Tweetie 2.1 Released – Supports Lists, Retweets, Geolocation and More

Tweetie 2.1 update released with newer features

Early last month, we had written about the new 2.0 version of the popular Twitter client for iPhone, Tweetie. 

Back then in our review, we had written about the loads of new features that Tweetie 2.0 had in comparison with the original version that made the cost price of $2.99 worth it. 

Loren Brichter, developer of the Tweetie iPhone app has now released an upgraded version 2.1 which comes packed with a lot more features. It's free for the existing users of Tweetie 2.0. Most of the updates in Tweetie 2.1 have followed from the new features and APIs released by Twitter since Tweetie 2.0 was released. 

Here is a summary of the important updates you get to see on Tweetie 2.1

Retweet : Since Twitter has changed the way it displays retweets (The original tweet is shown in your timeline instead of the 'retweeter'), Tweetie 2.1 incorporates this change by marking retweets with a red triangle on the right corner of the tweet. Also, the icons of both the original tweeter as well as the retweeter is displayed. 

Geolocation : Tweets that are geotagged are indicated with a location pin icon which can be clicked to check out the exact location the tweet was sent from. Also, users are given an option to geotag each of your tweets. 

Lists : Ability to create new Twitter lists and edit existing ones. 

Report Spam : Tweetie 2.1 has integrated the new API for users to report spams in its new version. 

Gap Detection : A visual demarcation between old tweets and tweets that have been newly updated since last login. 

Check Trends : Tweetie 2.1 has now offered integration with WhatTheTrend, the website that offers information on why particular words are trending. 

Custom URL Shorteners : Ability to incorporate customer URL shorteners with the help of new protocol handlers. 

Image Compression : Offers you additional options in image compression

Apart from these updates, Tweetie 2.1 has also fixed several minor bugs in the earlier version. Here is the iTunes link for you to download the new version.  Please don't forget to tell us how you found these new updates.

[via TechCrunch]

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