New iPhone App Lets You Lock, Unlock And Remotely Start Your Car

New iPhone app lets you remotely access your car with your iphone

Directed Electronics, a California based company has released a new iPhone application that lets users lock, unlock and even remotely start their cars without the need of a key fob. 

Unlike traditional key remotes that is effective only within a small range, Viper SmartStart is operable from virtually any distance. 

The SmartStart feature can work on any car with electric windows and locks, with no necessity for an existing remote start feature. To begin with, users need to install a compatible Viper remote system receiver available for $499 from Best Buy on their cars. Once done, they can download and install the free iPhone app from the iPhone App Store and configure the application to their car to start remotely operating the car. Directed Electronics also claims that one app can be configured to work with multiple vehicles. 

This iPhone app is great for places that can get really cold during winter. People in these regions may use the app to remotely turn their cars on and let the engine heat up sufficiently before they get out of their houses. Also, this app would be great for those who have a habit of locking their keys inside the car. The app also comes with a panic button to locate the car in a parking lot.

However, the iPhone app can turn out to be quite dangerous if not properly handled. This is especially true of families with children who have access to their parents' iPhones. Also, in cases of mobile phone theft, the thieves get a bonus access to the victim's car as well!

While these dangers do exist, the pros do weigh over the cons. By providing password protection on the iPhone app and a web-based application to disable the app in case of phone theft, the dangers concerning the app can be minimized. With proper protection in place, this iPhone app looks to have a great potential. 

How do you find this iPhone application? Will you use this app to remotely control your car? Please tell us in the comments.

[via USA Today]

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  • Jimbo

    $499 for the crazy!!

  • TimW

    Now there's a cracked app I'd want lol

  • Minitruck007

    If you read it right, it says that the app is free and that the unit (the alarm) can be bought and installed at a best buy. It's 499 for the alarm not the app. Im sure if you shop around you can get a better price from another store close by.

  • I'm buying it next weekend. I've followed it for a while. I'll let you all know how it turns out.

  • Jay

    Lmao how many cars are going to get broken into…….

  • Shawn

    How are cars going to get broken into? It's no different than having keyless entry on your keyfob.

    You have a keychain, you pull it out of your pocket, you unlock your car.

    You have an iPhone, you pull it out of your pocket, you unlock your car.

  • Jacky Chan

    I think he meant if the software contains bug, hackers will get access to your car because the same software is installed in all the devices. whilst having the keychain and its stock device, noone knows what you have…

  • Harsha

    Service plan required. One year service plan included. $29.99/year after the first year.

    Gets expensive really fast. And it looks like they are sold only in Best Buy..

    499$ + Installation fee + Service plan (29.99/yr) = EXPENSIVE

  • Dean

    i m going to wait until the price drop to $49 dollars!!!!

  • Mickey3390

    Sounds like a crock to me you can go to any parts store and buy a remote start unit for around $100.00 and install it yourself quite easily just a couple of wires and a few mounting screws. And it comes with a key fob some are even programible to work other features in your car ie Windows / Locks also if you have onstar you can have your car remotely unlocked. But ultimatly if you don't have an extra set of keys you can have one made at a locksmith shop that will only unlock the doors and put it in a magnetic box on your car they can also make replacement chipped keys for most domestic cars far cheeper than a dealer does. Just some usefull info I thought Id share. Also if you leave your heater or AC on when you get out of your car when you remote start it will start too this dosnt work with heated seats as they have a pressure sensor in them. FYI This is too much money for what your getting. Also the ativation distance with most remote start units is in excess of 400 feet anyhow. Hope this helps yo. And hey if you have the cash to throw away on this please dont and send it to me cause I sure could use it been off work for 1 1/2 years due to VA still no answer. Any how thats another story.

  • kha

    will this work on a mercedez 2006 ml350 ?

  • Ethanr316

    Pretty cool item:) I would love to have one of these though!

  • balls

    wTf mate this is so ecPen$ive omg

  • Hey guys, just thought I'd mention that is coming out with a product that does all the SmartStart does and more for less than HALF the price! I don't know how Viper can get away with charging so much, but that will soon end. Enter the DynaKey! I know I'm gettin one!

    Incidentally, I own a normal remote starter myself, and there's no need for concern regarding theft because all you're doing is starting your car's engine. The key is needed to drive it off, and the engine will be killed instantly the moment someone tries to change gears otherwise.

    Anyway, just thought I'd throw that out there.

    Tim G.