Exploit Discovered to Unlock iPhone OS 3.1.3

iPhone 3.1.3

If you accidentally upgraded your unlocked iPhone to iPhone OS 3.1.3 that was released last week then we have some good news to report.

iPhone hacking expert, Sherif Hasim has announced that he has discovered an exploit in the baseband (05.12.01) that is bundled with iPhone OS 3.1.3 that should help in unlocking it.

Sherif Hashim tweeted that he has successfully crashed iPhone OS 3.1.3 baseband and MuscleNerd of the iPhone Dev Team has confirmed that is working.

I just crashed the 5.12.01 baseband 🙂

Musclenerd confirmed it working :)))) timing of 5.12 unlock release is totally the dev team opinion

However, iPhone Dev Team have clarified that this is the first step in the process of unlocking the baseband and it is too early to provide an ETA on when the tool to unlock iPhone OS 3.1.3 will be released.

"We’ve started to look at his crash but it’s a long road between any given crash and a fully working unlock, and we couldn’t put an ETA on it even if we wanted to. It’s not even guaranteed that an working unlock will come from this particular crash — it’s just too early to tell.”

As always, we’ll keep you posted so stay tuned here at iPhone Hacks or follow us on Twitter.

[via Sherif Hashim, Dev Team's blog]

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  • dwight

    Still waiting for a tethered jailbreak fix. Come on dev team or geohot.

  • it been awhile that geohot reported any new about the new firmware or iphone

  • Nubs

    Didn't Geohot switch to hacking the PS3?

  • TimW

    Yeah, read somewhere that he's not rewriting the hack for iPhone anymore. Typical student, does one good thing in life then sits back and quits. He's hoping for PS3 glory now. Wonder if Sony will copy the X-Box and block hacked units from online gaming.
    As is life though, one player drops out and another better player steps in. Nice work Sherif!!

  • Rude

    Man you are a moron, hoping for PS3 glory? GEOHOT was the first to unlock the iphone, and the first to unlock every baseband after that until this 3.1.3.. dont hate, just be glad it was done, if he chooses to focus his attention on the ps3 then who are you to say anything about him?

  • ae6057

    Hoe about just jailbreak 3.1.3 ? is this good for it too ? or it is just for unlocking

  • TimW

    Yeah, hoping for psp glory
    maybe I'm wrong but wasn't the ICY team (Russian team) that first JB the iPhone, followed by the Dev team, followed by Geohot?
    Your quite wrong, I don't hate him, I admire his talent, but to score 1 victory and then walk off to other projects is a 'Student' thing
    are you a student too then Rude? Is that why you justify your posts beginning? Are you one of those spotty oiks that litter starbucks and any bar with a cheap drink? Sticking up for the lazy arsed students? Or are you just an arse licking type? Bet you donated to Blackra1n too? (yeah right, I believe you)
    nah, your just a regular dickslap in a bit pot of Internet nobodies, shame your father didn't have the snip before you came along and saved the net from at least one more muppet, but he didn't, I'd have paypal'd him a donation but it's too late now 🙁 your here

  • lanky

    Nice personal attack there. Makes me wonder what side of the bed you got out of.

    He did more then one hack of the iPhone. Feel free to read up on it. Hardware based hack to give you some help. First proper Jailbreak fro mwhat I can find the first Jailbreak open to the public was the Iphone Dev Team.. http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-19512_7-10115200-233.html

    At the end of the day. You comment on him in such a way.. and it would make some people wonder, what did you do for the mass market to become an authority?

  • Max

    Ya just jailbreak the freaking 05.12.01 already.

  • TimW

    Nothing on Apple products, but a junior design engineer on the first Intel Pentium 5v & sub 5v processors, hardware design for Samsung & LG HDD's (pre 40Gb) NTL (now virgin media, uk) Hardware technician, server & routing via fibre optics. Specsat engineer for global sat uplinks for uk military.
    The sort of stuff that let's you use the hardware you have today was my contribution.
    Should I continue??
    Ok, a serious bike accident has ended my career, but shit happens
    oh, and I do say what comes to mind if called a 'moron'

  • Paulius

    Hey guys, I was wondering, if I have a locked Iphone 3gs, and it is asking me for a valid SIM, if I jailbreak it in order to unlock it, will I be able to unlock without a valid SIM card or do I have to have one? Because from what i can see i cant go to menus without the sim inserted. Thanks.

  • Giri

    I'm waiting for the new tool to unlock the "unlocked/jailbroken + software upgraded" iphone.

  • Dave

    Just wait for iPhone 4.0….kind of pointless to focus on 3.12

  • Vince

    OK, but no need to come across as such a "moron" by labelling Geohot as some kind of quitter student. he contributed lots. If he is challenging himself to something other than your favourite phone, well boo-hoo to f**king you. You don't read as if you contributed squate based on your posts leading up to your "claims" of working on Intel processors, and HDD designs.. so I doubt you really did. I doubt you've even had a motorbike accident and if you did, you're a "moron" and it was probably your own fault.

  • SN

    we're all waiting

  • TimW

    Oooh, another one who's parents are brother & sister!!
    Bandwagon vince, jump on and play your families national anthem…the tune from deliverance!!

