Apple Cautions Users Against Jailbreaking iPhone OS

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Apple seems to have recently published a knowledge base article that strongly cautions users against jailbreaking their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

In the knowledge base article, Apple warns users that such ‘unauthorized modification of iPhone OS has been a major source of instability, disruption of services, and other issues’.

According to Apple, jailbreaking iPhone OS could cause the following issues:

Device and application instability: Frequent and unexpected crashes of the device, crashes and freezes of built-in apps and third-party apps, and loss of data.

Unreliable voice and data: Dropped calls, slow or unreliable data connections, and delayed or inaccurate location data.

Disruption of services: Services such as Visual Voicemail, YouTube, Weather, and Stocks have been disrupted or no longer work on the device. Additionally, third-party apps that use the Apple Push Notification Service have had difficulty receiving notifications or received notifications that were intended for a different hacked device. Other push-based services such as MobileMe and Exchange have experienced problems synchronizing data with their respective servers.

Compromised security: Security compromises have been introduced by these modifications that could allow hackers to steal personal information, damage the device, attack the wireless network, or introduce malware or viruses.

Shortened battery life: The hacked software has caused an accelerated battery drain that shortens the operation of an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch on a single battery charge.

Inability to apply future software updates: Some unauthorized modifications have caused damage to the iPhone OS that is not repairable. This can result in the hacked iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch becoming permanently inoperable when a future Apple-supplied iPhone OS update is installed.

For the 2009 rulemaking, Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) had filed an exemption request with the U.S. Copyright Office to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) related to iPhone jailbreaking.

But Apple had informed the Copyright Office that the exception request by Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) was not acceptable as the very act of jailbreaking the iPhone results in copyright infringement.

EFF's argument is that jailbreaking iPhone is protected under fair-use doctrines, and that the Copyright Office should grant an exemption because "the culture of tinkering (or hacking, if you prefer) is an important part of our innovation economy."

The ruling on the DMCA exemption is still pending and could be handed down at any time.

What do you think about jailbreaking? Let us know your views in the comments below.

[via AppleInsider, Apple]

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  • I SAY

    jailbreaking kicks major A

  • malik

    thats true about the notifications i get notification on facebook for some other jailbreaker

  • daive

    In 6 month, i didn't have any troubles. I save a lot of money, something that apple don't want!

  • ray

    while all this maybe true, i'll rather take the chance than to use their monotonous OS.. it becomes boring after a while..jailbreaking rocks!!

  • Craig

    If apple gave me the generally minor features I want, then there's a fair chance I wouldn't go down the jailbreak route personally. But they won't, so I feel the need to use a jailbroken iPhone for these reasons and to get the max from my phone for my use and enjoyment.
    Regardless of their warnings I might add.

  • asdf

    My Phone is truly a smart phone thanks to Jailbreaking. My Phone does tons more than the Brand New 4G can do and more!!!! Yeah, I have a hiccup or two but nothing a quick Google to find the solution can't handle. Thanks GeoHot!

  • kleo

    What jailbreak?There is no jailbreak for us who bought a 3gs on 3.1.3.

  • LoneWaffle

    I've jailbroken both of my iPhones (2G and 3GS) many times and have now stopped because I've noticed frequent stability issues, some of which were so bad that the phone would randomly become bricked and require a restore. I'm not the only one either, several of my friends have had the same problems.


    Jailbreak improved quality of my iphone in all regards. My brother's is not jailbroken and he has more problems with his. Plus he spends more money and his iphone is boring. Jailbreak all the way!!!!

  • Craig

    Well there's a jailbreak for me on my 3Gs 🙂
    I'm rolled back on 3.1.2 from 3.1.3 🙂

  • James

    jailbreak ftw

    as long as you know what you are doing, your phone will run just fine. It is true that about a year ago some of the jailbroken software was a bit unstable.. but over the last year things have gotten much better and I am very glad I am jail broken, I am the official friend in my circle who jailbreaks everyones phones for them

  • tjm

    These are phantom threats with no basis in frequent or provable reality, and yet another attempt by Apple at whining over what people choose to do with the hardware they paid good money for. Get with the program Apple and people won't need to jailbreak. 4.0 still won't be able to replicate "QuickReply" which in and of itself makes not upgrading worth it.

