iBlueNova (iBluetooth 2) Will Allow iPhone Users to Transfer Files Via Bluetooth

iBlueNova or iBluetooth 2

iBlueNova or iBluetooth 2 will be available on Cydia Store for the jailbroken iPhone very soon.

The iPhone OS 2.0 version was called iBluetooth and it was the first iPhone application that allowed users to transfer files from their iPhone to other Bluetooth devices. But due to trademark issues, the iPhone OS 3.x.x version has been renamed as iBlueNova.

The iPhone 3G comes with Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR (short for Enhanced Data Rate) wireless technology built-in, while iPhone 3GS comes with Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR built-in. But they only supports the Bluetooth Headset Profile, A2DP and Bluetooth Hands-free Profile 1.5.

So the most commonly requested application in the Bluetooth stack by iPhone users is the ability to transfer files to other bluetooth devices.

iBlueNova developed by MeDevil will enable jailbroken iPhone users to transfer files via Bluetooth to other Bluetooth devices. 

Folks at iClarified are reporting that the jailbreak app is ready for distribution but might take a few days before Saurik can include it in the Cydia Store.

Here are some of the changes and improvements that you can expect in iBlueNova:

  • Resolve the timeout sending a file with authentication enabled

  • Fixes an issue with the approval of the BT on 3G

  • Completing the integration of licenses

  • Fixed bug with opening files from iFile

  • Removed backgrounding native

You can check out the demo video of the iPhone app in action below:

We’ll let you know as soon as we have any further updates.

Have you been waiting for an iPhone app that allows you to transfer files via bluetooth? Let us know in the comments.


iBluetooth or iBluenova 2.0 For iPhone OS 3.0 And Above Released

[via iClarified]

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  • jetv1r

    i think this will be the most needed appli for iphone…

  • TimW

    Sweet!! 🙂

  • Vishnu

    I hope its FREE!

  • lead

    I guarantee you it wont be free

  • steve

    I bet albums on iPhone don't show with cover art and have stupid long file name like the first rubbish version of iblutooth app so you don't know whst the he'll your sending

  • Vishnu


  • asdf

    I purchased the original. Will I be able to get this update for free?

  • NegroMongler

    since it said cydia store, it wont be free…

  • wolverinemarky

    about time i miss ibluetooth and being able to send files via bluetooth

  • TimW

    Medevil website says $3.99

    • 개새용

      AWWW NO!

  • Scott

    I got the bluetooth app from cydia last year and it said there was an issue with the stacks…. or something like that…. anyone know why this would happen? I have the 3GS 32 gig….. I wanna know before I even think about purchasing this new one….Thanx

  • Sfinx09

    yes he said old old licences will work for new version

  • ALI

    dont mind me askin this
    when its cumin out?

  • Amedina28

    When this iBlueNova will come out in Cydia?????

  • Melvarius

    I recently got myself an i-phone 3g and it lacked some key features that I take for granted, (been using N-series for years) Apple need a good kick up the ass. It's a cracking good phone crippled beyond belief by those mindless twats. (hope yor reading this apple!!

    After jail-breaking it. The phone becomes a more viable replacement for my N95(2). All I need now really is Blue-tooth file sharing. I can't wait for the release. Fingers crossed it'll work like a charm.

    Kudos to the guys who developed this app, but I do feel somewhat cheated that I have to pay extra for a feature which should be standard in such a high spec device, such as the I-phone.

    Finally off-topic is it just me or are apple well taking the piss with the new I-Pad. again a cracking good idea crippled shitless by those mindless retards. (oh we're thinking of adding that feature in the next version. possibly, maybe.)

    erm… you'd think that the criticisms leveled at the I-phone might have inspired them to get this one right.

    just a thought.

    Oh and no prizes for guessing what I think of apple lol.

  • Anmar

    the 3G[S] has a different bluetooth chip the the older models, so iBluetooth won't work, but iBlueNova (iBluetooth 2) will be designed to the later models (bluetooth chip 2.1 +EDR)so it's gonna work (I think :D)

  • Josh

    Doesn't work on 3g

  • ifonix

    work with 3GS not with 3G.
    3G can send files but not resive.

  • help i download from cydia iphone 3gs but i can't transfer files to others i already type the correct password

  • adnan

    from where i can download this ?

  • So the app is not free at all? ok i guess i’ll have to pay for it,


    Hello … I own a iPhone 4 and you downloaded the program from Cydia and you download software Bluetooth but it does not work

  • 개새용

    I WANT THIS SOO BAD! I can’t buy it though….. And I don’t know if it’s out yet cause to this date on Cydia it’s Not found….