  • hxclos

    Move over GeoHot, there's a new "Sherif" in town.

  • Ok well this is starting to annoy me a lot, because I still dont see any point in leaving out a jailbreak for this seasons 3.1.3 new bootrom. Dev team, please dont leave us out, lots of us have a messed up 3gs now and wee cant wait until 4.0 in (perhaps summer)..

  • pices

    hi all,

    i'm a bit confused by all the publications on this 3.1.3 jailbreak…
    i have a brand new iphone 3gs.
    i don't need to unlock it i only want to jailbreak.
    is it possible to jailbreak my 3gs using one of these tools?

  • todrn2

    This tether profile works for me on jailbroken 3.1.3. Just go to,(in Safari)


    Skip to step 8 and click the link

    Works great and VVM still works too!

  • todrn

    The tethering hack in step 8 from this site


    works for 3.1.3. must be jailbroken, I used redsn0w 0.9.4 and is still locked. MMS ans VVM still work and haven't had any issues.

  • derbo68@empal.com

    We are waiting your Good Product for 3.1.3 in Baseband 05.12.01 at 3Gs in korea users.

  • Quit yer whinging

    So if you're so shit hot, why don't you contribute yourself rather than sitting back abusing those who have actually done something. You come across like a whiney little script kiddie. Remind me again, what does geohot owe you personally?

  • Paul

    Kin'ell!! Another fkin inbred takes a break from 'inserting tongue into Geohots ass'
    All TimW stated was that Hotz was a student who is now hoping for PS3 glory (now he's beaten the iPhone)
    he's right about students too, conquer a single goal and quit is the outlook of the majority of students, most of them use the phrase "want fries with that" after finishing 4 years study anyway.
    @Vince. I seriously hope you suffer an RTA one day too, hopefully fatal to your family so you can call yourself a moron then too

  • Doggz

    Just relax. There will be something soon. All you can do for the moment is jailbreak. Instructions are found on this site. There is no available way to unlock the carrier unless you have Bootloader ver 05.08

    If you have 05.09 you can't unlock. For those who want to check what ver Bootloader they have you must have a jailbroken 3.1.3 iphone and installed "fuzzyband" via cydia. This will tell you if you can down grade or not. If you can down grade then you're one of the lucky ones as you can down grade to 05.08 and then unlock you carrier. Use "Snowbreeze" to jailbreak iphone 3.1.2 to 3.1.3. Don't ask any more question on this here as the info is available on the site if you look for it.

  • Hello. My iphone is already jailbroken and unlocked, but it is on 3.0 firmware and 04.26.08 baseband.

    I want to upgrade to 3.1.2 or 3.1.3 but all of the posts on this board seem to be about unlocking or jail breaking – nothing about performing a simple upgrade on a device which is already unlocked.

    I dont want to use itunes to do the upgrade because I know it will upgrade to a locked version of 3.1.3.

    Which tool should I use to perform a simple upgrade?

  • hello

    accidently upgrade the new version 3.1.3 with base band 05.12.01 on my iphone 3gs.my bootloder is 6.4. now it says ur sim is invalid. my iphone is lock.

    is there way to downgrade the version?

    why cydia is automatically removed after updating 3.1.3 version?
    how can i unlock my iphone?

    is there possible to get my cydia back to my iphone?

  • iom_jack

    how much LONG??? 3 are already been discovered but none of them are available yet!!!!

  • jboi919

    check this,
    i uploaded to 3.1.3 by accident on 3g, now theres no wifi at all anywhere and i cant get on internet bc i dont have att any help?

  • hahahahaha

    hahahahahah you are all the gayest fucking nerds i've ever seen

  • iom_jack

    huh? how come? well no wonder when my lady update her to 3.1.2 she lost her utube

  • Joanna

    dont rush great work!

  • Joanna


  • Dave

    I was able to downgrade my firmware from 3.1.3 to 3.1.2 and re-jailbreak my iPhone 3GS (new bootrom) last nite. I worked on it from 11PM till 2AM, but when all was said and done I had my phone jailbroken and downgraded to 3.1.2.

    The steps are many, but it CAN be done with hard work and patience.

  • Dave

    You would need a valid sim to jailbreak and activate the phone. Once it is jailbroken you can then unlock it to use on another carrier.

  • gustavo

    GEOHOT will do it again while the posers of devteam are doing nothing sitting on their butts, geohot, will JB it and UNLOCK!!! he is the one that need to be posting info, not those posers, beside if you post something that is not hat they want in their blog, they treat people rude and without education, the others and the "administrators" DEV TEAM= Fake so after GeoHot does it…they will do it, probably they copied what he does…

  • joe

    i bet tim.w is a prat that updated his phone. and now cant jailbreak it pmsl.ahahahahah.

  • q8demon

    ios4 is released! when is the 5.12.01 unlock goin to be released??
    haven't used my iphone 3gs for over 2 months!

  • kitti

    how did you do it?

  • kitti

    ok i guess im in the same boat with YOU q8demon! i been working for hours on this and nothing has been working. so its the 5.12.01 that is our problem? ok then ugh lol i spent a lot of wasted time on this then. 🙁