iPhone OS 4: Hidden Features

iPhone OS 4.0 features

When Steve Jobs gave us a preview of Apple's next generation iPhone OS – iPhone OS 4, he talked about only 7 major features such as multitasking, folders, better mail app, iBooks, New Enterprise features, Game Centre and iAd out of the 100 new features. 

But the fun part is to discover the features that Apple didn't mention. So in case you haven't stumbled upon them already, checkout some of the hidden features in iPhone OS 4.

We have already reported features such as ability to search for content on the web and Wikipedia directly from Spotlight, iPad-like spell checker, 5x digital zoom, Bluetooth Keyboard support, custom homescreen wallpaper and more. 

As developers dig deeper into iPhone OS 4 beta, many more features are coming to light. Here is a list of the new features discovered so far. 

Cellular Data Toggling: You have an option to toggle cellular data on or off. 

iPhone OS 4.0 features

Messages Character Count: You can turn on the 'Character Count' option in Messages Settings in order to keep a tab on the number of characters while typing a message. 

iPhone OS 4.0 features

Text Messages Search: iPhone OS 4 extends the iPhone's inbox search feature to text messages. You can finally search through your SMS messages. 

iPhone OS 4.0 features

Camera Zooming: As reported earlier, users taking a picture from their iPhone will now see a sliding bar at the bottom of the screen to zoom in and out while taking a picture (up to 5x digital zoom). Alternately, tapping on the screen will also allow users to zoom in and out while taking a picture. 

iPhone OS 4.0 features

Web and Wikipedia Search: As we had reported earlier, the global search screen on the iPhone now has two additional options – 'Search Web' and 'Search Wikipedia' to let users directly search for content on the web and Wikipedia. 

iPhone OS 4.0 features

Document Border: Previewing documents on the iPhone will now display these files without the borders. This is expected to help squeeze in an additional pixel or two of content. 

iPhone OS 4.0 features

Add New Contacts: The Contact window on the iPhone looks more streamlined in iPhone OS 4 allowing users to enter more details about the contact without navigating away from the main screen. 

iPhone OS 4.0 features

iPhoto Syncing: iPhoto users can sync their photos to the iPhone via Events, Faces and Places. This will work for the iPad too. 

Lyrics Data Toggling: A new global toggling option gives you the ability to turn the display of lyrics on or off. 

iPhone OS 4.0 features

Photo Resize Option: Users sending large-size image files via email can choose to resize the photo on the go by selecting from the four different file size options. 

iPhone OS 4.0 features

Add Playlist: The current on-the-go playlists will be replaced by the 'Add Playlist' option in iPhone OS 4 that will be automatically synced back to the users' iTunes account. 

iPhone OS 4.0 features

Album Info: Browsing albums have traditionally displayed the tracks and the shuffle option. You can view the album thumbnail, track count, length of tracks and album release date. 

iPhone OS 4.0 features

Location Services For Apps: You can enable or disable location services for each location based apps via Settings -> Location Services. Also, you also get visibility on the apps that have most recently accessed this information using the compass arrow icon.

iPhone OS 4.0 features

Email Threading:  You can organize emails by thread in the Mail app just like in Gmail. Email threading option can be turned on or off via Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendar and turn on or off the 'Organize By Thread' toggle (this feature was demoed during the iPhone OS 4 event, the screenshot shows you how it can be enabled). 

iPhone OS 4.0 features

Longer Passcodes: Passcodes will no longer be limited to just 4 numbers. You can set a more secure alphanumeric and longer passcode for your iPhone. You can currently use the iPhone Configuration utility to achieve this. 

iPhone OS 4.0 features

Alerts On App Folders: iPhone OS 4 gives you the ability to sort apps into folders. When any of the apps inside a folder receives an alert, you'll be informed of the same with an exclamation point over the main folder icon.

iPhone OS 4.0 features


iPhone OS 4.0 Brings Gmail Archive Feature to iPhone's Mail App

Please don't forget to drop us a line in the comment section below to tell us which hidden feature you liked the most from this list.

