This Could Be Apple’s New iPhone: Do You Like It?

iPhone 4

If you were not convinced with the images that were published over the weekend of Apple’s new iPhone then you might be convinced with the videos.

Gizmodo has just announced breaking news that they’ve got their hands on Apple’s next generation iPhone, which was found in on the floor of a San Jose bar inside of an iPhone 3G case.

They have also disassembled it to confirm that it is definitely real. John Gruber who had called some of his sources in Apple had also found out that the device is an actual unit from Apple and apparently Apple is very interested in getting it back.

Here are the new features in Apple’s new iPhone or iPhone HD:

  • Front-facing video chat camera
  • Improved regular back-camera (the lens is quite noticeably larger than the iPhone 3GS)
  • Camera flash
  • Micro-SIM instead of standard SIM (like the iPad)
  • Improved display. It's unclear if it's the 960×460 display thrown around before — it certainly looks like it, with the "Connect to iTunes" screen displaying much higher resolution than on a 3GS.
  • What looks to be a secondary mic for noise cancellation, at the top, next to the headphone jack
  • Split buttons for volume
  • Power, mute, and volume buttons are all metallic

Gizmodo has also observed that the new iPhone has a glass or shiny plastic back, 16% larger battery so hopefully improved battery life, and a slightly smaller but apparently higher resolution screen as mentioned earlier.

According to the person who found the device, it was running iPhone OS 4.0 but apparently Apple remotely killed the phone before Gizmodo could get access to it so unfortunately they couldn’t play with it.

Here are some of the photos of the device below:

iPhone 4
iPhone 4

If you’re not convinced with the photos then you can checkout the video of the device:

This is the first time someone has got their hands on a prototype of Apple's next generation hardware as far as we're aware. It'll be interesting to see how Apple reacts to it. 

We will keep you posted on this developing story and update this post with more details.

Update 1:

Here is a summary of the changes in Apple's next iPhone:

• The back is entirely flat, made of either glass (more likely) or ceramic or shiny plastic in order for the cell signal to poke through. Tapping on the back makes a more hollow and higher pitched sound compared to tapping on the glass on the front/screen, but that could just be the orientation of components inside making for a different sound

• An aluminum border going completely around the outside

• Slightly smaller screen than the 3GS (but seemingly higher resolution)

• Everything is more squared off

• 3 grams heavier

• 16% Larger battery

• Internals components are shrunken, miniaturized and reduced to make room for the larger battery

Update 2:

Here's a nice hands-on video of the device:

We can’t wait to get our hands on Apple’s new iPhone running iPhone OS 4. Let us know your thoughts about the new features in Apple’s next iPhone. Do you like it?

Thanks everyone for the tip!

Update 3:

MG Siegler of TechCrunch has an interesting article, which questions whether it was legal on Gizmodo's part to pay (rumored to be $10,000) for the lost next generation iPhone prototype, and publish the hands-on videos. Apple hasn't commented on the story so far, it will be interesting to see how they react. Gruber predicts: "Apple's response will either be (a) to grit its teeth and take this silently, or (b) full blast, all legal weaponry set to kill."

Update 4:

Gizmodo has just reported how Apple lost the next iPhone.

Update 5:

Gizmodo has published a letter sent by Apple requesting them to return the device, thus confirming that the authenticity of the prototype iPhone. AppleInsider believes Gizmodo could face UTSA lawsuit. 

[via Gizmodo]

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  • First. I think this might be it!

  • Mike

    1st and will wait till the official release to decide to or not to buy. Like the design.

  • Mike

    I lied, 2nd. 🙂

  • hukies

    looks like ICRAP to me!

  • js

    Why isn't anyone saying anything about the processor????!!!!

  • I'm in with one. Looks awesome and the specs are just what I was waitting for. I hope the Bluetooth arrives enhanced without the copyright limit's crap.

  • I-nuts!

    I call BS on this one. Iphones have an app that can locate stolen/lost Iphones then how come apple is not trying to get the phone back…

  • Dave

    Im still not convinced, if it were a pre-release then this is not the final body, its not upto typical apple standards

  • Richard

    I would imagine Apple wants the prototype back. And Mr Someone in the SJ bar probably doesn't have a job any longer. Probably should have left the prototype at home before he went bar hopping.

  • Monzer

    If this is real, then I'm getting the HTC EVO from sprint… their about to come out phone is way better than what's described above….I'm sick of paying hundreds of dollars to apple for their hype overly hyped crap…

  • Jordan

    It has to be installed first. I doubt they ever thought they would lose it so they failed to plan ahead.

