iPhone OS 4.0 Hints At Front Facing Camera in Next Gen iPhone

Frontal Camera on iphone 4g

The iPhone OS 4.0 brings with it a lot of interesting and highly requested features like multitasking and folder management to the iPhone. 

But knowing Apple, we are likely to see many more surprises when Steve Jobs unveils the next generation iPhone later this year. 

One of the features that has been constantly speculated to be included in the next generation iPhone is a front facing camera. In an article published last month, John Gruber from Daring Fireball revealed from his sources that a second front facing camera is highly likely in the newer model of iPhone. Additionally, app developers have also revealed traces of support for such a feature in the iPad SDK released earlier this year. Interestingly, an image provided in an Apple patent filed recently at the USPTO distinctly noted "a camera 16 having a lens 18" on the front side of an iPhone. 

The release of iPhone OS 4.0 SDK yesterday has given a new lease of life to these speculations. Developers working on the new iPhone SDK have observed an "iChatAgent" process showing up in the list of processes. According to these developers, this could signal the availability of an instant messaging application on iPhone 4G. Considering that such an application might be incomplete without video conferencing capabilities, the availability of a front facing camera in the fourth generation iPhone also becomes very likely.

Frontal Camera on iphone 4g

Frontal Camera on iphone 4g

While these are still early speculations, the chances of video conferencing capabilities in iPhone 4G are pretty high. 

Do you think the absence of front facing camera will be a deal breaker in the next generation iPhone? 

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