  • tommy

    whith out jailbreak and unlock the i phone is trash to me

  • it make you use the iphone with its full capacity. and to be honest apple should be happy as they wouldnt even dream to sell this amount if it wasnt for the jailbreak community, and to be honest its not about the application from the app store , its more about what you can do with your device i paid 460£ for it and i want to do what ever i want . jailbreak FTW

  • LoneWolf

    Yeah, right, LoneWaffle. You must work for apple.

  • Craig

    I mean.. pop up blocker, and i-protect – two simple jb apps that apple should integrate by default, they make ppl want to jailbreak by neglecting basic needs of their users.

  • AppleJailbreaker

    I'm the first to post that I don't give a damn if you're the first to post.

  • Mike

    When they talk about updated software, do you they mean iphone os 4.o? The only problem I have noted is my battery drained a quarter faster. Even though I had a few problems I will jailbreak every iphone I ever own. Only then is the true potential of the iphone realized.

  • Andre

    I have no problems with anything Apple has said, I get all push notifications, good reception (better then my friends where they get at least 10 missed calls a day and the iphone is right next to them).
    The battery on the 3GS drains quickly anyway as another friend has non Jailbroken iPhone 3GS and he's always complaining about the battery.

    Apple are talking crap.

  • Sommerchan

    I have two words for you Steve Jobs,


  • Hmmmm


    my iphone got similar probs when it wasnt jailbroken.
    dont blame jailbreaks steve jobs, its just flaws in your flawed OS.

    anyway thanks to steve jobs crummy itunesm i can always restore and fix my iphone. so thanks for that.

    id put good money on steve jobs iphone being jailbroken but jailbroken by apple not geohot/devteam

  • Jbahamian

    I am still waiting on the 3gs 3.1.3 jailbreak .i already JB my 3g i do everything from lockscren and bosspaper .come on guys do the 3gs 3.1.3 jailbreak please.i bought it i do what i want with it .its mine ok

  • tc


    I've had mine Jailbroken now for 1.5 years and not one problem… ohhh wait yes reduced battery life because I use the thing so freaking much!!! I know at least 10 people who have jailbroken their and not had any problems.

    What sort of benefits do you get working for Apple?

  • Theahbal

    Wow I can't imagine having an Un-Jailbroken Iphone because when apple and at&t slowly spoon feed these so called features they need to do their due diligence on in order to assure quality control and performance, our Jailbroken iphones are working fine and I bet if you took a poll everyone and their mother! yes their mother! would rather be jailbroken and take their chances versus an expensive motorola razor by apple! Ok maybe I was harsh with the razor but you get the drift! Ten thumbs up for Jailbreaks! it's called testing! and we all use at our own risk! just show your Lockscreen (lockinfo) to a non jailbroken Iphone user and they will feel like they are being robbed! and if you show them anything else forget it they will feel like jerks!

  • Sommerchan

    Did you JB your 3G with 3.1.3 and baseband 05.12.01?
    If so I beg of you to let me know how you did it……. Much obliged

  • Jason

    I read this article… and the message I understood was that Apple is afraid… very afraid… and they are trying to now make us afraid to resist them.

    Major fail again Apple… it's disappointing to hear that your warnings to us on why we shouldn't jailbreak are really nothing more than fear tactics based on generalizations that really probably apply more to your hardware than anything else. You remind me of Big Government, trying to scare the people into trusting that they should trust in it, instead of their own individualism and free choice.


    Can't wait for the jailbreak!!!

  • Jason

    HAHAHAH right on!!!

  • Jason


  • El Barto

    I'm the first to post that I don't give a damn if you're the first to post that you don't give a damn if he's the first to post.

  • Jet

    Are you related to Apple? Give me a break.

  • crazyfish

    Nice try Apple!! I've been so happy with my jailbroken iPhone. I use backgrounder, inSpell (Spell Checking), SSH daemon, ABSOLUTELY LOVE how SBSettings can force my 3G connection on a weak signal and keeps me off Edge when I'm trying to tether through MyWi and download large files on my laptop in a pinch! Love My3G for watching Youtube videos in higher quality on 3G.

    I will say my Visual Voice Mail doesn't work but that's because I was editing property lists through SSH before MMS came to iPhone trying to get MMS working. I succeeded but also screwed up my visual voice mail.

    All software available on Cydia, Rock App or Icy are signed. The software for the most part is good stuff! Whatever, Apple!!

