iPhone OS 4.0: First Video Walkthrough Of Multitasking

iPhone OS 4.0

One of the major features announced in iPhone OS 4.0 is multitasking, which will finally allow users to run third party iPhone apps to run in the background.

Steve Jobs said “We weren’t the first to this party, but we’re going to be the best. Like cut and paste — it’s better than any other implementation.”

You might remember that Apple had released the Push Notification service in iPhone OS 3.0 as workaround to multitasking as it had concerns on the negative impact on iPhone's battery life.

But Apple has managed to address this concern in iPhone OS 4.0. Apple explained that they’ve distilled the services that apps need to run in the background and have implemented those services in iPhone OS 4.0 and are providing those services as APIs to developers so that they can add multitasking support in their iPhone app while preserving battery life.

The seven multitasking services available to developers are: background audio, voice over IP (VoIP), background location, push notifications, local notifications, task completion, and fast app switching.

Here is a demo video of how multitasking will work in iPhone OS 4.0:

Apple’s implementation of the multitasking looks very good. Unfortunately as we've mentioned in our earlier posts, the multitasking feature will be available only to iPhone 3GS and the third-generation iPod Touch (32GB and 64GB models from late 2009) users.

Steve Jobs clarified in the Q&A session that Multitasking won't be available on iPhone 3G and iPhone 2G as the hardware just couldn’t support it.

What do you think? Let us know your views about the multitasking feature in the comments below.

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  • samsung jack10835

    how can the iphone 3g cant suppport it thats crap because im using the multasking on mines and it works fines .it goes really fast but dont care just going to use the jailbroken version its just that apple wont to be lame and wont to keep selling there new models so people have a reason to get the new one

  • dxs101

    I have a 3gs and a 3G, they both are filled 90 percent with movies and tunes, and the 3G man,.. runs like shit, the home screen laggs!, while the 3gs is seamless… and multitasking on the 3g takes sooo much RAM and battery life

  • Der.Flo@gmx.de

    The one and only multitask is only alive on jailbreaked spyphones

  • Changer

    Y u use Ur Email?

  • KIRA

    O.o isn't that a 3G? it has thick sides ..
    i thought they cant be supported?

  • Der.flo@gmx.de

    This adress is a nice virus, that cause a total erase, if u Email something to it. So have Fun hahaha

  • Changer

    Fuck u.. All is gone.. My iPhone is empty and my Desktop too. Fuck u man!!

  • Der.Flo@x.de

    Hahahahahaahahahahhaahahhah it was Ur on fault..

  • Josh R

    I'm guessing Apple decided not to support multi-tasking for 2g and 3g so that we will be forced to upgrade to their new phone this june since most 3g contracts on AT&T will be up this year…

  • original

    LMAO, got em!

  • Jason

    Maybe once the new OS comes out the jailbroken version will enable the multitasking for 3g phones. Sure it will slow things down, but those who make the effort to jailbreak their phone are going to be far more aware of what's running on their phone and how to keep it under control.

  • ray

    mine too, my 3G lags n stuff so i had to disable some cydia programs in order for it to run smoothly

  • Mike

    dude are u being serious

  • El barto

    That's funny talking to yourself using a different name. I can tell by the time each post has. I doubt that can happen.

  • B W

    Well I have a 3g and it works wonderful. Just updated it, jail broke it with multitask and it works wonderful. Music, videos, and all apps operate like Usain Bolt running the 100m.