How To Jailbreak iPhone, iPod Touch Using Spirit For iPhone OS 3.1.3, iPhone OS 3.1.2 [Mac]

Spirit jailbreak tutorial for Mac users

The much awaited Spirit untethered jailbreak solution for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad was released earlier this week by Comex from the iPhone Dev team

This tutorial will provide you with step-by-step instructions to jailbreak your iPhone and iPod Touch using Spirit.

Please note that this tutorial is for Mac users only. If you are a Windows user, you can checkout this step-by-step guide to jailbreak iPhone, iPod Touch for iPhone OS 3.1.3, iPhone OS 3.1.2

Some important points before we proceed:

  • Please note that jailbreaking your iPhone or iPod Touch may void your warranty and hence proceed with caution
  • Do not forget to take a backup of the contents on your iPhone. You may refer to this article for a helpful guide on backing up your handset. 
  • Jailbroken iDevices are vulnerable to malicious attacks. Kindly refer to our tips for making your iPhone secure. Also, please change the root password of your Apple device once the jailbreak is complete.
  • Spirit jailbreak does not unlock your iPhone and Comex or the iPhone hacking community hasn't provided any information on when it will be available.

Please note that Spirit needs the following requirements to work properly:

If you have taken care of the requirements mentioned above then you can proceed with the step-by-step instructions to jailbreak your iPhone and iPod Touch.

Step 1: Click here to download the latest version of Spirit Jailbreak software to your Mac desktop.

Step 2: Double click on the file and extract the Spirit application to your desktop.

Spirit jailbreak tutorial for Mac users

Step 3: Double click and launch the Spirit application.

Spirit jailbreak tutorial for Mac users

Step 4: The Spirit window will now prompt you to connect your iPhone or iPod Touch to the computer. You may now connect your iPhone or iPod Touch to the computer. Click on the 'Jailbreak' button to proceed.

Spirit jailbreak tutorial for Mac users

Spirit jailbreak tutorial for Mac users

Step 5: The jailbreaking process will now be initiated. The Spirit application window will display the 'Jailbreak Complete!' message once the process is complete.

Spirit jailbreak tutorial for Mac users

Step 6: Click on the 'Quit' button to close the application.

Step 7: The iPhone will now reboot and display the progress indicator.

Spirit jailbreak tutorial for Mac users

Step 8: Once the process finishes, your iPhone or iPod Touch will be successfully jailbroken. You should also find Cydia installed on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Note: If you’re having any issue with Wi-Fi or network connectivity on your iPhone after jailbreaking it then try to reset network settings (Launch Settings->General->Reset then tap “Reset Network Settings”) to resolve the issue.

We hope you found the tutorial helpful. Do not forget to let us know how it goes in the comments below.

[via iClarified]

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  • xsvl

    Thanks 🙂 Works Great on my 3GS 3.1.3

  • kaiji

    Best of Beasts!

  • klutch

    i have a tethered ipt3g jailbroken do i need to update to make it a untethered jailbreak or just run spirit?

  • unis


  • Sulman

    Hey i have iphone 32gb 3gs software 3.1.3 and i'm goin out of States for a biz trip….is there anyways i can unlock this phone so i can use it wit a difrnt sim???

  • aznstunna

    i just unlocked the phone useing sprint and it seems like it works but when i try to activate cydia, it does not load up. Does anyone have this problem? i'm running 3.1.3 on my 3gs.

  • Jay

    lol. do we really need a step by step for this?

  • arye

    I jailbroke it but it is still not unlocked. Any idea when it will be unlockable?

    • Aju

      Spirit is not used to unlock iphone touch or Ipod touch…… It is a software to jailbreak iphone or Ipod so u can get free stuff 😀

  • hg

    arye they will make another 10 useles jailbreakes and finally some genious will make something hard and we will have an unlock

  • mdub

    my phone got stuck in recovery mode using spirit pls help

  • key

    damn if you guys couldn't figure that out without a tutorial i feel for you…..i wouldn't know what it feels like to be that stupid…..

  • Trini4life9984

    How did u unlock your iPhone?

