Sprint Ad Claims Overdrive Mobile Hotspot Makes Your iPhone 4G

Sprint attacks att wireless network in ad

AT&T may be the nation's fastest 3G network and Ma Bell may be fervently building additional capacity to improve its network infrastructure, but that is something competition would not like us to believe.

After Verizon ran a series of advertisements targeting AT&T's clogged wireless network during the holiday season, it is now the turn of Sprint to take a dig at Ma Bell.

In its latest advertising campaign for the wireless Overdrive 3G/4G WiFi hotspot, Sprint notes that while the iPhone is "cool", it is limited to AT&T's network 3G speeds. The company claims that with Overdrive, iPhone users may connect to the internet at speeds 10 times faster than what is possible on AT&T. Here is the video of the Sprint ad:

To be fair, Sprint's ad for Overdrive makes a healthy comparison between AT&T's 3G network speeds and the company's 4G speeds and is pretty unlike Verizon's disparaging ad campaign. This is not the first time a wireless carrier is known to have targeted Apple's customers for MiFi devices though. Readers may recall recently leaked memos that revealed Verizon's plans to sell MiFi devices to iPad customers.

With AT&T network having improved significantly over the past few months, we wonder if Sprint's ad campaign will be successful. Nevertheless, we feel Sprint's Overdrive can still be a pretty good alternative for faster wireless internet speeds especially for the iPad if you're looking for 4G speeds.

Will you be buying one? Let us know what you think.

[via BGR]