 3GS 3.0.1 without upgrading the baseband (I still want the change to unlock)?

  • Joe

    Does anyone know of a method to jailbreak a 3GS 3.0.1 without upgrading the baseband? As I still want to unlock the phone.

  • Yuriy

    you can install Cydia and others true blackra1n icon in your iPhone

  • Yuriy

    Is 3G Unrestrictor working for Skype? Because not for me…..

  • kbtat2

    you're talking about the iTouch, not the iPhone

  • Who Me

    Can you still tether if you upgrade and jailbreak with Blackra1n? That's the only thing that's kept me from upgrading. I'd miss my tether. LOL

  • ryu_190185

    just got an iphone 3gs version 3.1. Can i jailbreak it using this software and how do it do it? by the way, what does it mean by unlocking the phone?

  • nathan

    I have a 3G 8gb with 3.1.2. All I have to do it run blackra1n and my iPhone will be jailbroken?

  • Angel

    cant get phone to work have tried hoding power and middle button.. was i suppossed to update to 3.12 before running blackrain… i was updating my 3.0 jailbroken iphone

  • If you don't care about unlocking your iPhone then you can restore your iPhone from iTunes, which will update it to iPhone OS 3.1.2 (but will also update its baseband so if you care about unlocking then don't restore it) and try using blackra1n again to jailbreak it.

  • Crisss

    hey guys i just got my 3G and all i want is to use the 3G network on my phone to surf the internet on my laptop! Whats the best way to do that? I understand that i have to jailbreak it before, but what happens next? do i need any apps??
    thanks a lot

  • hae

    how the heck do you do this? T__T

  • Danzon01

    Has anyone else experienced shortened battery life since update or is it just me?

  • Javier

    I have a 2g running 3.0 jailbroken and unlocked with ATT. Can I restore, upgrade to 3.1.2 and then use blackrain and be able to jailbrake it and unlock it again?


  • Jared

    I just erased and restored everything but the recovery mode is still stuck on. What do I do now?


    SO Easy and SO Fast that I said, It Didn't Work.. But Yes.. It was IN !! I can"t believe how extra super simple it was !! I'm shock can you notice? hahaha

  • Michel

    If anyone can help me I would be so grateful! I read through all these comments and nothing has quite described the situation I am having. My phone is upgraded to 3.1.2 software, so i was so excited to see a jailbreak for this finally! BUT… the blackra1n gets stuck in "running" mode and my phone gets stuck with the "connect usb to itunes" logo on it. I am forced to shut off and restart the phone to get it back to normal, but have retried blackrain 4 times and always get the same problem. Any ideas?

  • michael

    Can Blackra1n jailbreak iPod Touch 1st Generation 2.2.1

  • Natalia

    Omg I'm going to cry, okay please someone help with my problem. I have an 8G 3rd Generation IPOD TOUCH not iphone. and I totally do not kno or remember my passcode, so I downloaded this blackra1n because it claims it clears the whole iPod Touch? So I downloaded it and i've ran it but it stays on "entering recovery…" and iTunes won't open my iPod either because of my passcode. And this is not the original computer I first synced my iPod with…we got rid of that computer a while ago. What do I do? Is there anything I can do? Any other program that will get through my problem? Email me please (at or respond on this website. Thanks so much for the person who answers my problem. I will seriously cry if I get it to work 🙂


    Hi I'm use 3gs 3.1, I'm success to install blackrain and rock but when I try use some app. still not work and another jailbreak app can install to my phone.
    Can some body help???

  • Mike G

    ive tried all the steps exactly as described above and once i run black rain in dfu mode i have the itunes logo on the phone then it goes to a brick screen (black screen) and it just sits there. balckrain says that its jail broken but when i reboot i dont have the blackrain logo. ive tried this about 15 times following all the steps on here and on youtube but still cant get it to work. i've even restored the phone via itunes, still nothing. i have an iphone 3g running 3.1.2. can snyone help?

  • kbtat2

    I tried every "fix" there is, in every possible way but nothing ever worked. I finally just relinquished myself to the fact that I had lost jailbreak ability for a while. I then tried blackra1n on a different computer and it worked in seconds.
    To everyone having problems, try a different computer.

