Foxconn Rumored to Have Received Orders for Next Gen iPhone

Foxconn rumored to have received orders of new iPhones

In a tweet posted yesterday, Eldar Murtazin, the Editor in Chief of Mobile Review wrote

"Foxconn received order for next generation iphone"

While the authenticity of the news is yet to be confirmed, as a veteran of the mobile phone industry, Eldar's statement should carry a lot of credibility. The news has once again spun off speculations about when the next generation of iPhone will be released and also the features that will come with it. 

Keeping up with the previous trend, it is likely that iPhone 4G is launched in the middle of 2010. Apple has released new versions of iPhones consecutively in the past three years and another release next summer should not come as a huge surprise. However, there were questions regarding Apple continuing its partnership with Foxconn after prototypes of iPhone 4G went missing earlier this year. Now with more credible information about Foxconn retaining its contract, other rumors about iPhone 4G appear to be gaining prominence.

Late October, ChinaOnTrade, an online electronics wholesaler had leaked what they claimed were components from the next generation iPhone that were sourced from Foxconn.  

There have been numerous other rumors too about the new iPhone being an UMTS/CDMA hybrid and coming with RFID sensors though none of these have been confirmed by Apple. With Foxconn likely to start production of the next generation iPhones soon, expect a lot more rumors and speculations in the next few weeks. 

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