  • Hackbenjam1n

    My 3gs just died of a random hardware issue, other than that it worked great Jailbroke from day one. It was replaced under warranty and I got screwed with a new one that had bad ram and now ANOTHER new one that's on 3.1.3, without it being Jailbroke I use it about half as much and miss calls ALL the time. Without Jailbreak Iphone is a barely call making Ipod.

  • my iphone 3g has been jb since i bought it almost 2 years ago and ive never had any problems with it.. never had to do restore

  • Klutch

    Jailbroken 3g and 3gs and unlocked with no problems to report. Honestly AT&T was the biggest issues I had with yh iPhone.

  • Tutone

    It sounds like Apple just got word that the Copyright Office is going to grant the exception….

  • G

    How did you roll back to 3.1.2?

  • jhon

    yeah because u r a dumbass jailbreaking is not for dummys

  • sv

    What are you guys 12?

    There are like 2 or 3 new articles a day and you are the first to post on this one…. congrats… no really… this is an accomplishment for you I'm sure. Now that you have peaked and reached the highlight of your life, all that's left is downhill. You might as well go and get a Windows Mobile phone since you have nothing left to live for.

  • sv

    Because without Steve Jobs, you'd have no iPhone. Seems kind of hypocritical.

  • djman10

    My grandfather smoked a carton a day and lived to be 90. This is proof that smoking cant be bad for you.

    Just because your jailbreak didnt cause any problems for you doesnt mean that's the case for everyone. Wish one could jailbreak some people's brains, bec. they sure are under using them.

  • iphone slayer

    he probably would have lived for 120 yrs if he dint smoke 🙂 just kidding man

  • Jailbroken and Proud

    True. Jailbreaking is not for the computer illiterate. If u know what ur doing ur phone will be fine. The jailbroken community rocks!

  • SV's father

    Im the first to post that you need to take that dick out your ass…i know that's an accomplishment for you im sure. So stop trying to bring down the mood and go continue taking it in the ass =)

  • SV's father

    Im the first to post that you need to take that dick out your ass…i know that's an accomplishment for you im sure. So stop trying to bring down the mood and go continue taking it in the ass =)

  • p to the izzle

    I've been jailbroken since day one through two different iPhones. Battery life has been fine. When I enabled tethering I left it on all the time. This did seem to mess with location services as used by Runkeeper. Runkeeper could never accurately track me unless I turned off tethering first.
    Jailbreaking is why I bought an iPhone. I wouldn't want to own any piece of technology without the option of using it the way I want.

  • Macsimos

    The iPhone is a good device, but a jailbroken iPhone is truly the best phone in the market! I don't understand why Apple is against jailbreaking. Jailbreaking unlocks the full potential of the iDevices. They shouldn't be restricting the capabilities of their devices but releasing them to the consumer with full access. Apple should he happy that we take pride in their devices and jailbreak them. That means we are trying to find ways to make their devices better and use them more frequently. There wouldn't be a need for jailbreaks if the phone came out of the box ready-to-use with all the features of a jailbreak. If Apple wants to maximize sales and keep consumers with the iPhone in their hands, they should give up the fight against jailbreaking. When people without iPhones see what a jailbroken iPhone can do, it makes them wish they had an iPhone! Jailbreaking should be left up to the consumer and not Apple without neglect or punishment. If I couldn't have jailbroken iPhone, I probably wouldn't have an iPhone.

  • Jason

    That's not necessarily true. I'm sure there are plenty of alternate universes where the iphone exists without Steve Jobs… it's not THAT ingenious or original.

  • JB Rules!!!

  • Jason

    Jailbreaking does nothing more than allow you to use what you paid for, the way you want to use it.

  • Sommerchan

    The Hypocrisy is when ever SJ tells you sv to jump, you say how high? And if he asks you to bend over, you'll ask, shall I bring the Vaseline with me Steive?

  • Macsimos

    Try this out. Visual voicemail can be fixed by going into: settings- general settings- profile, and deleting the file located there ( It is highlighted in red so you can't miss it.

  • Old Timer

    I find it quite ironic that one of the key points that apple makes is about security… How about providing a firewall and protection for the device the only messures in place to protect the phone out of the box from where I am sitting only protect apple, no-one else lol.

    Personaly I have been able to find quite a few security issues with my non jailbroken Iphone ( what can I say with a lack of other things to do with it I decided a hardware and application level security audit would be intresting lol).