  • wolverinemarky

    well i am jailbreaked with blackra1n, i have lost sbsettings as well as winterboard doesnt work at all. Also cant get quickreplysms to work and cyntact and a host of other cydia apps and extensions that I had to work anymore. So I am jailbroke but very limited in what I have and what i can do.

  • well i am jailbreaked with blackra1n, i have lost sbsettings as well as winterboard doesnt work at all. Also cant get quickreplysms to work and cyntact and a host of other cydia apps and extensions that I had to work anymore. So I am jailbroke but very limited in what I have and what i can do.

  • Chris

    I haven't donted yet… but when I can, I will. this kicks ass.

  • Joe

    Does anyone know of a way to jailbreak a 3GS 3.0.1 without updating the baseband (still want to unlock it)?

  • ryu_190185

    will this change my baseband and affect restore to original OS if anything goes wrong?

    I am using iphone 3gs OS 3.1.. have not jailbreak before. can i use this to jailbreak my phone?

  • ryu_190185

    to make my question clearer, how to i go about jailbreaking with blackrain? is it to update to 3.1.2 first then jailbreak with blackrain? Also by, jail breaking with blackrain, what does it mean by cannot unlock my phone? i am from singapore and i believe my phone is already unlock

  • blade

    hey guys am i correct??

    upgrade 3.0 to 3.1.2 thru itunes then jailbreak it usingb blackra1n??

    my phone has not yet been jailbreak or unlock

  • W

    maybe this might help for those who are stuck at running and using windows vista.

    1. In windows defender, enable itunes to startup when windows starts.
    2. If you have tweaked your background processes before, enable "Apple mobile devices" to automatic.
    Start button > under search type services
    3. If your phone is stuck at running, press and hold both power and home button and it will attempt to reboot. Release once you see the apple logo. blackra1n will tell you phone is jailbroken. Check and see if the blackra1n icon is inside.
    4. If not jailbroken, close itunes and blackra1n. open blackra1n and try again
    5. Repeat step 3 onwards until you get GeoHot's pict.

    Do not try to run blackra1n under winxp sp2 compatibility as it will not work.

  • I have one question, will this delete all my current apps/info on my 3GS 32GB 3.1.2?
    I need to know this because I have 11 screens of stuff organized how I like it plus the all settings and more.


    This man rocks!!

  • dougstlr9

    i tried running this and it didnt work
    then i held the two buttons when it powerd down and released and it still didnt work , and suggestions?

  • blusharky

    That was great. I had been wanting to jailbreak my 3G with 312 installed but didnt want to go through all the hassle of the other methods. I will definitely be donating to the cause. Now can you disable the photo radar cameras everywhere too. hahah.

  • Al_X

    Hey quick help 🙂
    I have my 3G[S] on 3.0 with 5.0 ATT carrier
    I have it jailbroken. I don't care for the unlock.
    What should I do to get to 3.1.2, jailbroken and with out having to restore my phone.
    thanks in advance.

  • darryl

    so do u have to have a simcard in the phone for it to work????

  • Esco

    Mine was gettin stuck @ running aswell
    I kept trying for bout 10 times
    jus wen i was trying da last time….it worked!

  • John McDowell – send me your email address and I'll email at least a thousand examples of why you should jailbreak your iPhone. Obviously you're ignorant to the fact that your service provider has locked you out from being able to take full advantage of all the capabilities that the good folks at Apple Computers have built into the iPhone. I, for one, am sick and tired of large corporations taking another corporations device and imposing limitations on the use of said device simply because they provide airtime service. Let me use MY device how I choose, I paid for it! If you feel different come talk to me, I got a car I'll sell you, but I'll add the stipulation that you can only drive it twenty miles each day and I want it returned to my house each night….absurd isn't it…?

  • Josh

    i get stuck in the itunes connected while blackrain is running did everything up to erase everything from before still wasnt able to successfully jailbreak any ideas guys?

  • ken

    One question. What if my iphone 3gs is already unlocked? and i use this tool. will my phone get lock back or it wont affect?

  • asdfa

    so all i do is upgrade my iphone 2g to officail 3.1.2 and press make it rain or do i have to do more?

