Winner Of iTunes Contest Thought Call From Steve Jobs Was A Prank

Georgia resident receives call from Steve Jobs for winning iTunes contest

Woodstock, Georgia resident Louie Sulcer, the winner of Apple's iTunes Store 10 Billion Song Sold Contest; thought it was yet another trick that his son was playing on him when he received a phone call and the person at the other end said, "This is Steve Jobs from Apple". It was only after he noticed the caller ID, which read 'Apple' did he realize that the call was indeed from the CEO of Apple Inc. 

Louie Sulcer, who is 70-year old, a father of three and grandfather of nine is the winner of Apple's iTunes Store 10 Billion Song Sold Contest; a contest that Apple announced earlier this month to celebrate the download of 10 billion songs over iTunes since the media platform was launched over seven years back.

Sulcer was announced the winner for his download of Johnny Cash’s “Guess Things Happen That Way” song and stands to win a $10,000 iTunes gift card. Recalling his conversation with Steve Jobs, Sulcer says in an interview with RollingStone that he was unaware of the contest till he received the call. RollingStone reports:

"Sulcer first thought was that he was being pranked. “He called me and said, ‘This is Steve Jobs from Apple.’ I said, ‘Yeah right,’ ” Sulcer tells Rolling Stone. “I have a son that loves to play tricks and he does that every now and then — calls me and imitates somebody.” After three or four times of asking “Come on now, who is this,” Sulcer realized that his caller ID read simply “Apple,” and only then did he believe that he was the winner of the contest and a $10,000 iTunes card."

Having learnt to use the iTunes service from a high school friend just over three years back, Sulcer, who currently owns an iPod nano says that he might need to move to a bigger device with additional storage in order to make use of the $10,000 gift certificate.

However, as CNET notes, it is not clear if Apple would let Sulcer buy any hardware with the prize money. At $10,000 value, it is not possible for the winner to spend all the cash merely on music. Also, since the winner is liable to pay tax on the prize money, it not evident as to how that would pan out given that this is a prize with zero cash value. 

What would you have told Steve Jobs if the great man had called you for winning the contest? 

[via RollingStone, CNET]

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  • jorge

    WHO Care about this CRAP!!!

  • Videokiddo

    I would have said: Forget your $10,000 iTunes card.
    I don't by music from you anyway. Just quit trying to stop me from Jailbreaking my iPhone and making it better. PRICK!!!

  • Franky j

    I want flash lmao

  • a little suggestion to

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    I take a closer look at tipb(the, too…. but as a well wisher i'm not quite satisfied with the comments i see…. most of the comments i see would be rubbish, childish… and just barking some bad words out…
    there wont be a real discussion about the products, i just see some people cursing out their bad words… who don't know how to spell out that word….

    wouldn't it be better if there were some formal discussion on the topics….
    like i frewuently check and i see most of the comments look wuite decent and are focused on the real subject matter….
    i hope u would maintain some standards too…

  • Noneya

    No one is forcing you to read the post posted on this site. "Freedom of speech" it a little thing we use now and again. For example go fuck your self and if you cant ask your dad to help you out. ;}

  • Codelicious

    A $10,000 iTunes gift card..? Why not $10,000 cash.. lol

    Who wants to spend $10,000 on the iTunes store?

  • Mono

    What is everyone whining about? People know that there is a reason why its called "jailbreaking". It's because someone (usually the Dev Team) has to find a hack to jailbreak the iPhone OS platform. We know Apple doesn't want their OS hacked so they make it harder. If you want your device hacked, don't whine about it because it's not yours. Plus unless you're one of the people making the hacks, you're just a lazy fuck.

  • Noneya is a lesbian

    Its meant for 5 year old like you ….. Go use your freedom of speech for something better purpose …. N why not you go and fuck your mama homo….
    It's an irony but these r wht tht r posted here….

  • TimW

    In a slightly politer manner…….
    People are free to like or dislike Products, Procedures, People & Posts, some users are straight to the point, some open a worthy discussion, some just slate you outright, but in the world of T'internet, you can't expect every site to be policed. The Admin of this site can't edit every comment to correct spelling and language to suit, some see the word 'Fucking' as foul language, yet to me it's 'expressive'. eg, the iPhone is amazing, or, the iPhone is fucking amazing, one expresses more.

    So in conclusion, why not comment on the great job iPhoneHacks does for us by providing useful info for the community in general rather than compare their work to 'other sites'
    don't knock people for their replies, however they choose to word them, people agree and disagree with opinions. I got ragged for calling Geohot a lazy twat student, am I worried? No, I'm not, as I believe it, others don't, but hey, freedom of speech is way less important than freedom of belief.
    As other poster said, no-one forces you to read the Topics or pass comment, and if you read back, over 82% of comments are 'subject related' and are informative, that's what 99% of info sites are about, sharing info and correcting misbeliefs.
    If my comments were edited from Geohot is a lazy arsed twat to Geohot isn't quite God, I'd be mighty upset (or in my expressive manner… Fucked off)

  • TimW

    I'd have said
    "Swap it for the top iPad & 4G on their release"
    "why not improve the Appstore by including Cydia & RYF, best of both under one roof and let US, the end user decide what WE want for OUR devices"
    "£6563.49!! (after conversion to GB£ lol) is that all??"


    does your Q button not work or something? you sit there talking bout people who cant spell… yet u misspelled 2 of your own… ummm DUMBASS!!!

  • flashlover

    I'd buy flash software for iphone.

  • kDub

    seriously..STEVE JOBS…what an ASS! So he calls a 70 year old man and says, "YOU'RE A WINNER! $10,000 in credits that can't be transferred into cash value. Now, pay tax on this money that really isn't money" hahahaa…this guy can't even use it to buy Apple's own product with it!! SERIOUSLYY???


    i mean..its a little different if its a couple hundred bux…or if you could use it to buy other related products…BUT IT CAN ONLY BE SPENT ON ITUNES MUSIC??? THATS JUST RETARDED.




  • akrimay

    LOL..ur all so funny! but it's true, though..we do have freedom of speech but why type it here? this is a nice site for us apple lovers and aficionados..kudos to iphonehacks for their info..and peeps..since we are a community..why not keep it clean? 🙂

  • Chris

    One time I had an editor from Bicycling magazine call me and his caller ID said Greg LeMond. That was pretty cool.