iPad News Roundup: Amazon To Sell iPad, Approved iPad Apps Show Up On App Store

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With a significant chunk of iPad customers likely to be ebook readers, the launch of the iPad is seen to bring the tightest competition Amazon may have yet faced for its Kindle eReader

That however does not seem to have stopped the ecommerce giant from selling Apple's iPad on its online store. 

Folks at 9to5Mac have noted that Amazon has now started carrying placeholders for iPad on its website. Interestingly enough, the iPad page says that the product shipment is currently available only within the US. While the iPad is yet to be available on the store, Amazon's page calls for people to sign up to receive updates on its availability. The iPad page reads:

"Amazon wants to keep you informed about this exciting product. We do not know when we will be able to accept and fulfill orders. Sign up to be notified when this item becomes available."

Amazon's interest in the iPad does not seem very surprising considering its business potential. In a recent note to clients, BMO Capital's Keith Bachman offered revised forecasts for iPad sales pushing his estimates for 2011 by close to 30%. Bachman has noted that his earlier sales estimate of 2.5 million units for 2010 could be on the conservative side while he believes Apple might sell close to 7.2 million devices in the next fiscal – a 30.09% increase from his earlier estimate of 5.5 million units. 

Folks at PadGadget have noted several new iPad specific apps marked as "HD" or "XL" that were accessible from Apple's new iTunes web interface. While these iPad apps have since then been removed, PadGadget notes that users clicking on these new titles were shown however a 'Your request could not be completed' error message.

As content publishers have long noted, the success of the iPad is highly dependent on the content that is made accessible from the device. However, with the launch of the device drawing closer, the subsequent buzz does seem to make it clear that the publishers, app developers and third party retailers are now banking on the success of iPad for expanding their own businesses. 

What are your thoughts on this?

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