InfiniBoard – iPhone App To Enable Vertical Scrolling On SpringBoard

Infiniboard vertical scrolling app

Remember Infinidock – a nifty tool for jailbroken iPhone users that enables horizontal scrolling on the iPhone dock?

Now chpwn, the developer of Infinidock and other jailbreak iPhone apps  like ProSwitcher has released another useful application that will enable vertical scrolling on your iPhone. 

Inspired by the vertical scrolling functionality on Android handsets like the Nexus One, InfiniBoard allows users to vertically scroll through their SpringBoard icons. The application integrates with the built-in horizontal scrolling functionality thus providing a two-dimensional navigation feature on your SpringBoard. 

However, there are a few issues waiting to be resolved. Though the InfiniBoard application includes support to OverBoard; an application that brings Mac's Exposé feature to the iPhone, the icons are currently hidden and are expected to show up only after a new update is released for OverBoard. Also, users who have Categories app installed may notice that vertical scrolling does not work inside a particular folder. These are expected to be fixed in the next few days. 

InfiniBoard is available from the BigBoss repo on Cydia for $1.99. 

[via ModMyi]

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    What is he using to show that off on his desktop?

  • V

    App works great makes finding this a lot more concise and convenient. Much better then scrolling through 12 pages of stuff to find one app.

  • TimW

    Anyone have any idea how it integrates with 'Shrink' app??
    I have 42 icons per page x 8 pages, not including dock (infinidock-most used apps)
    Shrink is set at 66% & 6column /7row springboard apps installed
    if anyone has tried, pray tell 🙂

  • bobq

    Has it Free!
    it is actually pretty cool lol

  • M

    Can I get infiniboard free for the ios4 jailbreak??


    mine keeps crshing (4.0 ipod touch)
    any suggestions?