    What I found has far superseeded intresting and personaly speaking I will be adding a firewall to my device asap wether apple supports it or not because failure to do so in this day and age of technology is plain ignorance particularly anyone with a dataplan which lets face it is well over 80% of the smartphone market….

    I am overall quite a mild jailbreaker I don't use counterfit sofware, However refuse to bow to limitations put in place just so apple can avoid the more challanging aspects of phone OS design and feel good about themselfs.

    Not hard to design a "stable" platform that only has to run on a few handfulls of configurations at most and when you strip away half of the functions which can cause potential issues whilst they get it right lol.

    The stock Iphone is far from perfect I have had quite a few bugs and issues with my most recently aquired iphone so whats apple going to blame for that ?

    and no I am not running os4 on it yet lol

  • 420Dude

    Dude, just use redsn0w to jailbreak but if you need to unlock you'll have to wait, no unlock for BB 05.12 yet.

  • Talking about JB GeoHot just a few minutes back through his twitter account is asking everyone about the 3.1.3 jailbreak

  • Macsimos

    A bricked iPhone is better than a standard iPhone. That means you and your iPhone had a great time. A bricked iPhone doesn't stay bricked forever. You have to admit a few issues is worth all the fun from jailbreaking. I personally had more issues with my phone before the jailbreaks. If you and your friends had issues it probably wasn't the jailbreaks fault but user error.

  • a1

    Without JB iphone is useless for me. If you use it just as phone there are many cheaper and better alternatives.
    But with jailbreaking I can do whatever I want with iphone (for example, skype calls on 3G with bluetooth headset!)

  • SV's Illigitimate Son

    LoL, LoL, LoL!!!

  • The wiz

    A little thing called…..mmmmmmmagic.

  • Craig

    My Shsh's were backed up

  • d brown

    no matter what anyone says i believe that hacking has helped sell the iphone. and has allso help inovate the apps and software

  • Nimrod

    Without jailbreak, I wouldn't own an iphone. I bet I'm not the only one!

  • ScrewApple

    i love jailbreak and unlock my iphone…so i can use third party apps that apple doesn't want me to use. unlocking allows me to use sims around the world?

    Screw apple! I would never buy an iphone if there is no jailbreak community.

  • Craig

    No he's just winding ppl up on 3.1.3

  • Kamwi Chaka

    Apple then should listen to their customers! One of the major reasons to jailbreak is to unlock the phone in order to use it on any network. As long as apple keeps this principle of locking their phones, jailbreak will always be there. NB: I also heard SJ uses a JailBroken iPhone under the pretense "I want to test the jailbreak to see what areas of the iPhone OS" are vulnerable! Bullshit! Jailbreak rules the iPhone world. And Mr Jobs knows it!

  • M.S. Hewlett Packard

    I guess jails in the usa are easy to break out after reading so many replies! Im happy that our dutch jails are secured so that criminals are kept inside.
    I also noticed many of you guys like to eat fruit because Apple is often mentioned. I never knew usa jails allows criminals to own a i(nmate)phone.

  • jbahamian

    i did it with snowbreeze .u have to go to one of these links this is the one i use .u will have to follow the instructions to the t . i got it on the fourth try ok

  • Myself the Idiot

    I just don't get all you turds. You'd lick shit off the iphone and defend it like it's the best damn thing ever, yet you complain, talk shit, have to jailbreak, and have to post who is "first" on this blog without any meaning. You should all get together and jailbreak each others' arseholes with your apples.

    (for the ones that actually post useful information please disregard)

  • smackoz

    Being in the older rather than younger generation I still remember the little defensive company hoarding its little apples and tiny cut of the global computer market with copyright this and can't copy this or that… end result… the little apple almost went bust… on the other hand PC sales skyrocketed because of the opportunities they provided for innovation.

    Apple as a company has some great ideas, I went Apple for this very reason, but will they ever learn from their past mistakes??? I find it amazing to see how narrow sighted and narrow minded they are becoming yet again.

    If something is truly good it will sell itself.

    I find it even more amazing to read their weak poultry excuses for not Jailbreaking an iPhone/Touch. Imagine if Microsoft were to apply the same arguments to their OS's. Their attempt to lock in a webbrowser at the OS level is one example of consumer market reaction. The consumer world went into an uproar.
    The admission from Apple themselves, posted in the article above, is particularly telling,
    "…third-party apps that use the Apple Push Notification Service have had difficulty receiving notifications or received notifications that were intended for a different hacked device…"
    To me this smacks of a serious iPhone OS security issue.

    jailbroken iPod Touch 2g and loving it!

