Hackers Working On Custom iPhone OS 4.0 For iPhone 2G

iPhone 2G with iPhone os 4 firmware

Apple plans to release its next generation iPhone – iPhone OS 4.0 in June. The release of iPhone OS 4.0, which includes several features such as multitasking and folder management

However, the launch would not mean much to iPhone 2G users as Steve Jobs has confirmed that iPhone OS 4.0 will not be supported on older models.

Apple's decision to not support these iPhone models stems from the fact that the devices have lower memory and slower processors that may not offer the ideal user experience. However, a group of hackers based in Germany are reported to be working on a project that could bring Apple's latest iPhone firmware to iPhone 2G. According to the project details posted on the team's website, the group of five hackers have been rewriting Apple's 4.0 beta firmware to build a custom firmware that can run seamlessly on iPhone 2G. The team writes:

"To do this we studied the architecture of the firmware previously released by Apple on the device trying to understand how is it different from the released versions on other devices, in particular that of the iPhone 3G device, which is what most resembles the smartphones."

Hackers have made use of the popular jailbreaking software, PwnageTool to install the custom iPhone OS 4.0 firmware on iPhone 2G. The team has already published an image of iPhone 2G running the custom firmware, though we must concede that there is no way to gauge the authenticity of this picture. 

iPhone 2G with iPhone os 4 firmware

Despite the interest surrounding the development, the "Rebuilding OS Group" is not making any promise. In a post on Twitter, William Campbell, one of the lead members of the Berlin based team writes:

"We respond to some users who have criticized the futility of the product, saying that ours is an experiment, we never promised anything. We publish our data to those who wanted to continue the project if they do not succeed."

You can follow the progress of the project on their website

[via Redmond Pie]

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