  • Charlie

    How old are you? Why do you care!?

  • Charlie

    Gizmodo have got some balls. I'd laugh if Apple call the cops as Gizmodo have basically admitted to handling stolen goods. This un-controlled publicity is not what Apple will want.

    Personally, I agree with John Gruber – I think the front, back and insides are legit, but I expect to see some aesthetic improvements to the 'seams' that hold it all together.


    hey dude, if you read engadget post THE ORIGINAL ONE, they said that they can't play with the phone because it has been disable remotely by apple.

  • Gabe

    MSNBC has an article about this iPhone, maybe its official:

  • Gabe

    also check out the video which gives you a tour on the iphone if you click on the link (share folders and video) here is the link to it any ways:

  • JohnnyCaustic

    Crikey, people are gullible! As tight as security stories have been thus far, you believe this phone is 1) real, 2) allowed to leave whatever secure room/facility it was being used in, and 3) NOT intentional tp get feedback from a change in form factor, or 4) only a prototype/testbed?


  • juis

    ok what ever

  • Charlie

    How's the view from up there?

  • Rudy569

    This might be their crappiest looking device. If this is how it's going to look , I'm just gonna pass. I still think their first model was the best looking one ever and most durable too. Meaning it could take a beating. So eh. Not really happy about their new device. Way to many restrictions.

  • Phosphorus

    I pray to god that this won't be the final form factor of the device. It's like a brick. I'd like it to be something like the iPod Touch 2g.

  • TimW

    Looks like it was stolen

  • Rudy569

    What's next after this ???



  • Franky j

    Why do gizmodo put a video thats only 6 seconds. Who is this person that found the phone. How did gizmodo get the phone. Why isn't they talking about the chipset. What's up with is it glass or not thy have the phone. I guess there doing it little by little. Is apple really looking for the iPhone. are they going to give it back. I need answers. Gizmodo u hold the diamond you explane it

  • katsuboi

    I like it. If this is the final form, it looks great IMO. Last year's 3GS was not enticing enough for me to upgrade, but this new one fits the bill for me.

    Just in time for us 3G owners who bought our phones 2 years ago.

  • katsuboi

    My brother-in-law met an apple employee who had an iphone with him, back before it was first released. Showed him how it worked and everything.

    So, yes, I believe it's plausible someone could have lost it, but then again, it's also plausible someone built a fake, but I doubt this one is.

  • hi, it is a nice peace of technology and , OMG I love it …. but just a question , why is it written XXGB at the back ?

  • jay

    I think everyone is falling into the hype. Apple is smart about what they are doing. They do a great job of making the public "want" their products. Do you all really think that someone from Apple lost their phone?? Apple is not dumb enough to empower someone in their organization to have access to something that they do not want the public to know about. This was a pure tactic to test the market. The phone was not lost on accident. It was lost on purpose. Apple is testing to see how the market would react to this device. They are simply hearing all your feedback on all the blogs that you are posting on to find out what they can get away with when they do actually release the phone. This also only keeps people talking about Apple. Nobody is talking about competitors… and now you, the price conscious consumer, is debating on whether or not you should get the Ipad or the new Iphone, or both. In the end, you are debating Apple vs Apple. Who wins in the end?

  • sommerchan

    Whatever Apple is comming up with will never come even close to the HTC EVO, besides I am sick and tired of Apple telling me what I can and cannot do with a gadget that I own and paid bloody money for it.

    F**K you Jobs.

  • samsung jack10835

    this got to be real because looking at the specs its haves everything that everybody said wouldhave on the new iphone like the design its different

  • Jcm800

    Is that flash worth a wank? Hardly a threat a Xenon, Dear me, don't count on that illuminating anything more than six inches in front of you..

  • Dj

    They wiped it once it was reported stolen

  • Johnnycaustic

    That's not what I meant, but, no shit, you just made my day!

  • yave d

    Not only is about the hardware but advanced software like the 4.0 os….maybe that new htc droid thats coming may be the only challenge

  • ray

    sorry guys, no iphone this year!!

  • Josh

    Check geohots Twitter

  • Frank

    I love it!

  • emmorel

    I call bull-shit. There is not a chance in hell that Apple would release that disgusting thing. It's like going backwards and Apple is about innovation.

  • thebigredbutton

    I didn't like it at first but these new photos and seeing it side by side with the 3GS I have to say its growing on me a lot. The flat back sounds great to me since my iPhone is almost always lying on a desk or something and rocks when I'm pushing the buttons. I could care less about the individual volume buttons and I'm liking the aluminum sides.

