How To Enable Tethering on Your iPhone Using MyWi iPhone App

Turn your iPhone into Wifi hotspot

There have been quite a few iPhone apps that have brought tethering to the jailbroken iPhone like iPhoneModem and PDANet.

But currently the most popular jailbreak iPhone app to enable tethering on the iPhone is MyWi developed by Intelliborn.

Here is a step by step guide to install and configure MyWi on your iPhone to turn it into a wireless hotspot so that you can surf the internet on your laptop using your iPhone's 3G or EDGE data connection. 

Note: MyWi works on iPhone OS 3.1 or later. It supports all iPhones i.e. iPhone 2G/iPhone 3G/iPhone 3GS. 

Few words of cautions before we proceed:

  • Please note that jailbreaking your iPhone could void its warranty and so remember to proceed with caution. 
  • Please be careful while using tethering as too much tethering data usage could get you into trouble with your carrier.
  • This iPhone app also runs in the background even if you exit it so it could increase battery consumption.

If you would still like to proceed then here are the steps (courtesy folks at iClarified):

Step 1: If you already have a jailbroken iPhone, skip this step. Otherwise, click here for the tutorial on how to jailbreak your iPhone. 

Step 2: From the iPhone Springboard, launch Cydia -> Sections (at the bottom of the screen).

Step 3: You will need to install the MyWi iPhone app. To do this, tap on System -> MyWi (No Rock).

Turn your iPhone into Wifi hotspot

Step 4: MyWi costs $9.99 on the Cydia store. Tap on the 'Appsidy Buy' button on the top right side of the screen to purchase the app.

Turn your iPhone into Wifi hotspot

Step 5: Once the purchase is complete, install the iPhone app by tapping on Install -> Confirm that is displayed on the top right of the screen.

Turn your iPhone into Wifi hotspot

Step 6: Press the 'Restart SpringBoard' button to complete the installation.

Step 7: The MyWi app should now be available on your iPhone's home screen. Tap on the icon to launch the iPhone app.

Turn your iPhone into Wifi hotspot

Step 8: You will now be prompted to validate the purchase by pressing the 'Authenticate' button.

Step 9: Once this is done, get back to your iPhone home screen and relaunch the MyWi app.

Turn your iPhone into Wifi hotspot

Step 10: You will now be displayed the license agreement and carrier warnings. Tap on 'Accept Agreement' followed by 'Ok' to proceed.

Turn your iPhone into Wifi hotspot

Step 11: The WiFi hotspot now needs to be configured. Tap on the 'WiFi Name' field and enter a name for your wireless network.

Step 12: Pick a channel number on the 'WiFi Channel' field. If you are not sure, you may select any number between 1 to 10.

Step 13: It is always safe to secure your network with a password. To do this, first turn ON the 'WEP Security' option.

Step 14: Now enter a password on the 'WEP Key' field. Please note that the passwords must only contain numbers and letters between A-F.

Step 15: If you would like to tether your iPhone, enable the 'USB and Bluetooth' option.

Step 16: You are now almost done. At the top of the screen, turn the 'WiFi Tethering' option ON. The app will now display a 'MyWi Battery Notice' warning message. Tap OK to start the wireless network broadcast. 

Turn your iPhone into Wifi hotspot

This process will turn your iPhone into a wireless hotspot. All you need to do is connect your laptop to this Wi-Fi network to surf the internet. 

MyWi iPhone app has been around for quite sometime, so if you have been using it or give it a try using this guide then let us know how it goes. 

[via iClarified]

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  • Y

    Had this app for a while and is well worth the money. Works great. I get 11mbps on the app.

  • seemebreakthis

    I have been using PDANet. The good thing about PDANet is that I can use either wireless (more convenient) or the iPhone connect cable (more stable). Also, PDANet supports my VPN connection (via SSTP). Not sure if MyWi is as powerful.

  • Z

    11mbps? the iphone can only handle 7.2 right?

  • totofigo90

    Why pay for it when you can get it cracked through the sinful iPhone repo

    • Justin

      Toto if I get the cracked mywi 4 from sinful iPhone is there a chance it may “brick” my phone???!!

  • Y

    Well that's what my laptop showed.

  • Cubanazo

    You are really an I.D.I.O.T…. First for not paying for this excellent application and second for posting that S.T.U.P.I.D comment on this site.

    • Dude how can you say someone I.D.I.O.T for just a 10 bucks app. You know developer must have already made lots of money more than that app worth. They got paid many times for their effort. Any app can be developed like this in 2-500 bucks.
      I am sure you are part of that team who developed this app as you sound very EMOTIONAL about it. Dude why don’t you dev. make it free after a while and charge for just new revisions and not old ones as many of users are not even able to use your apps with bugs and issues; WHAT ABOUT THEM? You need to think a lot before posting comments & do grow up before posting such comments.

  • moi

    Tambien se puede activar de manera nativa.
    Mirar esto

  • Y

    The makers of this app did a great job. Why would I cheat them out of the money. It's only 10 dollars. Don't be so cheap. You bought an iPhone not a freakin go-phone!

  • True

    I tried to do that, but it didn't work on my new 3Gs. Plus this gives a wifi hotspot. Big plus. 🙂

  • james ur dady

    what s wrong with u

  • a1

    If you don't need hotspot there is MUCH better one – Tethering 3GS or Tethering 3G from
    Besides it's free.

  • JB

    I love this app. Works perfectly!


