Cydia: Installer For Jailbreak Apps Gets An Essential Update To Improve Performance and Error Handling

Cydia Store

Jay Freeman (aka Saurik), the developer of Cydia, the installer app for jailbreak iPhone apps has uploaded a new version of APT that has an optimized cache generator, which should greatly improve Cydia performance.

According to Saurik, the update has improved the performance by 7x.

Saurik announced:

"I also uploaded a new version of APT I've been working on: it has an optimized cache generator and more error tolerant repository parsing.

I improved APT's cache generator (most of "Reloading Data"). On my 3G[S], this dropped from 22s to just 2.2: 10x improvement.”

ModMyi adds:

“This means less error screens when connecting to repositories that might have an error at that particular moment, which used to end up causing Cydia users a ton of grief, sometimes even crashing them out of Cydia. This update should help correct some of that.”

If you haven’t launched Cydia in the last two days, you’ll be prompted with an essential upgrades screen as seen below:

Cydia Store - Essential Update

Let us know if the update has made Cydia faster.

[via ModMyI]

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  • Irha

    Yep, definitely seemed much faster after an update, thanks for the heads up.

  • Nopstnz8

    Finally! 🙂

  • joe

    HOW CAN I GET CYDIA IF I HAVE 3.1.3!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CydiaLover

    Hell yes! Cydia is much faster! Thank you Saurus and friends!

  • Sean

    If you have a new 3GS you can't. Otherwise, just read posts from two weeks ago on this site about how to do it.

  • anonym

    hate to be the one complaining but its still frustratingly slow. Still forever thankful though! 😀

  • help

    after the updates, iphone 3gs (3.1.2) w/ new bootrom won't get out of safe mode. if i touch 'restart', it just freezes there. if i touch 'ok', i can still enter cydia in safe mode. how can i undo the updates or is that possible? i want to back-track and undo any changes that is causing this.

  • josh

    Try a restore with iTunes if you backed up your phone after JBing it, it will restore all your JB apps as well as itunes apps if you need help with that try you tube search “JB Restore”

  • Jim

    Would not without errors update to
    Complete Upgrade,

    so went Ignore (temp)

    and updated one by one definitely better

  • Trapp

    Gr8 Now get Your stinking ass back to jailbreaking 3gs 3.1.3

  • iom_jack

    heheheh!!!! well SAID!!

  • Noob

    "Gr8 Now get Your stinking ass back to jailbreaking 3gs 3.1.3" ==> to whom are you telling this???

  • am i the only one who is getting error in the installer?.. :-/

  • Do you really mean that there is less error screen when connecting? I don't think so.

  • TimW

    Nope, still slow loading

  • chris

    my phone will not boot up now. is asking me to plug in itunes and do a restore..
    any ideas or am i F@#KED now.

  • TimW

    I think your confused!
    Saurik hasn't worked on a JB for a long while (pre 2.0) he's the dev of Cydia!!
    Saurik hosts post JB tools & packages but doesn't directly code JB's

    And Why does every topic end up with someone screaming 313, help, I'm a muppet etc????

  • TimW

    Edit: slow when getting :POSIX error, Connection Refused etc
    Reloading Data down from 32seconds to 11
    a lot quicker over 3G now (My3G)

  • TimW

    If you used Blackra1n, run it a few times

  • kDub

    i need to find another way to fix this. there is way too much data on this iphone to just restore (including a billion or so apps.. haha)
    i started to remove a lot of extension-type apps..but still in safe mode. it just will not restart after entering safe mode.
    does saurik have a forum where i can check for this issue?

  • help!!

    i need to find another way to fix this. there is way too much data on this iphone to just restore (including a billion or so apps.. haha)
    i started to remove a lot of extension-type apps..but still in safe mode. it just will not restart after entering safe mode.
    does saurik have a forum where i can check for this issue?

  • You can message him on Twitter to see if he can help:

  • TimW

    Nice to see you guys in 'comments' lol

  • help!!

    ok…so after spending some time removing a lot of different things…i found that 'activator 1.2' is causing the problem. once i remove activator, it resprings perfectly.

    one of my favorite apps is the 'snappy' app…however, i believe it requires activator to work.

    has anyone else had this issue?? and if there some sort of work around to make snappy work?
    i would much rather have activator work as well…it is a convenient app to have.

    also, thanks iphonehacks for the reply..
    i don't have a twitter account..never used it before..does saurik have email? (hahaa..its like asking does he have electricity). do you know it?

  • chris

    tryed the blachra1n install again. after running it the blackra1n logo appears on my phone and then shuts down and dose NOT reboot. so im back to square one again. this is very frustrating and i see im not the only one with the same problem.
    thanks CYDIA for screwing my phone.

  • Trapp

    To whatever dude thats now reading this crap instead of straining his back over JB It's what Internet is about afterall – there are ones to hack iphone firmware and ones demanding everything on a plate… So get cracking ffs!!

  • Rock

    Forget cydia. Go with Rock Your Phone. It's much more stable.