  • smackoz


  • Macination

    If you have had your iphone more than two years, and or your warranty has expired, Apple is NOT a threat to you! Also, as recently reported, Apple will no longer provide updates to the 2G. So, they can go roger themselves!
    The whole notion that I can not manipulate a device which I PAID FOR to absurd. Just imagine if you bought a PC and the manufacturer said you couldn't install additional software because of a license agreement or your actions might do any of the above listed things. You would tell them to sod off. So let the revolution begin and do what the bloody hell you want with the device you bought and paid for.

  • stokesbee

    If apple and AT&T would lock the iphone down so it would have it's full potential, there would be no jailbreak. I don't use third party apps, but I travel a lot and it's so much cheaper to use different providers (in other countries) which I can't without jailbreaking.

    Apple should be ashamed to try and scare everyone off from jailbreaking.


    This announcement of Apple is the best proof that the Spirit Jailbrake or the one of Geohot will work on OS 4.0 and iPhone 4G!

  • ej

    but look i understand why they do that because they want to release different parts of the os so they can gain the most amount of money by people wanting to upgrade through at&t

  • Josh

    I did a JB on my iPhone 3Gs the 1st week I bought it and that was at the launch of the model and I have had no problems performance wise. I have bought just about every jail broken app on the Cydia store. I love my jail broken iPhone but at the end of my contract I will be getting a new HTC android phone because they are getting better and better very quickly and I believe soon they will indeed outsmarted apple simply because apple release upgrades and updates to slowly. I don't think of the iPhone as a smart phone with a iPod on it but rather than iPod with iPhone on it.

  • TimW

    This is just a bog standard 'Scare Tactic' to frighten people who look towards Apple for JB info.
    All they want to do is reduce the numbers of the JB community with fear tactics
    I own two cars, 1 is(was) a standard Skoda 1.2 Fabia that i had money to throw at, not knowing where to start with the engine mods, i contacted Skoda by email, i didnt get a 'You cant do that' reply, i got a reply that pointed me towards an authorised Skoda upgrade centre, £12k later, its now a 2.4 supercharged road monster, very un-Apple 🙂
    My Suzuki got the Apple treatment, "Sorry, the car is designed as is and any modifications will void any/all warranties, the modifications you mention can seriously damage your vehicle" Like a typical JBer, did it anyway 🙂
    My point being, if Apple acted like Skoda, they'd get a huge customer loyalty base with returning customers & a huge 'word of mouth' boost

    To any newcomers to JB that read this, Jailbreaking DOES enhance your device tenfold, it provides tools that can really make your device unique, but you 'may' encounter a few hiccups along the way…but its soooooo worth the effort 🙂

  • TimW

    Because he's an egotistical little jerk

  • akrimay

    I love reading the comments posted here…today esp the first from the "12 yr olds"..but seriously..i have a 3GS jailbroken and it's like having a new phone everytime esp when u wanna change d icons and wallpaper, sister has one also jb and we haven't had any big probs w/it..I love Apple but agree their warnings are a bit stupid and sound a little desperate b/c they can't control the hacker community (which I love). Once they realize they can sell more iphones because of the jb capabilities..maybe then they'd reconsider.

  • Aussie

    Without JB, I would be using a Droid by now.

  • Armando

    without Jailbreak the Iphone is CRAP!

  • Craig

    Yep, I'll go along with that

  • Craig

    I'll go along with that too, well said mate

  • Jaylou180

    I was wondering since your not jailbroken anymore is your iPhone crash free worry free, no drop calls.

  • Since I've owned an iPhone, I have never had a problem with it being jailbroken. However, I do believe that with the majority of users that DO jailbreak their phone, they are the ones that are having problems because they have ZERO knowledge of *nix or software in general.

  • TimW

    Winterboard (MobileSubstrate) protects your device by placing it in Safe Mode where you can access Cydia / Rock and remove offending packages.
    Sometimes, packages do conflict with another installation, but most good Devs test & retest then place an 'Advisory' in the More Info sections, funny how some people refuse to read up on what they want to install.
    If you do find a conflict, most Devs welcome an email about whats happening, it helps them and us 🙂

    Crashes CAN, WILL & DO happen with any software devices, Doesn't mean it makes the device less useable.
    Packages such as Firewall ip, Adblock etc are there to make our devices safer (and ad free )

  • TimW

    Same here, So far i've done 31 3G/3Gs, 9 IPT3 & helped another 4 via email.