    So with my 3gs 16gb JB & UL …
    1) can you turn this feature on and off? ( yes or no )
    2) if no… what type of battery life are we talking about? Have to plug it in every night? or… keep a 12v charger in the car?
    3) my laptop has bluetooth capability…. can my phone teather through the bluetooth feature of my phone & laptop ?

  • sv

    What's the difference between the (No Rock) version specified and the one without it that is pictured above it?

  • vic

    Thanks for the REPO totofigo90 🙂

  • Chris Wade

    I have been using MyWi for some time, but I almost also just use it to enable wired tethering, it works great, is stable and a lot faster than PDANet, it also doesn't drain the phone's battery like PDANet does.

  • goku

    dont work on psp

  • Jay

    totofigo90, thanks for telling us about the sinful repo. i wish i knew about this before i bought pdanet, bitesms, iconoclasm, shrink and a few others

  • People who want to cheat to dev of these great apps are just hurting themselves and us these devs need to make something for all the time they spent bringing these wonderful tweeks to us not to mention this is worth over a hundred dollars and could be a subscription or pay as you go type so I think ten bucks is very fair let's invest with the devs and they will bring us apps we need and love

  • YOYO

    Thanks totofigo90 !!!!

  • Al

    Will this allow tethering of the iPad

  • Josh

    i have a question that i wondering if anyone has tried yet. Using My3g with MyWi. The same company makes them both and im wondering why they didn't make them run in tandem with each other….it would make the myWi quicker….BTW i love both apps…

  • John the man

    i saw a verison phone do this and thought the hell my iphone better be able to do this

    this app was just what i was looking for thanks you guys

    hay and some times i like the cracked apps cause its like a free trial you can down load it if you like it or think you'll need it then you can download the real thing so you get the updates and such

  • its any body using this whit t mobile and if u do is it working fine


    I was trying to buy it, but it just became too much of a pain in the #$%#%. Sign in to gmail, then fill out a form, then give them your credit info…I finally just gave up in frustration.

    If you want me to buy something of yours, make it convienient for me to do so. Ever heard of PayPal?

  • Sinful definitely bricked my phone – just so yalls know.

  • comsphere

    11mbps : from iphone wifi to your wifi device
    7.2mbps : from 3G telco to your iphone

  • jgall

    your calling him an idiot for saving 10 dollars on an iphone application lol.

  • Bob

    Before I look at doing this to my phone, how much do all of you use this? What type of internet usage? I don't want to set off any flags with AT&T for using it a ton, and then getting caught for tethering. Not sure if they monitor the data use that much, but I'd rather play it safe. Well, as say as you can with jailbreaking and such… Thanks for any info.

  • Aaron Cox

    Has anyone used this on 3.1.3? Trial doesn't work so paying $10 for something to not work isn't any good.


    I have had MyWi for some time now and of all the apps that I have, this one is a must have. I may not use it as often as the other, but it has been there when I have needed it. It funny, just this week went to a DoubleTree hotel and they wanted to charge $9.00 for internet access. I just turned on MyWi for the moments I needed it. The connection speed has never been a problem as well. Used on multiple computers as well…

    Have also use it traveling across the ohio turnpike with on the EDGE NETWORK WITHOUT A PROBLEM.
    ITS WORTH THE $10.00


    This does enable tethering for you.
    16GB 3GS on 3.1.3 on 5.12.01 baseband!!!

  • Leo

    When buying this, is the registration transferable to a new phone or would I need to re-purchase?

  • Geoffrey

    Hi there, I hv a 3G, not 3GS model with version 3.0. I don't want to upgrade to 3.1 and later because my phone is unlocked for use while I am traveling to other countries with local sim card. Would MyWi work with this configuration?

  • Is this tethering/wifi go directly through the app or does tethering have to enable on the phone as well?

    The only reason I ask is because I'm one of the lucky ones who gets to keep my unlimited data plan with AT&T and want to keep it that way. Unfortunately, it means that I can't tether (officially) without stepping down to a 2gb plan. So does this app allow me to get wifi/tethered connected without being found out by AT&T/Apple and having to step down to a 2gb plan?


  • you can jailbreak and unlock with 3.1.2 and you can jailbreak and unlock with 4.0 but there is no mywi for 4.0 yet

  • X

    i can't get it to show as a connection in windows 7 with usb tethering, trying to connect my computer to the wifi through the iphone which this app seems to support doing.

    anyone knows how to do this let me know.

  • Claire

    I need some advice please. I have an Iphone 4 and my daughter loves the apps etc and really wants one. However its way too expensive for her and we are considering getting her an ipod touch. In the house she can use the wifi but out and about could I set up my iphone 4 as a router and her connect to it to use her ipod touch??

    Claire (please reply to

  • icagreatman

    Does MyWi work for an unlocked t-mobile 3g iphone

  • Victor

    I have an iPhone 4 and installed MYWI 4. it works when connected with teh USB but there is now way I can get any device to pick up or even see my hotspot. Some help please!!!!

  • Steve

    Anyone using MyWi with the iPhone on Verizon? Any problems?

  • Rusty

    I have a jailbroken iPhone 3 – using Tmobile – and am trying to get MYWI set up. Do I need to have my wireless turned on or off to be able to do this. I went through the steps and installed and got an error that the data wasn’t available. If I am able to set this up, will I be able to use my iPad 2 to connect wireless through my iPhone?