  • joey

    u cant 3.1.3 firmware is too new there is no software for it yet so you would have to down grade to a 3.1.2 or lower to get blackrain

  • joey

    it would probably be a while for that firmware to get hacked but it is being worked on… if you want to have ur 3g to be jail broken you would have to go back to 3.1.2 or lower i know of a site to get the firmwares jus get back to me if you want it

  • Trapp

    U R very kind but alas im one of those backfucked 3gs owners Dont have hashes to downgrade neither so Ill just post angry comments until something happens…

  • iDancer32GS

    And HOW to repair my new iPhone32GS 3.1.2??? I have the same trouble: after Cydia updates my device stands in recovery mode and I can do NOTHING!!! Re`JB doesn`t work… I asked several Service Centers about restore 3.1.2 after these amazing updates… Guys can do NOTHING for me…((( I want to get back my firmware… I`m very disappointed in Cydia and our great Saurik… I`m very angry….((((((

  • aka



    Hey All, i was in teh same boat yesterday. Did the update and phone crashed and would not boot back up. After many many hours of research and trial and errors i fixed it.
    had to do a restore using iTunes. but i downloaded and used 3.1.2 firmware. but in order to do this you must change the host files on your PC to trick iTunes it is talking to Apple so it will accept 3.1.2 firmware.
    if you need any more info let me know i would be glad to point you in the right dirrection.
    ( im so very happy now )

  • TimW

    Snappy uses Status bar double tap if used without Activator

  • help!!

    ok..i fixed the snappy issue..

    i still don't know what was exactly causing the problem, but i know whenever i installed 'activator', springboard kept crashing. i read through a few other forums that said removing certain apps had fixed the problem. one of them was 'lockinfo'.

    so, i first uninstalled activator through cydia. then uninstalled lockinfo.
    next, i reinstalled activator..and it didn't crash the springboard (yay!!). so i reinstalled lockinfo, and everything looks fine now.

    hope this helps

  • puneet gupta

    plz help me in jail break my 3gs

  • Cy

    To Whom It Maybe Concern:

    I have a iPhone 3G running fw 3.1.3 and is jailbroken using "Sn0wbreeze" V1.51 however, every time when I click on Cydia it give me this error message that say, "Error Refreshing Error" the following error message,

    GPG error:
    http://idanstaface,ent/etc/apt/trusted.gpd.d/-opendir(2:No such file or directory)

    GPG error: Unable to read /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/opendir(2: No such filew or directory)

    GPG error: Fail to fetch Cached Failure

    Fail to fetch Sub-process /binzip2 return an error code(2)

    Failed to fetch Cached Failure

    Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored or old one used instead.

    Can you please explain what cause this "Error" and how can I go about to find a fixed? I look forward on your assistance.


    PS: At some point it's fast to uplaod programs, but not all programs are as fast. Perhaps, this is the 1st phase of transition. Still some bugs need tobe fix as, mention above.

  • TimW

    Try blackrain, if phone shuts down, leave connected. Restart B. rain again, power up phone and click make it rain straight away.
    What version b. Rain are you using?? RC 1,2 or 3??
    Ask as I had probs after JB'ing iPhone with RC2 then downloaded RC3 and had to restore & re-JB with RC3 to use (pre 313)
    all I can suggest sorry
    (I'm on a 3Gs)

  • TimW

    I read somewhere that not all Repo's have been upgraded to match Cydia's new updates. Chances are they're being done & should be back up soon.

  • kDub

    i don't think that the errors hurt your iphone in didn't hurt mine. what you CAN do is…manually remove the problematic repo's by SSH using such tools like cyberduck or any other ftp program. can't remember which site i got the info from. i'm sure you can google it and find some tips.

    google that first part:

    GPG error:
    http://idanstaface,ent/etc/apt/trusted.gpd.d/-opendir(2:No such file or directory)

    and you should find that many others before you have had similar issues.

  • iDancer32GS

    Guys!!!!! Click INORE!!!!! That`s will be ok!!! Your device will stay at 3.1.2 without troubles…. Saurik made killing update(((((

  • iDancer32GS

    I made changes to file "host" at C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\host to, as has been written anywhere… It doesn`t help… I tried another IP, i just forget alternative IP.., that doesn`t help me too.. I will be very-very glad you to help me.. I will thank you if you can help me..

  • iDancer32GS

    you can email me at, 177630958 at ICQ.. autorize required.. will be glad to answer you

  • iDancer32GS
  • iDancer32GS

    what bootrom do u have? if it`s new (41, 42 and newest), then snowbreese and redsnow and blackrain can`t do JB….

  • iDancer32GS

    @kDub: write in English please.. I understand nothing… punctuation needed..

  • kDub

    you should LEARN english before you decide flame somebody. your comment is totally irrelevant. pay attention before you post.

  • kDub

    here is the link where i found the fix for the errors.

    it's the 3rd or 4th post down.

  • jgall

    i updated and have seen no improvement in cydias speed but then again i have a 2g that needs to be thrown out the window so i can't talk. anyone know whats up with winterboard update and is that suppose to help performance too?

  • elow


  • vidal

    Search for Spirit jailbreak Worked for me 3.1.3 Mc model 3rd gen 32 gig

  • JAG420

    3.1.3 ultrasnow i have been using now for 2months and it works fine able to update features in cydia. Just noticed some people commenting cydia cannot be used on it. WELL i`m using it and it works fine.

    Commets on new cydia update May2010, is much slower and now when finished downloading release`s, i check for changes and it takes forever if it does anything. It more or less locks up the phone.

    Any suggestions how to fix this problem, because it use to work fine and now theirs something wrong with the program itself…

    Thanks for the heads up

  • vidal

    I havent had any problems with Cydia but having a problem with installous working on that now I jailbroke with spirit

  • Rjwalker

    Hope it works


    i just jailbroke iphone4 yesterday via redsnow!!!! i love cydia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The best jailbroken tools

  • help me

  • i updated and have seen no improvement in cydias speed but then again i have a 2g that needs to be thrown