New iPhone Accessory Delivers Advanced Performance Analysis to Cyclists

Pedal Brain iPhone app offers detailed performance reports to cyclists

With over 100,000 apps on the Apple App Store, iPhone users have a decent number of choices to make for each of the several services they seek.

Cyclists too have a few iPhone apps that caters to their needs like Map My Ride and CycleMeter. However, most of these apps have worked specifically in tracking your GPS location to deliver basic reports. 

Here is a new iPhone app that goes a step further in helping cyclists with their performance analysis. Pedal Brain is an upcoming product that strives to make it easier for you and your coach to analyze your performance. It works with the help of an iPhone accessory called the Pedal Brain Synapse. This device can be plugged into your iPhone for the iPhone app to start receiving and interpreting data from a variety of exercise devices that use ANT+ wireless protocol. Information gathered through the iPhone app is simultaneously uploaded into the Pedal Brain website for post-training performance analysis. 

With Pedal Brain, the information uploaded in real-time enables you and your coach to study all your performance data and compare it with the information received from your friends and fellow trainees. The company claims that the product has been built to deliver a solution that will help coaches and their trainees to focus on their workout and leave the performance analysis to their Pedal Brain software.

Pedal Brain's accessory for the iPhone and iPod Touch has already been approved by Apple and is expected to be available in the local bike shops by March of next year. The price is expected to be around $130 to $190. While the basic online service shall be free, more detailed performance reports shall apparently be made available for a subscription fee.

This looks very promising. It will be interesting to listen to your comments on Pedal Brain. Does it sound useful? Please tell us in the comments.

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