Turn Your iPhone Into a Flash Drive With iPhone Explorer

iPhone Explorer to manage files on iPhone easily

A lot of iPhone and iPod touch users never really use up all the space available on their device.

If you are one of them and would like to double up your iDevice as a flash drive, iPhone Explorer is for you. 

This is a nifty piece of software for Windows and Mac users that offers an easy way to manage files on the iPhone. The iPhone Explorer application is free to download and offers the following functionalities

  • Drag and drop interface: Copy files from and to your iPhone using the simple click and drag interface
  • Folder Management: Create, Edit or Delete files and folders on your iPhone
  • Flash Drive: Use free space on your iPhone or iPod touch to carry documents like in a flash drive
  • File Preview: This option is enabled by default to make file transfering easy

iPhone Explorer to manage files on iPhone easily

The best thing about iPhone Explorer is that it works even on non-jailbroken iPhones. However, if you do own a jailbroken device, iPhone Explorer will be extra useful and lets you access the address book, SMS, emails, etc. from the system root.

The application works on all versions of iPhone and iPod Touch. If you are eager to check this out, click here to download the application for free. As always, don't forget to provide us with your feedback.

[via Life Hacker]

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  • Nonoie

    nice….more usage….

  • Justin

    This will definitely be useful on my 32GB iPhone!

  • That Guy

    Is it as useful as "USB Drive" from Dmytro Pohromsky for jailbroken phones? That will let you turn your iPhone into a true USB device that doesn't require any software on the computer you connect it to in order to use it as a USB drive. You can even use it as a bootable USB drive.

  • Melvarius

    is it just me, or is this this more hassle than it's worth. I mean you'd only be able to access it on other computers if they also had the software installed. you'd also have to cart around the connection cable. just use a pen drive. no mess, easy access.

    on a positive note though at least you could charge up your phone. on the fly. lol

  • Any program that requires iTunes to be installed in order to make the iPhone act as USB Drive is USELESS …

  • david

    its awesome but think about it mmmmm u may some time mopve a file with a virus to ur iphone and that doesnt sound good does it ???

  • Z

    yea that would be bad seeing as iphone os obsessively runs any executable sent to it.
    you'd have to run the virus, itd have to be for iphone os, and if you did run it then you're dumb enough to not deserve this hack

  • Irha

    I was hoping to find something to manager music without itunes, the way sharepod lets us do with ipods. Is there a free software for that?

  • Ya touch copy there is an ad for it in this page

  • Irha

    CopyTrans? Thanks.

  • Z

    google USB Drive iphone, works perfectly (makes images that are used as flash drives, not sharing actual directories/files) and even bootable!

  • craig

    not bad software but if you have to restore firmware the whole drive is wiped.

  • Nopstnz8

    Doesn't DiskAid already do all of this?