DIY iPhone Stylus

New touch screen technology patented by apple

The iPhone has revolutionized finger based touch screens but when it’s extremely cold and you’re wearing gloves, the use of finger based touch screens doesn’t seem very practical.

You could always buy an iPhone accessory like Pogo Stylus or use indigenous solutions like using a sausage as a stylus for your iPhone but we found this do-it-yourself (DIY) iPhone stylus quite neat.

You need a pen that is conductive (based on the comments over at Makezine any pen won’t work), a button fastner (size 1, about 3/8 inches), some glu, scissors and a piece of string to make this pen stylus for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Sausage as an iPhone stylus? Checkout this cool video that folks at Gizmodo found of someone in Korea playing the recently released iPhone game.

As always if you give it a try or have figured out a better solution then please let us know in the comments.

[via Makezine]

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  • Yna

    If ur that despeate for a way to use ur iPhone with gloves on just use ur nose it works , can't get lost and no assembly required


    I love Sausage's iPhone stylus. 역시 한국 사람은 비상해… ^^

  • akrimay

    Sausages as stylus..and I thought I'd seen creative.

  • Pingpong ball in the mouth seems to work for me… but it's never been a necessity to use

  • john the man

    i have to say i have use my elbow and my nose when at work while wearing gloves

  • Here's a do-it-yourself alternative using anti-static socks from dsLabs. Check it out. 🙂

  • Dingo

    I take off my gloves…

  • baby carrots work quite well too

  • Cool. You can eat your sausage stylus when you finishing drawing!