Reduce Size of iPhone App Icons With Shrink

Shrink app to reduce size of iphone icons

If you are anything like me and have several dozen iPhone applications installed on your iPhone, sifting through the numerous home screen pages can be a daunting task. 

One way you can make your life easier is by adding additional columns to your Springboard so that you reduce the number of home screens. However, as most of you would realize, that can lead to a lot of clutter.

Now here is an interesting app that will help you shrink the size of the icons so that you may retain the uncluttered look of the home screen even when you increase the number of columns with apps like FiveIrows. Developed by Paul Griffin, the app developer from Phoenix Dev who has earlier brought to us iPhone apps like Music Controls, CalendarPro and Resupported, Shrink is an application for jailbroken iPhones that will help users resize the icons on their home screen by a specific percentage over the original icon size. 

Shrink app to reduce size of iphone icons

Shrink is compatible with other related apps like Infinidock, Iconoclasm and Winterboard. However, it doesn't seem to be working when the latest version of Stacks is installed. We hope that issue is resolved. Shrink is now available for download at $0.99 from the Cydia store. 

As always, if you are downloading it, please do tell us how it goes. 

[via ModMyi]

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  • NateDawg

    Didn't work as I thought or like the picture. I shrunk the icons but couldn't move more icons onto one page. I'm probably missing another app that lets me fit more icons onto one page. o.O

  • V

    Yea you need to install 7×7 springboard or something similar in addition to it.

  • This looks super useful. I'm totally gonna use this on my phone.

  • Andy

    Is this really for the jailbroken iphone/ipod touch? If it is it's highly suspicious because I remember reading an Ipod APPLE magazine that had on their cover an ipod touch/iphone with hundreds of shrunken apps. =3=

  • aBud

    A nice feature would be to have a different icon size for each pages of the springboard.

    Is it possible ?

  • Dan

    Will this shrink the lock screen as well? I am using the 1stshift lock in screen.

  • Raj

    doesn't work with the OS 4.0 on 3G.

  • Tom

    how can i get it on ios 4.0 or 4.1 or 4.2?

  • Dean

    Buyed it and SB crashes and it goes in safe mode, I have to uninstall it if I want to restart the SB. I am using it on iphone 4 with untethered jb 4.3.5

    • TIm

      i have the same IOS en also unthethered jb 4.3.5 and works perfect!