Grooveshark iPhone App For Online Music Streaming Released On Cydia; After It Was Rejected By Apple

Grooveshark iphone app released on Cydia

Grooveshark, an online music streaming service that claims to be the 'Youtube for music' has announced that their new iPhone application is now available at the Cydia store. 

This comes after their iPhone app was rejected by the Apple app review staff multiple times over the past six months. In their announcement, the company claims that they were forced into this decision after Apple had been "ritually rejecting" their app for "primary selfish reasons".

Grooveshark is a free web based music streaming service that allows users to upload, share and stream tracks from a massive catalog of songs. The new iPhone app will allow their Premium/VIP members of the service use their jailbroken iPhones to search for music from the huge database. Additionally, users may also organize tracks into playlists, mark tracks as favorite and listen to songs offline. The web based alternative available on the company's website runs on the Adobe Flash platform and hence is not accessible via the iPhone's mobile Safari web browser. 

It is interesting that Apple rejected Grooveshark's iPhone app when a few other music streaming applications like Spotify are already available at the App Store

We expect Grooveshark's slick app interface to be a hit among jailbroken iPhone users, but the iPhone app is only available if you are a VIP member, which you can become by paying $3 per month or $30 per year. If you are a Grooveshark VIP member and eager to download the iPhone app, you may do so from the Big Boss repository on Cydia. Please check it out and let us know your views. 

[via TechCrunch, Grooveshark]

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  • James

    WOW… this app is great. I immediately dropped the 30$ for the year… It's not hard to understand why apple denied their entrance into the app store… if this was on every single iphone out there say goodbye itunes sales.

  • so is this free or not? it won't let me sign in.. it says it's currently vip only

  • jackiass

    VIP only. You have to pay after you have installed the app…

  • Updated the post to clearly mention that the jailbreak iPhone app is available only to Grooveshark's VIP users.

  • James

    yes 3$ a month… but if you want to free up memory on your phone and delete all your mp3's… its worth it.. because groove shark has a vast library..

    it is free when you access it from a computer at home.. but the mobile app requires that you be a vip member…

  • Joe

    Love your site . Only problem I have
    now is 3.1.3 .any news about when
    the jailfreak is coming.

  • Obtruce

    I'm not liking how some songs can't be streamed through 3g… Some only through wifi. Hope this is fixed soon..

  • u

    this is ace

  • Joe told Hilary about the afiar and then she

    I am really enjoying this service. I just heard about it today and after a wee listen I jumped at the £20 for a year price tag.
    I have not had a chance to try it out on 3G, but 3g unrestrictor will probably remove any restirctions (I HOPE!)

  • TimW

    It would be nice if other rejected developers took the same route rather than sit on a worthwhile project.
    Personally, this App doesn't appeal to me as my music taste is limited at best (and I'm 80% deaf ) but as a service for music lovers I think it's a far better option than iTunes, plus it's cheaper over the year.
    Nice move Grooveshark 🙂 nice to see a company give Apple the single finger salute & focus on a community that will appreciate it

  • I'm loving it! App works well. Wifi or 3G (unrestrictor)
    I agree with TimW "nice to see a company give Apple the single finger salute" Sick of great apps falling by the side of the road because Apple sees them as a threat to their agenda..

  • BrandonMB

    This is just plain sick! I have been using Grooveshark's web interface for awhile, and instantly put down the $30.00 for a years VIP, it is absolutely worth it. Additionally, for those people having trouble with 3G, I'm not sure what your doing, but I have a first gen iphone without 3G, and I stream the music just fine outside of my wi-fi zones.

  • Theres another app to listen music online that i like. check it out guys.

  • wolf

    looks like its $9 a month now.