Will the Apple Tablet Look Like This?

Mockup Images Of Apple Tablet

With just hours to go before the Apple Tablet is unveiled, there has been a flurry of rumors about the device.

Earlier today, we had written about a fake Apple Tablet ad released by a French website NoWhereElse which appear so genuine that they could have easily been mistaken for an actual Apple commercial

Now Dustin Curtis, one of the popular user interface designers has published a couple of pictures of the Tablet on his blog. Titled "Photos of the Apple Tablet", the blog makes no mention about the authenticity of the images. However, they are most likely to be fake simply considering the fact that the pictures are from one of the best designers around.

Unlike the earlier mockups we have seen of the Tablet, Dustin's version does not say anything about how the user interface will look like. Instead he has simply focused on the Tablet's appearance. Also while Dustin has carefully taken into account the size of the device along with other features like dock connectors, the iconic home screen button of the iPhone, which is speculated to be present on the Tablet is missing. 

Nevertheless, this is an excellent mockup, which deserves a look. Check out the images below and let us know if you would like the Apple Tablet or iPad or iSlate or whatever it is called to look like this. 

Mockup Images Of Apple Tablet

Mockup Images Of Apple Tablet

[Dustin Curtis Blog via Mashable]