  • Colly

    I jailbroke my 3g back in december and updated back to 3.1.3 when apple released it this year. to be honest and anyone can say what they like but there is no denying the phone is a whole lot more stable unjailbroken, My phone used to regularly crash and eventually completely stopped working so i had no option but to place into recovery mode and update the firmware thus over-riding the jailbreak. The exact same thing happened to my sisters iphone. I understand the right to jailbreak but theres no denying the iphone os is a hell of a lot more stable and efficient unjailbroken.

  • Cheeze439

    It can be done without SHSH backups too. Here's a link:

    This worked perferctly for me last night after being forced into a 3.1.3 upgrade because of a crash/freeze. Follow the instructions precisely. I did this on my 3GS (MC model so usually not possible) and without an shsh backup.

  • Cheeze439

    You can downgrade 3.1.3 to 3.1.3 without SHSH backups. Here's a link:

    This worked perferctly for me last night after being forced into a 3.1.3 upgrade because of a crash/freeze. Follow the instructions precisely. I did this on my 3GS (MC model so usually not possible) and without an shsh backup.

    If you are stuck then give this a try and report in here when it works for you.

  • kleo

    There is no jailbreak for non jailbroken devices. The already jailbroken OS4 devices shown are the pre jailbroken ones. So if you have a new device locked and on 3.1.3, sell it. This information came from a friend on DEVs. Remember a couple of weeks before, they announced that a jailbreak will be released on 24th of April. THEN SILENCE. Now its June. In June, they will announce a delay and then a new firmware 4.0.1 which will have many advantages. June will be July, August, November….. Happy new Year.
    So continue donating to these guys. This is what they do for a living. Fooling guys for donations. I unlocked my 05.12.01 3gs by changing sth on the hardware.I do not need the jailbreak. And if anyone says if you are clever, make a jailbreak, the answer is, donate to me and after my first million, I will.

  • Ben

    Apple doesn't want us running apps that are not specifically approved by them, like most of us are already aware of. That's the bottom line. If they don't have a hand in it $$ wise, they don't want it on their device. That's their call of course, it's THEIR product. I don't like how they outright LIE though about the products' capabilities or lack thereof (video recording on the 2G and 3G models for example). They make claims that 'the hardware just won't support it…' yet introduce a new model soon afterward that now runs the apps the previous model would not (according to them)….yet the jailbreak community proves otherwise. Laughable really.

  • Hmmm

    that doesnt work. you need shsh backup.
    thats why you add the funny bit to the hosts file. to trick itunes to searching saurik servers for shsh instead of apples.

    you and youtube guy must of backed up your shsh and forgot.

  • Well Apple of course lose profit and control over the iphone with jailbreaking..

    But I think Apple is failing to look on how it helps them. It really show what users want.

    Looking at iphone 4.0 for example…. Basically the majority of the new features that people are excited about, I have had access to those features via jailbreaking. Apple have used the jailbreak community for basically as a market research thing. I have been using folders and backgrounders as far as I can remember. And they are finally introduced in 4.0, since I think a lot of jailbreakers use categories and backgrounder.

    So yeah Apple is against jailbreaking… since they lose money and control.. but I think they do secretively support jailbreaking at some point, since it's free market research for them.

  • Philip

    What about the fact that the new iPhone will have a micro simcard…..will this prevent the use of sim cards from other carriers if we are able to jailbreak and unlock? It seems as if only carriers that are authorized to carry the iPhone will be able to provide micro simcards

  • dcljcp

    If Apple/ATT would unlock my phone, I would be happy to give up jailbreak and pay for apps. I travel frequently and lock to carrier is just stupid. I have a contract with ATT, it's not like I was going to skip payment to them, why should they care if the phone is unlocked or not? So European carriers offers legal unlock service.

  • Jailbreak-ed my phone over 8 month a go, no problems what so ever. Can use my phone abroad with international carriers which saves me ton of money, plus already can enjoy all the futures of yet to come new iPhone OS 4.0 like multitasking and folders and etc.. So I think it's a fair deal in order to give people freedom of mind and wallet.