  • apelpapa

    so all i do is upgrade my iphone 2g to officail 3.1.2 and press make it rain or do i have to do more?

  • Will

    Works great, but can't get winterboard to work. Any ideas?

  • ken

    One question. What if my iphone 3gs is already unlocked? and i use this tool. will my phone get lock back or it wont affect?

  • Richard

    hi guys my problem is entirely different i have an unlocked iphone 3g running on 3.1.2 with a baseband of 5.11.07 and now i just want to install cydia and im totally new in this field i have one laptop with windows 7 and im really poor guys i bought this iphone 2nd or 3rd hand plz guys if anyone can help me i wil really appreciate

  • Ethan

    my iphone 3gs wont jailbreak. its 3.1.2 and gets stuck on the 'entering recovery' stage. i have erased everything twice and tried black ra1n many times with no change. help plz anyone???

  • is it possible to jailbreak itouch firmware 2.2.1 with blackra1n?

  • UberBock

    eh the crack doesn't work. 3G updated 1/29/10 to latest firmware. Tried the hold home/power till I see the apple then release the power but hold the home. All I get is repeated reboots. Win7 64bit with 32 bit iTunes..thought the 64bit version was the problem buy no. Blackra1n doesn't work….sad that Geohot isn't updating the hack…guess the ps3 shiny toy has him distracted…like an ADHD hacker…

  • richard

    me too just dont know what i am doing wrong

  • richard

    hi every on i have an iphone 3g 3.1.3 blackra1n seems towork and my phone gets stuck on reboot how long should this take help me please

  • H3NRI


    Im a little confused.. I have a iphone 3gs os 3.0.1, i wanted to custom upgrade it with 3.1.2 using the firmware i downloaded. But when i tried to update it using itunes by clicking shift+restore and clicking the 3.1.2ipsw it just says "the iphone cannot be restored…server could not be contacted or is temporarily unavailable".

    I really wanted my iphone with a 3.1.2 firmware on it before i jailbreak it with blackra1n.

    Anyone? Pls help.

    My second question, what is the advantage of having a jailbroken 3.1.2 over a jailbroken 3.0.1 firmware?

    Thirdly, i love the yahoo messenger iphone app ive just downloaded for free from itunes app store, if i ever try to jailbreak my iphone, will i lose that app and all other free apps ive downloaded for free?

    Tnx to Geohot in advance even if ive not jailbroken my iphone yet:-)

  • Robert

    Is there any blackrain jailbreak iphone 1g for 3.0

  • dye

    hiii all have a 3g iphone and its locked i live in kuwait and it seem that it wont work unless am using an american sim , btw by mistake i updated it to 3.1.3 so0 need help who ill get an advice on this fast :$ thnx

  • ryan aka kinkin

    hey guys can someone guide me, i have a problem here. i jailbreak my iphone 3gs once n i accidentally upgraded it to software version 3.1.3
    i tried to jailbreak it again using blackra1n but it seems like doesn't works at all. can someone pls help here. just wanna know is it possible for me jailbreak my iphone again when my solfware is 3.1.3 ? thanks a million

  • ryan aka kin kin

    and if its possible for me to jailbreak my iphone again when its 3.1.3 version, how do i do that ?

  • i have a ipt2g its 2.2.1 ive tried blackra1n a few times. i turned off my firewall and virus blocker too. it just sits here and says waiting for reboot, for over 10 min. other ppl said it worked in 20 sec…….what am i doing wrong?

  • im downloading the 3.1.1 upgrade. payed 4.95 for it but i needed it anyway, ive still got about 3 hrs til its loaded….think this will work with blackra1n?????? and suggestions at all will be very appreciated, thanks

  • digganth

    hii i have i phone 3gs 3.1.3 how to unlock it

  • dave

    need some help here. trying to use the sn0w but do not know where to find the ipsw file or the insructions. can somebody point please…

  • kyle

    every time i try to run blackra1n my phone gets stuck in recovery mode is there somthing im doin wrong

  • a b

    how do i jailbreak cydia on my iphone 3g

  • Ace

    anyone has a jailbreak for 4.0 for 3GS??

    iphone 4 got a jail break already,
    why not 4.0 jailbreak for 3gs?