  • jeremy

    Hey all….

    I followed all the steps outlined…..and my phone has been stuck on the step #7 screen for 15 minutes and there is no movement at all in the progress bar.

    Any suggestions or ideas???

  • jun

    u guys r all dumb i can jailbreak any iphone since a month or more ago even the 3.1.3 easy even if u have the emergency call on it so so easy and im not a hacker and dont spend time like all theses developers it should be a shame

  • Mike

    I have a problem, i tried jailbreaking my iphone 3gs 3.1.3 and when the colorful jailbreak sceeen's white bar finishes loading the spiral just keeps spinning all day long, i have to manually resotre it by holding the home key and plugging it in, can anyone help? ive tried it twice and it happened both times.

  • andy

    Help, jailbreak done but icons missing such as calendar and e-mail??


  • Johannes

    Having the same problem with my 3G. Was running freshly updated 3.1.3 and am stuck on the jailbreak screen with completed progress bar but endlessly spinning spiral.

    There's now a few reports about this here – are there any new ideas?

  • jack8609

    exit itunes before running spirit. it happened to me too.

  • jack8609

    exit itunes before running spirit. it happened to me too.

  • jack8609

    if possible don't make it automatically sync.

  • Johannes

    Thanks for the ideas!

    iTunes was not running. My automatic Sync is always off.

    So it's got to be something else.

    Mac with Snow leopard. Meanwhile, my Phone is stuck on showing the Apple Logo after reset.

  • key

    hopefully you got all your data backed up. try a fresh restore then jailbreak…..

  • Mike

    This happened to me also, stuck on the jailbreak screen and than got stuck on the apple logo, had to do a hard restore and lost all of my stuff, tried jailbreaking two more times after this and still got stuck on the jailbreak screen

  • Sorry to hear about the issues. Some of the users have observed that shutting down iTunes (and relevant processes) resolves the issue.

  • kormakid

    had the same spinning spiral

    help down the power button and the
    front nav button at the same time
    and it rebooted.

    it ran the progress bar again and
    then it was done (note this was done disconnected from my mac.

  • any ways to unlock a first generation iphone on 3.1.3 , jailbroken with spirit … ?
    bootneuter maybe ? thanks for your replies .

  • Brian

    I quite don't understand why iphonehacks keep promonting scam sites for iphone unlock. It's really sad…

  • mike

    Alright dudes so after i added all my contacts back and got everything set up i decided to try it again, i wrote down all of my contacts just in case and tried the jailbreak again. I had NOTHING running on the desktop besides spirit, and it worked perfectly, THANKS!!


    Same problem here with 3Gs 3.1.3


    I followed your instructions for my iPhone 3GS. All went well until the re-boot. Reboot screen was fine however it never stopped. 10 minutes later same screen. It is in total limbo. Any ideas?


  • Windupbird

    I have a 3.1.3 iphone, how do I install ipa files on to it?

  • rosa

    hmmm my iphone stayed loading with the sorda sky background….and it doesnt even turn off…..please help

  • Alexander

    My iphone 3GS 3.1.3 got stuck on step 7 with the turning logo. Tried rebooting and now it's stuck on the Apple logo. iTunes does not recognize it's connected….
    HELP !!!!

  • dsells4u

    I just jailbroke my iphone 3gs using spirit and everything went thru exept my phone says searching and i cannot make phone calls. Can anybody help?

  • sukhchain

    I followed your instructions for my iPhone 3GS. but error code:1 and this msg display
    INFO: Now listening for devices…

    INFO: read igor/map.plist

    INFO: Connected to the AppleMobileDevice.

    INFO: Version iPhone2,1_3.1.3

    INFO: Connecting to mobilebackup…

    INFO: Sending files via AFC.

    FATAL(__LINE__): Assertion failed (dl.c:198): 0 == (AMDeviceStartService(dev, service, &it, NULL)) (but it was -402653091)


  • tried several times on my Imac with the latest iTunes, would not work under any circumstances. Plugged the phone into my MBP running iTunes 8.2.1 and got a message saying it "might not work". Well, it did work, in a matter of seconds!