  • Jayedee369

    So I'm sitting here, using my internet connection with My-Wi (Jailbroken App) reading warnings from Apple (on an iPhone Hacker Site) about possible problems my iPhone (Jailbroken for a year now) might be having due to jailbreaking. Really?!? I love Apple and all it's products but I must say this – "GO KICK ROCKS TIL YOUR FEET BLEED!!!" Jailbreaking my phone gave me a video camera right after a friend paid $300 for a video camera 3GS. Stopped paying for extra internet service when My-Wi came into the picture and now since you can't stop the hackers, you're appealing to the customers that you screwed?! REALLY??!!! As long as the iPhone exists, there will always be jailbreakers and I will never own a non-jailbroken iPhone…Now I can really say – There's an App for That! LOL

  • Kurt

    I would have to agree. I bet SJ can do a bunch of things with his iphone that the normal non-jb user can't do.

  • Annoying

    These posts are really annoying keep it on topic who likes to go through ten posts of little kids screaming they are first? Why does it matter post something relevant or don't at all…now to not be a hypocrite my jailbroken iPhone runs perfectly and exceeds that of a virgin iPhone!

  • a

    12 ? I guess they must 6 and half or something !

  • a

    Holy shit, when you write a carton, that means 200 cigarettes per day, isn't it? I guess he's in the Guinness book, right ?

  • Chris Wade

    Apple, really, come on. Jailbroken phones can be more secure than non jailbroken phones. Oh, and I can enable tethering on my AT&T connection! 🙂

  • Rob

    Yes LoneWaffle works for apple. Are you guys serious? I don't know exactly what jailbreaking does to the phone, but when you start installing some of the 3rd party apps off Cydia and digging through your phone's file directory, stuff can happen. I'll bet this happened to you.
    Gotta be careful when using SSH.

    I've had my 3g the day it came out, and jailbroke it around November of that year. I've messed with everything on it, and even formatted the phone several times…just to rejailbreak it. My phone works for the most part but on occasion apps do crash. Not the phone. I also get a NO SIM INSTALLED message at times, but this is of late.

    My biggest annoyance of this phone after everything it has gone through is how SLOW it is. INCREDIBLY laggy.

    I believe jailbreaking is fine to do, but this article speaks more of what can happen not when jailbreaking goes wrong, but when the USER goes wrong.

  • Rob

    not if SSH is enabled and default password isn't changed

  • Rob

    hopefully this fixed the bolding of all the comments

  • Rob

    maybe not…

  • TheLip

    Apple is just doing FUD, boy has jobs sold out and become super borg. I think it is time someone else ran the company so it can realize its potential. Oh and for the record apple I bought the phone and will do anything I like with it.

  • mick

    i bought it , i own it so i do as i wish, end of.. long live more functionality, jailbreak rocks….

  • benno

    hey guy i am not really good with computers and im finding it hard to jailbreak my iphone 3gs 3.1.3 any tips would be great….

    also i heard someone has jailbroken the os 4.0 beta and i was wondering if i should wait until that comes out so i can get the added features

  • catchathief

    I'm trying to determine if my iphone is being tapped and/or running spyware. When logging out of sites with iphone safari I am occasionally routed to a site which appears to be a verizon app site. In addition when logging out of sites I will sometimes notice some type of vzn address display in the address bar for a split second but never long enough to read. Anyone have any idea how I can confirm if I'm being snooped on?

  • I tried to do this and broke my iPhone 🙁 I now am in the middle of restoring

  • big bob

    I've had my ipod touch jailbroken since December and I've only had two problems, which were easily fixed:

    1. SLOW: install SBSettings from cydia and clear the memory whenever it goes below 20mb or so.

    2. LOSS OF DISK SPACE: Rock had a glitch that was such that a single .log file ate all 16 gigs of my itouch in a few minutes. Deleting that log file solved my problem.

    Now for the benefits:

    1. You can customize it any way you want.
    2. You can "test" any appstore app for free
    3. You can remove annoying notification windows (low battery, location, etc)
    4. You can get gameboy and NES emulators
    5. Lots of other shit

    I know this is a bit late but I thought I should mention anyway.

  • Ryan

    Hey just wanna say great job just jb’d my iphone 3gs and i fucking love it

  • bob

    we buy these products for a lot of money once we buy it we could do what ever we want with it