    I'm still not convinced this is the production model though.

  • thebigredbutton

    Great point. I am also of the opinion that this device may have been "lost" deliberatly

  • thebigredbutton

    Thing is, you've been doing that for years but through AT&T, Verizon, etc. What was great about the iPhone (in the beginning) was that anything you purchased and placed onto it was yours, if you get the next phone or an iPod the apps and music will transfer. I can't tell you how many times I had to re-buy Tetris every time I switched phones, THAT was stupid.

  • luigy

    i dont think that apple work that way. apple dont care about people feedback on their device to made changes or knowing that people like the dive or not. other thing i dont think that apple made that kind of point with a lost device when they have lunch the iphone on june that not enough time to made changes. if the iphone is going to lunch on june they going to be in production by this time.

  • HCWHunter

    I'm with thebigredbutton. It's growing on me! I like the aluminum sides and slimmer profile. 16% larger battery sounds good too among the other enhancements.

  • Tyler 927

    I love it and really hope this is the next iPhone. If it is I wounder if there will be a white version, I think that would be pretty sick

  • YouGetIt

    Apple must think it's only selling point over the rest of the market is the front facing camera. But what good is that with AT&T buggy cell network. Man they couldn't get MMS right. It will be of something to have but what would be the point if it's lacking in other area's. I was hoping a bigger high resolution screen size, not smaller to adjust to the battery issues. As of now HTC products are better, but I'm wait and see how this all plays out. Soon as apple releases this device, HTC will have something with front facing camera plus more.

  • Putters

    If this is released, the iphone will lose it's beautiful glory…and what a sad day it will be.

    Seriously, Apple knows to never be square or else it will be made fun of!!! Also, it does not look as thin as the iphone 3gs, hence a step backwards than forwards (Apple's new slogan: A step backwards)!

  • dd

    If Apple remotely killed it, it cand remotely FIND IT by it's GPS! Doooh. They could declare it stolen and the police would retrieve the prototype.

  • if it is shutdown you can't locate it ….. if the killed it they do not have access to it anymore ….

  • I'm 1st. Gotcha'

  • Dan

    It's confirmed:

    Apple Requests return of IPHONE Prototype

  • IsraelFox

    Dang this phone is all over the news lol
    i hope is not the final cuz i dont like the fac that is all square out like LG phones but as far as the spects am loving the front facing camera n flash big plus on that

  • it feels like a marketing campaign to me. I mean june isn't that far away and there is all this hype going around about all the new android phones. It seems like there is a new and better android phone coming from htc every other week. So why not release this phone. Gizmodo does say it was made to look like the 3gs so this might not be the finally case for the phone.

    Thing that makes me feel like apple just leaked the phone is what are the chances of the person finding this phone and knowing what they had. Why didn't the Apple employe that lost it call his phone like crazy. Also what apple doesn't put lowjack on their secret prototype phone to track it in case it is lost?

    If it truly was lost and then someone took it and sold it to Gizmodo that is theft. Gizmodo is now in possession of stolen property and the person that sold it is guilty of stealing and selling stolen goods. So if apple really wanted it back they would need to sue Gizmodo. They would just have to prove it was theirs which should be easy and Gizmodo would have to give it back or go to jail.

  • David

    Wiped phone through Mobile Me?

    All that does is delete data and restore, does not turn it into a non functioning device, it basically erases all your data you put on it back to original "Out of the Box" state. Why can't they turn it back on?

  • akrimay

    I do hope its not the final version b/c it does look very un-Apple like. I dont care much for the camera..flash wouldve been awesome but of course theyre not gonna have it..other than that, im super happy w/my 3GS..nicer looking too..Is it a publicity stunt? hmm…who knows..but Apple certainly doesnt need any..regardless of their control issues and policies i dont agree with sometimes..u gotta admit…theyre far above the rest.

  • JC81

    Don't hate man, that's why you buy the best and then jailbreak it and make it YOURS. HTC EVO is currently better than 1st Gen iPhone, but 1. You can't personalize an Evo 2. You can't download free apps 3. You can't play old school games like snes, playstation, n64 on an evo. 4. You can't customize your own personal sounds into an Evo. Yet all of that, you can do on an iPhone 3GS and when the iGurus jailbreak an iPhone HD….yep, that little Evo that you're sweating so much, is also gonna be squashed too.

  • JC81

    And I'll also add that htc evo doesn't run windows, doesn't run a droid…where as an iPhone simply…Well, can 🙂 oh well.

  • Colten

    I like the older one. I won't buy another iphone if they look like that.

  • nice info, keep up sharing ghere

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