  • Ma

    Hi, would u please let me know , what happened if my phone was stuck on recovery mode?

  • ridley

    well this works great so far so good. thanks to the free world for freeing me from the apple jail


    how to download cracked game into ur phone it keep say got error in ur game how come ???

  • iphone3gshack

    Error (c6) assertion failed!


    omg!!! i just tried jailbreaking useing spirit..a msg came up "RUN THE COPS ARE ON TO YOU"

  • maddie

    i tried that but it still didnt work for me

  • esgarco

    Works perfect….took 20 seconds and at last i can use the settings i want again on my iphone 3 GS32 🙂

  • kingkuba

    reset your network settings on your iphone

  • frozen bug

    I using ipod touch 2nd generation and 3.1.3 software. after the progress bar on the starry background finishes loading, the screen just freezes with a progress circle going round and round. Help?

  • Ramos

    This program is bad. No jailbreak and after stuck in step 7 your iPhone need restore and you lost everything

  • kaleb

    hey im kaleb and i was wounding is it ok to jailbreak yourr iphone 3gs 3.1.3 while your on a plan becouse i pay $20 a week and its $60 a month??

    please help

  • tyrone

    My Iphone 3g 3.1.3 gets stuck at the restore screen and i had it plugged in over night and it still had the restore screeen any suggestions?

  • sachin

    phone got stuck on restore screen


    3GS got stuck on the spirit screen. Run spirit the second time while stuck on the spirit screen. Reboot with power and home button. It reboots with jailbreak, without any problem.

  • asdd

    You have to restore you ipod to factory settings, the same thing happened to me.

  • Emperor was a jerk

    Hey genius, maybe some of us want to see what it all looks like before we do it, so we know what to expect. Maybe they are showing how it's supposed to look so if something goes wrong, we know. Or maybe hey are showing a step by step to show just how easy it really is.

  • Noble

    Excellent! Took less than 3mins to jailbreak my 3gs 3.1.3. Awesome, thanx guyz

  • drunkmonkey

    Damn that was easy! (3G/3.1.3/Macpro/10.5.8) After jailbreaking, it restarted in Restore mode. I unplugged it from the computer, powercycled it, et voila! There it is, Cydia and all.

  • shaylin

    Is it safe to do this with 05.12.01 firmware. Tried millions of times to jailbreak, but just doesn't happen for me. Perhaps the country that I'm in?

  • it all good for me thx

  • Tony

    i have the same problem with you bro.. 🙁 anyone known better? please help us.

  • brena

    The Spirit pop up window is stuck on "jailbreaking" …. shouldn't this process take about 10 seconds or so? what am I doing wrong? :/

  • christina

    I did the same thing after being stuck on the apple screen for 10 minutes. Close Itunes when runing Spirit, unplug the device and hold the power/home buttons at the same time until it reboots 🙂

  • Tayler

    how long does it usually take? my ipod has been connected for an hour….

  • Dont like the guy above.


  • Paulo

    my iphone froze on the apple screen !!! And now either itunes and spirit recognize him !! i've tried to hold the power and the home button but nothing happens!! So if any one knows how to restore to the factory settings please help

  • stacy

    Amazing!! Took less than 30 seconds for my 3Gs 3.1.3 and Cydia is working perfectly!! Thanks!!!

  • lally

    do hard reset on your iphone holding down top button and home screen.

  • hound

    works great so far

  • stigga

    Help stuck on the apple logo after Jb with spirit. Tried a reboot and nothing happens.

  • stigga

    Cancel it has just dropped in…..Strange.;-)

  • Rich

    Brain dead installation. Lovely package interface. Thanks. I did this today after seeing what ATT is charging for tethering.

  • Dinky

    thanks the Jailbreak is working perfect, however im still not unlocked, can you tell me how i can get it unlocked with the 3.13 firmware

  • me

    i want to jailbreak it

  • You need to quit iTunesHelper before jailbreak where you can goto the "Activity Monitor" to quit the process. Else, there'll be a problem such as hanging at STEP 7.

