Google’s Free Turn-by-Turn GPS Navigation Not Coming To The iPhone

Google Turn-By-Turn GPS

We had reported yesterday that Google was planning to bring the Google Maps turn-by-turn GPS Navigation with voice guidance to the iPhone, which was recently released for Android devices.

We were quite excited as it was free and included some cool features such as ability to search in plain English just like you would on Google, search by voice, Traffic, Satellite and Street views and more.

PCWorld is reporting that Google spokesperson has denied the rumors that it plans to bring free turn-by-turn GPS Navigation with voice guidance to the iPhone.

"We did not say we would bring it to iPhone, we said to date we've had it on Android and that in the future it may come to other platforms but did not confirm this will be coming to iPhone at all,"

It’s not clear why Google isn’t planning to bring the free turn-by-turn GPS Navigation with voice guidance to the iPhone, which is the biggest smartphone platforms.

We wonder if its related to Apple rejecting Google Voice and Latitude iPhone apps.

This is bad news for iPhone users but folks at TomTom and Garmin will be relieved that Google won’t be competing with them anytime soon at least on the iPhone platform.

[via PCWorld]

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  • wolverinemarky

    wtf ugh apple and google better stop their hissy fits and get it done or i will do the android hack and run it anyway lol

  • First. It will finally come when Job is old and getting ready to go home. Then new policy might come to apple. Until then, Steve will always be the winner.

  • Later became Second sorry. Someone was faster.

  • Vishnu

    Its OK we have Installous

  • Jay

    who cares? TomTom is better

  • Marcelo

    That's it…. Moving to Android!

  • Mac

    Apple is full of B.S. First adobe and now google. WTF?!?!?! I've been waitin since 08 for adobe for the itouch 2G and found out that it wont happen and now google is out?? I want an iphone 3GS for my B-Day but now I think i'd rather buy another phone and throw my ipod away or something.I always looked up to apple but now im starting to think differently. I hope Apple changes

  • Gay tony

    I can't help but believe that this is all apples fault. If apple didn't deny google voice and some other apps than google would be less hesitant to develop for iPhone. But bc apple has a track record of denying great google apps than why would google waste money and develop a potential brick of an app.

  • Triforce

    Steve Jobs is a Nazi. Simple as that

  • Punk_Poet

    Wow… no one said that it is apple denying this… It is Google that said it might not do it. makes since to me since google put it on there smartphone operating system. Also why would apple deny this, When Map Quest app does just about everything that google would have done and is also free!

    i hope that everyone who keeps talking about buying an android does, so that way it will clear up more bandwidth on AT&T. But truth be told most of you are just talking out of your rear ends and will keep your iPhone or up grade to a new iPhone come this summer b/c face the facts… even thought the iPhone lacks some features it still out performs every other phone out there.

  • Cody

    Couldn't have said it any better. I am sick of hearing people complain about the hints that the iPhone lacks.. You know what it can or cant do before you buy it so it is no surprise.

  • We never said Apple will reject Google's free turn-by-turn GPS iPhone app. We're sure Apple would love to bring it to iPhone users. This one is Google's decision.

  • Crazyfish


  • hxclos

    Didn't you report on Apple acquiring Placebase, a Google Maps substitute? I'm pretty sure this isn't necessarily up to Google.

  • TJ

    To be fair, they didn't say they WEREN'T planning on porting it to iPhone….

    Latitude was rejected because it used private API's, and was already available via Google's mobile site. Google Voice was rejected by AT&T, not Apple, though Apple acted as a proxy in that case. It's all about business and what makes the most money.

    I disagree with the Apple policy of banning apps that "perform functions already provided by Apple Apps"… such crap. It's not like it costs Apple any money to have people using alternate apps, and it doesn't earn money from selling its own apps, cuz they're FREE….

    Whatever. They'll be announcing their new social platform on the new iphone, probably to compete with services like twitter, foursquare, and whatever else is out there for finding friends (but only if they have an iphone and the same app as you. how lame! Which is why Apple will create its own social networking service using location data, integrated into its OS)

  • Jasper Fang

    iPhone is making more and more disapointment to his customer, it hurts customers and therefore, we'd probably switch our brand to meet our requirements. Chill out, Apple, it's 21 century now and Andriod will soon take over your place if you keep a closed platform like this forever, especially Goggle's Andriod.

  • clepto

    as long as there is a jailbreak dev team, iphone will out preform the droids. the dev teams keeps the iphone up to date and even gives apple future idea on progress for the iphone OS. the only reason ill be upgrading is cause i need the speed and im sure what ever apple doesnt release to me i know the dev team will release it and odds are it will be free

  • TimW

    All google have said is that they haven't said Its coming to iPhone
    No great loss anyway, google maps is so inaccurate, and using it whilst mobile is a nightmare at best
    Best I can get is 500yards off target, usually worse, stationary, I can get to 150 yards out
    Thank god for Poof, so I can hide the crapapp

  • Bob

    hey just wonderin whats them big difference between an iphone 4.0 and iphone 3GS. I have an Itouch 2G and i dont kno if i should get the 3GS or the 4.0. Any suggestions? i mean i just dont get what's cool about the 4G other than having IphoneOS 4.0 allready installed

  • Bob

    By the way any news on the jailbreak for the new Iphone 3GS with 3.1.3? if it comes out before my B-day ill buy the 3GS. Please someone reply. ill only buy an iphone if the newest firmware's jailbreakable. And im also scared cuz i heard that if u jailbreak usin Blackra1n, u have problems with the wifi, youtube and gps. Is that true?

  • I can't believe this…Google's turn by turn GPS is really cool!!
    But at least Android got the an advantage.

  • I’d like to see Google give users the option to download a static, simple map of the entire country for failover when there’s no data coverage. Users can manually update this static map to keep data costs down. But even though this map will be outdated and light on features, it can still guide drivers when there’s no data coverage.