AR.Drone Brings Augmented Reality Gaming to the iPhone

AR.Drone gaming application brings augmented reality gaming to iPhone

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at Las Vegas has thrown up some interesting projects. For iPhone users, one of the coolest gaming applications you will come across was recently demoed at CES. 

Developed by Parrot, this gaming app, called AR.Drone lets you control a four-propellered flying machine with the help of an iPhone application

Folks at App Advice explain what Parrot’s AR.Drone is all about. They write:

“The Parrot AR.Drone is a four-propellered ultimate flying machine.  The AR.Drone features two cameras, which will allow you to see what the Drone sees via a Wi-Fi connection, and they also apparently are able to help control the device’s speed and altitude.  All of this is powered by the AR.Drone’s on-board Linux-based computer.”

Apparently, this is not all. The application also comes with an augmented reality game where the AR.Drone will self-hover as you fire against the enemies virtually on your iPhone. AR.Drone also comes in dual mode for users to play against each other or play against a robot. The AR.Drone is expected to be available in the market by the first week of March. 

Check out a demo of AR.Drone in the videos below: 

Do you see this as the future of video gaming? Please tell us in the comments.

[via App Advice]

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    Gosh what a talent, would certainly love to get my hands on this (if my understanding is correct about it running on linux – i hope it would prevent me from using my iphone as a phone, otherwise …….



  • LeaveMeAlone

    This isn't gaming. It's just a toy

  • Harsha

    whats the point… will you see the iphone screen or the flying machine… ????? i understand its real but whats the point if in the end i m just seeing the video camera attached to the machine via iphone… as well i would play some game on iphone!!! dont you guys think?

  • bert

    I agree with LeaveMeAlone and Harsha. It's a brilliant concept as a UAV given the visual feedback relayed from the camera to the iPhone and pretty intuitive movement based control.

    As AR gaming is concerned, the drone seems pretty redundant since we could just point the iPhone camera onto the gaming surface and render the AR image on the iPhone screen. At most, the drone lets you access hard to reach area like flying up to a roof of a building or something.

  • AsoSako

    This is the most Retarded Idea ever… No I do not see this as the future of gaming. I imagine this is going to cost so much that nobody is going to buy it, and if somebody does they'd get bored with it really really fast (unless they are 5 years old). And worst of all it is very doubtful they'd find somebody else that has one so they can play the 2-person mode.

  • kDub

    i think this thing could totally take off..
    imagine..30-40 of these in a warehouse..all of 'em flying around..crashing and knocking each other outta the air..sounds kinda fun. like some kinda tourney.
    so i guess each drone would have some sorta unique id that makes something like that possible? how far could wi-fi take these things? seems sorta limited right now..but it could be the start of a great idea.

  • Jose

    Kind of reminds me of the movie "gamer" pretty cool product but it's probably gonna cost more than the phone itself lol

  • unfu**ing believable! Please don't make this too expensive. I'm all over that …

  • Mctint

    this is awesome!! cant wait! oh yeah what range on wifi will it have, and if you loose connection will it just CRASH???

  • Chris

    This shouldn't be too expensive. While the concept is new, the technology is not. Why it would be priced over $75-$100USD would baffle me. For that price, one could purchase a decent RC Heli.