Verizon Attacks AT&T 3G Coverage On Its Ads One More Time

Verizon attacks AT&T 3G once again in ads

Looks like Verizon is on a mission to make people aware of AT&T's "inferior" 3G coverage. 

Just days after Ma Bell filed a lawsuit against Verizon for its 'There's a map for that' ad campaign, the latter has launched a new series of ads attacking AT&T's 3G network one more time. 

You might be aware of Verizon's earlier ad where the company had compared AT&T's 3G network against its own. AT&T had recently sued Verizon over this ad which it claimed misled the audience into thinking that the AT&T service was not operable outside the marked areas. 

With the case in court, this new series of ads along with the controversy that the lawsuit brings with it could help Verizon spruce up its positioning as a superior 3G network all the more easily. Having said that, AT&T cannot really find fault with these new ads. Unlike the earlier campaign, the new series of ads clearly portray AT&T's smaller 3G coverage area as a disadvantage when it specifically comes to browsing the web. 

You can checkout the video of the ads below:

What do you think of these ads? Will such aggressive campaigns help Verizon outrank AT&T and the iPhone in sales? Please tell us your opinion in the comments. 

Thanks Egypt for the tip! 

[via Engadget]

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