Adobe’s CTO: We’re Working Hard to Improve Flash For Mac And Smartphones

Why Flash on iPhone is very much the need of the hour

Apple’s decision not to support Flash on the newly unveiled iPad has brought the company's war of words with Adobe back to the limelight.

BoomTown’s Kara Swisher interviewed Adobe’s Kevin Lynch, Chief Technical Officer to discuss about Flash and Apple’s decision not to support their technology in iPad as well as the iPhone.

Last week, Lynch had responded to Steve Jobs remarks that Flash was buggy in a blog post:

"I can tell you that we don't ship Flash with any known crash bugs, and if there was such a widespread problem historically Flash could not have achieved its wide use today."

Based on Lynch’s comments in the interview, it does look like Adobe is making a sincere effort to improve flash for Mac and smartphones. He had this to say:

“Well, there's a lot of Flash content on the Web, and so, right now about 85% of the top websites have Flash on their website. So if you want to view the whole Web, not having the ability to view Flash really is kind of limiting in terms of the experience on the devices, and so we're really focused on making sure that we can bring the ability to view Flash content and interact with it across all of these devices…I'm hopeful in the smartphone space, for example, that as people start to see that you can get a great experience with Flash in the smartphone, for example on Android, and Palm, and Nokia, and RIM, and these other devices, that will encourage others to adopt Flash as well on their devices.”

Adobe had announced Adobe Flash Player 10.1 will support almost all the available smartphone platforms – Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, WebOS except for Apple’s iPhone. You can checkout the video of Flash 10.1 running on Motorola’s Droid taken at the Mobile World Congress 2010 today.

Lynch also talks about Flash Professional CS5 that will enable developers to port their flash applications to the iPhone and iPod Touch, which is achieved by bundling the Flash runtime into iPhone applications since it cannot be installed on the iPhone.

Developers seem to be eagerly waiting for it as Adobe has changed its plan of releasing a public beta of Flash Professional CS5, so that they can release the product as soon as possible.

You can checkout the entire interview below:

You can also checkout the demo of Wired’s tablet app developed with Adobe AIR to get an idea of why developers are eagerly waiting for Flash Professional CS5:

Wouldn’t it be great if Apple and Adobe worked together to bring Flash on the iPhone? But it seems to be wishful thinking.

Let us know your views in the comments.

[via BoomTown, Android Central]

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  • KastBlast


  • Franky j

    Well I guess I couldn't see the video, I'm on my iPhone with no flash.

  • Al_X

    Hahaha same 4 me. I think that Apple needs to stop acting like if Flash isn't a big deal when actually it is. How can the iPad have the "best Internet experience" when it can't even display relatively basic but vital parts of your everyday website.

  • Flash man !¡!¡!

    Please give us flash !¡!¡!¡!

  • Do it

    What do you mean you are working hard ??? Iphone has been out for 3 years already ! what exactly are you guys writing ?

  • Joe

    Me 2….smh.

  • iFoneGuru

    The iPad will flop drastically unless it has flash support.
    as mentioned above, the inability to view content on 85% of web sites does not lend itself to the 'Ultimate browsing experience' that apple are marketing it on!

  • Danny

    Let's face facts, Flash crashes often, anyone that has gotten addicted to a flash game will know this. It's poorly written and crashes. Apple have said they are more then happy to allow apps that run the same type script as flash and you could buy them. As far as I can see I think running open flash scripts will crash phones again and again. I think apple needs to sit down and work out a way of testing certain flash scripts and then "signing" them probably with a cert of auth and allowing these tested scripts to run, much the same way as the apps are summited to app store to make sure there ok. At least that way iPhones and iPads can have the flash we want with the bugs and crashes we don't.



  • Zac

    *crying* I want Flash!!!!

    This makes me so angry! Give me Flash Jobs!!

    An Adobe employee should just "leak" a jailbreak version to cydia to force Apple to get their act together.

    *stomps off pouting*

  • Aaa

    Yes, I agree. Just like the iPhone has been an utter failure without flash.

  • lvidal

    In about a year you and everyone that think the "no flash" issue will kill the ipad are going to swallow every single word about it. Apple is forcing the no flash experience an d they are going to win big time.

  • Tagart


  • Tagart

    another idiot

  • Ben

    Apple needs to get there heads out of there asses and stop being a bunch of fucks

  • TimW


    (and I really really don't care )

    If Apple/Jobs think it's going to be detrimental to our devices then good on them for refusing it's inclusion.
    Ok, say they DID release it, and it kept crashing your device, you'd soon fill up the forums honking about it. You be slating Apple for a buggy update too