DIY Instructions to Build Custom Car Mount for Your iPhone

DIY instructions to build own car mount

GPS is among the most popular apps available on the iPhone. If you use the GPS apps on iPhone, you might have realized the problem with mounting the iPhone on your car.

With unique car docks available for different GPS devices, choosing the right dock can not only be difficult but also expensive. Folks at Instructables have an interesting DIY post on how you can make your own adjustable car mount without spending too much. 

To make this, you will only need some PVC piping, heavy duty plastic coated wire, adhesive foam, scissors and pliers. The process involves finding a suitable nook in your car's dashboard near the steering wheel where a PVT Tee is fit as the anchor. A PVC pipe is fit into this Tee. A cradle is then prepared on the other end of the PVC pipe with the help of the heavy duty plastic coated wire which will hold your iPhone in place. 

DIY instructions to build own car mount

DIY instructions to build own car mount

Check out the complete instructions on Instructables website. Some of our readers might find this a needless exercise to save on those few dollars, but as mentioned earlier, it can be of terrific use particularly in cases where your car is driven by more than one person and each one prefers to use their own smartphone for GPS. 

How do you find this DIY car mount? Please let us know in the comments. 

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