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  • JT

    1st! – I believe most of those count as the minor 100+ features 😛

  • rwr77

    Also, we can now change text size in the accessibility options.

  • Prosp7r

    Awesome… Really can't wait.

  • Vishnu

    The change i don't like is, apple removed separate search for google from safari

    I really cannot wait…
    iPhone Hacks is there any news about the release of modified version of iphone 4.0 beta which can be installed on windows ??

  • JM

    we don't care if you're first. just write something worth reading. peace! love the new features!

  • SteveJobs

    During the conference the on screen display showed "In-App SMS"…. This was on a screen with like 50 other features. Any word on that yet? That's honestly the #1 request from me and most people I talk to. C'Mon, you cant be in the middle of DoodleJump and have to leave to reply! Haha

  • Zub Gawra

    Hi, This great, now I know what mean 4.0 OS…thanks..

  • Keith

    All very nice. Can't wait. 😀
    Loving the SMS Search!

  • eilo21

    what i need is the flash, when can this app be included?

  • Pankaj

    Is it possible to download and install the dev version and how to get it ?

  • smac89

    I'm thinking its just multitasking, like double tapping the home button to switch to sms and then switch back to the same screen you were on

  • Jordan

    Any SMS or Email notifications on the taskbar? like Jailbreak app intelliscreen?

  • Marco Heine

    One more nice feature I've found is, when selecting text for example in the notepad app. You still get the two blue dots marking the position where to drag the selection to extend it, but you will now also get a small section of the selected text displayed above the selection when you drag the dots, so you can actually see what you are doing when you have your fingers on the text to select. I believe that wasn't there before?!

  • Who Cares?


  • Pyroskee

    They didn't remove the google engine from safari, they just changed the key that said 'Google' to 'Search'. You'll still be able to choose from a list of search engines; google, yahoo, etc.

  • Ryland

    i want a running count of texts per person, that would b cool to see how many txts i send to one person….

  • Punk_Poet

    this is also in the new 4.0 OS

  • Nubs

    What about being able to change the sms alert sound?

  • This is the full list of the new implementations with screenshots. You can find your answer there: http://www.thehdstandard.com/eyepartner-news/iphone-os-4-0/


  • JT

    ur just mad that you weren't first

  • daksh

    hasnt anyone tested in-app text messaging as yet?? i cant find a preview or video of that anywhr…n m pretty sure that wud b the turning point of me to stop cracking the awesumness of bitesms..lol!

  • brij

    there are a couple of other feature as well…you can link the contacts now

  • brij

    there are several issues as wel…the contact images get blow up when a call comes in, the audio streaming through bluetooth A2DP has a hiss noise

  • steveo

    apple bits the big one…. Adobe CS5 rocks with porting applications out of Flash to the Iphone but apple says NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!


  • I'd be pissed if I owned an app that already did one of these things.

  • riley

    i would like the camera zoom very much

  • Leonard2226

    Looking forward to the FOLDERS.
    Still hoping that we can watch Flash on Safari

  • Twanger

    Is the battery likely to be tweaked via this os?
    It's pants on 3.1.3

  • you can already, get poweriso (i believe) and convert the .dmg file to .ipsw which you can use..


  • Shrivatsa


    i dont think so, quite sure it isnt…and i think thats a PHENOMENAL addition that holds quite a bit of merit in the user friendliness section

  • tim

    I think the in-app sms is very cool!

  • tim

    Also the folders were needed badly. That is a nice feature!

  • tim

    Wish there could be a way to get new sms sounds though! would love to customize them!

  • tim

    It would also be nice if you could have themes in the sms.

    Something needed in it though is a way to get the keyboard to go back down so you can see the texts better!

  • At&t CSR

    don't forget about gifting aplications from the app store! I don't know why I like it so much–it just goes towards a better social experience i guess!