Skype Version 1.3 Released – No Push Notification or VoIP Calls over 3G

Skype version 1.3 released

Skype, the popular VoIP service which is also among the most downloaded apps on the App Store has just released an update to their iPhone app.

The new version 1.3 of the Skype app comes five months after the last update in September when features such as call forwarding was introduced.  

The new version fixes a few bugs besides introducing a couple of significant additions. iPhone users on Skype version 1.3 can IM in the landscape mode. Also, the new version comes with a call quality indicator helping users decide the right time to call. But besides these additions, the update has largely been a disappointment without the inclusion of features such as push notification, bluetooth support, Wi-Fi support, conference calling or VoIP over 3G. 

As we had mentioned in our article yesterday, the non-availability of VoIP over 3G is completely understandable since it is Apple that has apparently blocked the service from being available with the Skype iPhone app. Having said that, with over five months having passed since the last update, the inclusion of push notification was largely anticipated and the non availability of the same is sure to irk a lot of long-time users. 

According to Peter Parkes from the Skype team, the company is still working on enabling push notifications. He writes

"we’re working on this(Push notification); we’ll release a version with Push notifications when the experience has been perfected."

We hope another quick update is soon made to bring push notification. Meanwhile, readers looking to download the app may do so by clicking here (iTunes Link). What do you think of the new updates? Please tell us in the comments.

[via Skype Blog]