How to Change the Carrier Name On Your iPhone

How to change the carrier name of your iPhone

If jailbreaking an iPhone alone does not make you happy enough and you are looking to pimp your iPhone much more, how about changing your carrier name? 

Here is a short guide that will help you customize the carrier name that is displayed on status bar of your iPhone. 


Before you start, please note that this guide only works on iPhone OS 3.0 or above. Also, you need to have a jailbroken iPhone with Cydia installed. If you have not jailbroken your iPhone yet, click here for the jailbreaking guide. 

Instructions to Change Carrier Name

Step 1: Tap on the Cydia icon on the Springboard to launch the application.

Step 2: The carrier name is changed with the help of an app called 'FakeCarrier'. Tap on the 'Search' option in Cydia and type 'Fakecarrier' to find the app.

Step 3: Select the app by tapping on the name and click on 'Install'. Follow the instructions to install the app. Finally, click on 'Return to Cydia' to finish installation.

Step 4: Once the installation is completed, you will be able to find a 'Carrier' icon on the iPhone Home Screen. Tap on the 'Carrier' icon to launch the FakeCarrier application.

How to change the carrier name of your iPhone

Step 5: You are now given three options – 'Fake Carrier', 'Fake Time' and 'Show BatteryLevel'. Tap on the 'Fake Carrier' option to change the carrier name.

Step 6: You are now prompted to enter your Carrier text. Enter the text of your choice and tap on 'Set'.

Step 7: Similarly, you may replace the time banner on top with your customer text using the 'Fake Time' option. Tap on 'Set' to confirm the change. 

That's all, the carrier name on your iPhone should change to the one of your choice. Please note that if you would at any point like to get back to the default Carrier and Time text, you may follow the same steps and at the final text input, tap on 'Reset' to get the text back to default. 

Please let us know how it goes. 

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  • hcwhunter

    This should be great news for all the Verizon fans who would much rather have Verizon as their carrier! Be the first to impress all your V friends! 😉

  • Vishnu

    We know this already

  • pist

    yeah, this has been around since 3.0

  • Eddie

    there's also another cool app by Erica MIM (make it mine) doing the same purpose. It's been there for ages on Cydia.

  • Robert

    While many people may have already known about this, it is news to me and I imagine a few other people. Thank you for posting it.

    Now I have to get back to writing my letter to Santa Claus.

  • Patrick

    This seems like a rip off from MIM.

  • TimW

    MIM not 3.0 compatable
    just how many apps out there are rip offs of each other?
    90,000 appstore apps and no two are similar??????

    • stemmo

      ya mim is a load of bollox,,anyone know of good cydia apps for the iphone 3g????

  • ChoeMin

    MIM works with 3.1.2
    I am using it with my iPhone 3G…

  • Hui

    And also works well with 3.0.1. I'm on a jb 3GS 16GB 3.0.1. Everything's working fine. I tested it on my friend's iPhone, a jb 3G 16GB 3.1.2, works great as well.

  • majorbb100

    rip off of MakeItMine.

  • DayvG

    I would have to agree. I've been using Make It Mine for over a year. Works perfectly on my 3.1.2 3G. With make it Mine you can also customise the Banner (Where the time is). Rip off!

  • P-dext

    Mim still works with 3.0 3.1 and 3.2. I'm running it on 3.1 On 3gs

  • TimW

    Sorry people, MIM refusing to work on my iPhones (3G 8, 3G16, 3Gs16&32) must be some software conflict I have, now works on my touch32gig
    me bad, sorry for misleading comments


  • thank you

    We know this already

  • magic

    Will it drop the signals by any chance…. I am experiencing signal drop "No Service" very often… could it be because of this Fake Carrier… Is there anyone experiencing the same..

    • PiNkAlLdAy

      I’m experiencing the same thing

  • trashman

    I remember changing my carrier back with 1.1.4

  • emdot

    MIM is better/safer

    and i run 3.1 and it works fine

  • Martin

    Bull crap mim is 3.1.2 compatible

  • markrj

    Just jailbroke my 3g and it has the word "BuG" in quotes where T-Mobile should be. Anyone know why?

  • sutra11

    does this mean I can buy my friends phone who was with rogers
    and use it with my bell plan?

  • f

    yea this shit bricked my phone..

  • Devin

    Yeah, it killed my battery pretty fast too
    bricked it twice

    I uninstalled like three days ago and I haven't had any problems.

  • ya thanks buddy. I am looking for that tips from last 3 days. I am a new I-phone user and searching for I-phone tricks and tips. thanks for sharing information with us.

  • Good TIp – One more tip from me you can always put your girlfriends name there 😀 nice trick to get some… 😛

  • Adam

    You can delete it afterward if you want too the effect still stays.

  • Deano

    i have a att g3 and had it working on t-moble and tryed to fix it and now im unable to use it atall, is there anyone that can help ?

  • zola

    where can i download it

  • sk

    “fake time” and “show battery level” are both grey on this app and will not let me click it to change it…i have IOS 4.2.6… anyone have any suggestions on how to access those two options???

    • Jeags

      Mine too, the “fake time” and “show battery level” are both grey. Can anyone advise how to get those two work?

  • Tien

    niceeee! thanks 😡

  • old user

    Check FakeOperator, no icon, in Global Settings, works perfectly

  • Jessica

    It worked! So simple and easy. Thank you!

  • Ashley Bowman

    I cant find Cydia:(