  • unlucky

    did not work for me … so far.
    it stuck on step 7 for a while and after a reboot it stuck on the apple logo.
    gladly itunes recognized it and i was able to do a recovery.

    is this the only tool for hacking 3.1.3?

  • unlucky

    me again.

    few hours later i tried it again and it worked fine!
    havent done anything different … dont know why i worked now…

    one possible reason:
    as far as i remember, the first time i quited spirit as shown in step 6, right after "Jailbreak complete!" was shown. but it didnt work…

    now, i didnt do anything and left the spirit untouched… and it worked.

    (note: only the finder was running besides spirit … at both times)

  • Jacob

    I just Jail broke my iPhone 3GS 32 GB with this and it works GREAT, When the white bar is done at the end of the jail break just reboot your iPhone and give it a minute than it will be done.

  • Jay

    OK so this will STILL not work if your iphone isn't unlocked? Meaning unless you are using a certified carrier you cannot jailbreak and unlock your iPhone 3Gs? Just curious. I have a restored unlocked iphone 3Gs on 3.1.3…guess Spirit won't work on it?

  • failed

    Please help…
    Stuck on step #7, reboot, and then stuck on apple logo and iTunes and Spirit don't recognize it.
    Mine is iPhone 3GS, 3.1.3.

  • vkirsch

    how long does it take to complete the jailbreaking process?

  • hannah

    Jailbreaking with spirit was much more difficult for me than in the tutorial above. Like many other users are reporting here, my ip locked up at step 7, showing the progress indicator, where it stayed for at least 30 minutes.

    I am describing what happened in some detail to help other users who may get stuck and are afraid they have bricked their ips.

    Background: ip 3gs, os 3.1.3 latest bootrom as of 4 july. Mac laptop (OS X 10.6.4 Snow Leopard) had itunes 9.2, but I uninstalled it and then installed itunes 8.2 instead.
    itunes was set to automatically sync when ip was connected (ie, itunes > preferences > devices > disable automatic syncing – was not selected).
    Created a backup of the ip data using itunes.

    Started spirit. Connected ip when instructed (itunes automatically opened). Less than 3 seconds after clicking "jailbreak," "jailbreak complete" message appeared, but ip screen hadn't changed at that point.
    Clicked "quit" spirit. I think at this point "Jailbreak" appeared again – clicked it, then after a few seconds "jailbreak complete" appeared again. Clicked "quit."

    Step 7 progress indicator screen appeared and didn't seem to be changing at all for many minutes.
    Disconnected ip from laptop usb. Reconnected. Laptop itunes recognized the ip.
    Tried to restore the saved ip backup through itunes; itunes said backup had been completed, but no change appeared in the progress indicator screen from step 7 on the ip.

    Quit itunes. Disconnected ip. Ip wouldn't shut down in response to holding down the on/off button.

    After more than 30 minutes, finally got ip to shut down by holding down home button and on/off button together for several seconds.
    Screen went black. Apple logo appeared. After maybe 10 seconds, progress indicator screen reappeared, but this time, there was actual movement in the horizontal bar from left to right showing progress completed.

    After that, several more screens I don't recall (something like "reorganizing").

    Then ip went to usual home apps screen. Only way I could tell anything was different was that Cydia app was now installed.

  • Farah

    help i tried rebooted my phone and its stuck on the apple screen. Please help.

  • usefull ipod transfer tool

    I can share this with my family

    but did this one easy to get virus?

  • Vineet

    Just jailbroken a iphone

  • Phil

    I cant believe it actually works! after 2 tries!
    3GS got stuck on the spirit screen with white turning. I quit iTunes on computer and Reboot with power and home button. I ran Run spirit the second time while stuck on the spirit screen. Apple logo was in the middle and then after a couple minutes, the Apple disappears and Ioads up with the colorful screen again LOOK at the white line if it moves then it will jailbreak with Cydia, without any problems after reloading! =) have some patience…

  • Mcjizzy Green

    what happens when you download Spirit, plug in ipod/iphone and it says “Device not supported”? How can you download it then??

  • rome

    i have an ipod touch and it keeps tellin me its not compadable wit my ipod wat to do to jailbreak it?