My3G – Jailbreak App Enables 3G For “Wi-Fi Only” iPhone Apps

My3G to enable data streaming over 3G for WiFi only apps

iPhone Carriers like AT&T's stand on data streaming applications has not been favorable to a major extent. While that has been a welcome change over the past few months with the decision to allow data streaming iPhone apps like SlingPlayer Mobile and VoIP iPhone apps to work over 3G. 

We still have some iPhone applications and High Definition YouTube videos that don't work over 3G, which means users can use or watch  them only over Wi-Fi.

If you own a jailbroken iPhone, you might be aware of applications such as 3G Unrestrictor that helps to bypass the 'Wi-Fi only' restrictions placed on your apps. However if you are looking for an alternative, here is another application that will help you in this regard. 

My3G is an application that will make iPhone apps "believe" that they are running over a Wi-Fi network even when you are on 3G thus enabling you to use these applications over a 3G network. This means you may now be able to watch high definition Youtube videos or call friends on Skype over a 3G network. 

My3G will also replace the 3G Unrestrictor app. One of the notable features about the My3G application is that it lets you hand-pick the iPhone apps that you want to use over 3G (a feature also available on 3G Unrestrictor). Additionally, you can also use SBSettings toggles to temporarily enable My3G for all your iPhone applications or disable it. 

My3G costs $2.79 but you can try the free trial when you install it from RockApp. If you have used it or plan to check it out, don't forget to give us your feedback in the comments. 

[via iClarified]

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  • Pete

    still won't work with hava

  • John

    I've been using this app for about a week now.
    It works great with Skype over 3G, and HD YouTube
    I recently got stuck on overnights at work and I've been plugging
    the Apple A/V cables into my big tv at work and playing 4 player
    Nazi Zombies at work over 3G on the big screen.
    It's awesome and works well with online multiplayer apps
    like Sandstorm, BIA2, and World at War: Zombies

  • Shagai

    hey. how can i change the carrier of my 3gs? someone help. i'm on 3.1.3 firmware.

  • TimW

    Have had this installed since release and it's one of those install & forget packages that once set for 'wifi/3G' enabled apps can be forgotten.
    It does work over Edge, but that can be unstable due to the network, Not the app.
    It's saved me a small fortune as I can use skype instead of 'airtime' for long chats.
    I use Jaddu VNC a lot and again, My3G works a treat

    Well worth a look if you find your apps refuse to work or run really slow over 3G/2G

    • Jenn

      i installed the my3g and assigned it to certain apps doesnt seem to work …. does it work on Pandora or any music streaming apps?

  • TC

    If I have 3g unrestrictor why do I need this?

  • TimW

    You don't, as they both work in the same manner. 🙂
    both My3G & 3GUnrestrictor kick Apples restrictions good and square in the nuts

  • TimW

    Tickets Please!!
    Next stop, Shit Creek and the Paddle shop's shut!!
    You Cant until a 313JB is released

  • alex

    3g unrestrictor is better and cheaper.

    • IAmArabian

      Dude you can get it for free from different resources…

  • asdf

    I'd love to see a formal comparison. 3G Unrestrictor VS My3G. Please chime in iPhoneHacks.

  • TimW

    @$2.99 for 3G unrestrictor & $2.79 for My3G…is not cheaper
    You say better, care to elaborate on how??

  • ur !!uked sti no help 4u!

  • nicacolo

    i have hava also and it does work, you just have to trick the hava app. Ever notice the my 3g logo that pops up on the side when you have it on? well if it doesn't come up when you launch hava player then it won't work, so i usually launch safari first to see that logo pop up, then after it does, exit safari and launch hava player and it should work. let me know if you get it and if not i can make a video on it….

  • nicacolo

    i myself prefer my3g over 3g restrictor. It works best with my hava and it has the logo pop up so that u know it's activated on the app you're trying to use.

  • Phil

    MY3G app not working – i purchased it before even trying my mistake – but when i used it for one day watchinh youtube videos it cam up on bottom for a sec but the next day i was charged a hefty fee for going over on my limited data plan evidence that it dosent even work.. too bad good concept – if someone has a solution for me i would like to know about it.. or if you have had the same experience.. thx

  • igor momirovski

    did this My3G is compatible with iphone 3G Firmwire 3.1.3 pls reply
    best regards

    • looney x blaze

      how do i get my3G wotk on my ipod touch apps

  • IphoneNet

    I just installed My3G and it works fine, i have the iphone 4 with firmware 4.3.2(8h7) AT&T carrier.

  • I know 3g unrestrictor doesn’t eliminate the data usage but I was told that my3g does, is that correct? Does someone out there know or has checked their data bill?

  • Bryce

    I was wondering the same thing? If I turn on My3G does it elininate the data usage by thinking im on WIFI. Anyone know this anwser? I don’t have unlimited data usage. I have 5GB data plan.

  • Greenparrot

    Well, the app my3g when I tap it, it just closes. So I so I don’t see how it is useful.