Accessory Manufacturers Already Working On Fourth Generation iPhone Cases

iPhone 4g case designs

The Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) gets underway in less than three weeks from now. Apple has traditionally used the WWDC platform to unveil its next generation iPhone.

There have been speculations in the past few weeks that the fourth generation iPhone (iPhone 4G) may not only be unveiled but also may go on sale during the event. 

Earlier this week, we had noted from sources that Cupertino had contracted Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn to ship nearly 4.5 million iPhone 4G units just for the month of June. The source had also reported that over 24 million units of the new iPhone model was likely to be shipped by the end of this year.

The success of iPhone is not only important for Apple and its partners, but also for the several manufacturing units in countries like China that produce custom accessories for these iPhones. Traditionally, these accessory manufacturers wait until the product is unveiled before designing the accessories. However this year, a lot of information with respect to the design and form factor of the new iPhone is already known thanks to the pictures and videos leaked by Gizmodo and other technology websites.

According to reports on HardMac, iPhone accessory manufacturers in China have started manufacturing cases for iPhone 4G. As you can see from the images published below, the cases have iPhone 4G's purported form factor incorporated in their design. The cases also contain special slots to account for the iPhone's camera flash.

iPhone 4g case designs

Quite evidently, these designs are based upon the iPhone models showcased on Gizmodo. It is not clear if the third party accessory manufacturers have commenced mass production of these cases. As MacRumors points out, the design of the cases is proof of the confidence that the manufacturers have on the authenticity of the leaked images. 

Considering the way Apple has gone after Gizmodo in the lost-iPhone case, we doubt if there will be significant changes in the iPhone model expected to be unveiled on June 7. 

We can't wait to get our hands on the next generation iPhone. How about you?

[HardMac via MacRumors]

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  • Franky j

    Talk about getting a head start on American companies. Made in china! lmao.

  • simon

    wtf if its made in china.most of the product in china are better than america,dumn ass

  • Ryan

    Spell dumb ass correctly and you have the right to post that comment.

  • pool

    ummm yea china products are better than us products lmao you must have been fed the formula from there too

  • Punk_Poet

    hahaha i agree with you.

  • rhino

    everything the us produces is made in other countrys. you can only make cheese burgers.

  • Mike

    Ok, I'm a mechanic and I specialize in automatic transmissions. I have seen more vehicles come back with problems because of faulty parts made from… CHINA! Chinese companies can't even make a hammer that swings right, but eastwing makes the best hammer you can buy and its made in… AMERICA. That's right, AMERICA! Now plastic, well I can't see how they could screw that up so i guess the cases will be just fine. But the point is that China doesn't always make the best products. The reason we have sooooo many products from China is because its cheaper for the USA to buy from China than to pay Americans to make the same product.

  • thepartyguy

    dont confuse china with Japan either! becuase Japanese technology is the best, but that is not china…. America does not make the best cars. Im an american, but our automobile industry is way below the japanese!

    but wtf why are we talking about all these shit if this is about the Iphone!!!!! anyways i thought i would just drop a line!

  • David

    The n is beside the b on the keyboard. Typo per chance?

  • Dunstonlads

    I cant wait for June 7th myself, does anyone
    know how long the networks like for example
    o2 in the uk who I'm with, will take before
    they make the new phone available? I'm outta
    contract now so waiting eagerly!!!

  • Ben

    LOL@ the folks putting down things made in China. Outsourcing is progress. Even things ''made in America'' are 9 times out of 10 made with part made overseas. Darn those Chinese made iPhones! Ignorance, gotta love it.

  • gregorylent

    i can wait .. only incremental changes from 3gs i think