How To Transform Your iPhone Into A Wireless Modem For iPad

How to transform iPhone into wireless modem for iPad

Should you go for a 3G enabled version of the iPad or should you stick with a Wi-Fi only model? This is one question that has been asked several times by our readers over the past few weeks.

While a 3G enabled version of the iPad can help you connect to the internet on-the-move, the drawback is definitely the price. The iPad 3G + Wi-Fi version costs an additional $130 over the Wi-Fi only model. Also, users who have subscribed to an AT&T data plan have to pay an additional $15 or $30 per month for 3G access.

If you are one of those readers facing this dilemma, here is a nifty trick that will enable your iPad Wi-Fi only model to access internet over an iPhone's 3G data network. The benefits are two-fold in that you save not just on the additional $130 to enable 3G on your iPad, but also on the monthly data plan charges that iPad users need to pay the network carrier for 3G access. 

This is possible with the help of the MyWi app for jailbroken iPhones. Developed by Intelliborn, this iPhone application is easily one of the best solutions available to transform an iPhone into a wireless modem and consequently enable wireless tethering over the device. The only downside is that MyWi is available on Cydia for $9.99, but is worth it based on the benefits mentioned earlier. Setting up the application on a jailbroken iPhone is pretty simple. You may follow our tutorial for step by step guide by clicking here. Though quite obvious, please note that even though iPad Wi-Fi+3G users have paid the additional cost for 3G, they can also use MyWi jailbreak app to save on the monthly costs, if they already own an iPhone.

While this is without doubt a great alternative for iPad Wi-Fi users who do not have 3G access, we must warn you of a few potential consequences though. Firstly, Apple has cautioned users against jailbreaking their iPhone and could void its warranty. Also, unreasonably high data consumption over your iPhone 3G network could get you in trouble with your carrier. Lastly, do note that the MyWi app runs in the background, which could drain your iPhone battery pretty quickly. 

Nevertheless, if you already have a jailbroken iPhone and give it a try, do let us know how it goes. 

[via Wired]

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  • alex

    yass first to post!!!!!!! well nice cnt wait till the ipad comes to the uk

  • asdf

    I love mywi, can't wait to get a hold of one of these wifi iPads. Would there be any speed difference going through the phone's 3G connection versus the iPad 3G connection? Would the difference be significant?

  • asa

    I have noticed that the MiWi has done a great job with tethering my iPad. Since I have a 3G not a 3GS, the browsing is faster on my iPad but that's due to the memory and processor speed of the iPad. My iPhone gets a little sluggish when I MiWi enabled though.

  • Chris

    I have mywi and the wifi ipad, absolutely off the hook, speed tests on ipad while tethered was about 1.1 mbps not too bad!!!!

  • eric

    i've been doing it since day one of getting my i pad, and i love it

  • iPad User

    Run my ipad since the Third day its onthe market happily with myWii. Runs absolutely Perfect only loses sometimes Connection.


    i cannot get mywi to work on my does not start the server.i tried couple times re installing but dosent work.can some1 help me.thx

  • Gator

    Why do so many idiot's think it's such an honor to be the first one to post something? I don't get it. I can only assume that they must be children. I can't picture an adult actually getting that excited over something so stupid.

  • yave

    i run my data plan to my laptop and have done and impressed beacuse at my apartment 3g speed has rated almost as fast as my wifi here at my apartment at nights. also my laptop loads youtube videos at decent speed using my data plan. It does drain battery. I have tetherd my friends itouch using my iphone its cool….i just got an external battery which will help alot

  • JFA

    Jailbrake <> Piracy.
    Please don't promote cracked versions.

  • Boobyd

    Nicely said Gator

  • I will kick your ass

    Not cool to steal from developers. Just think, without them you would be stuck using only Apple apps and never discovered JB.

  • JFA

    I particularly prefer an iPad 3G as there are many drawbacks to using MyWi.

    Though MyWi works with the iPad it is not very reliable for daily use.
    If it turns out that you need MyWi for more than occasional 3G on the road usage, get a 3G iPad.

    If you do choose to use it, keep in mind the following so you don't suffer:
    -Turn it off when not used as it will drastically drain your iPhone battery.
    -Before you connect your iPad to the MyWi ID, turn off WiFi on the iPad to clear any past DHCP setting and such.
    -On MyWi choose a channel that you know is not in conflict with a nearby WiFi router, otherwise your performance will be impacted due to the interference.
    -Turn off Bluetooth on both devices to avoid interference.
    -Be careful with your usage (how many MB you consume) so your carrier doesn't slap you a big ticket for unauthorized tethering.

    You may often experience Baseband crashes (full signal drop outs) and you may regularly have to soft or hard reboot your iPhone in order to get it to work.

  • 523

    works really great on my ipad wifi and it works other devices too.sooooooooooooo worth $10

  • TimW

    I use cracked apps as a try before I buy, not rip off small developers. If I like, I buy
    Use a cracked TomTom App, but that's down to a dispute over a damaged faulty device the stinking robbing filthy bast**ds returned to me.
    I won't promote crack sites, but do find them useful 🙂

  • gfmcfly

    mywi is free on sinfuliphone repo

  • Robin

    Correction – mywi may be *stolen* via pirate sites. Your iPad cost a lot more than $10, as did your iPhone, as does your 3G phone service. Just because it's easy to steal from these independent developers doesn't make it any more right than stealing any of those other items or services you (presumably) paid for.

    If it works for you, buy it. That way, maybe they'll keep developing other cool utilities and/or improving this one.

  • Stevejobo

    Yep, I been using mywii for the past week with my iPad since the hotel I was staying at had some of the most crappiest wifi ever in my room. Saved me a lot of headaches from having to go downstairs sit downstairs in the lobby all night just to get wifi. Although I do wonder about the data usage on my 3G iPhone account since I been racking up roughly 300mb each day for the past week.

    I'm actually considering getting a 3G iPad now since it seems more logical for my job situation.

  • William

    I have been using mywi for the past few weeks and I have to say I love it if you are streaming a lot of data it will kill the battery but if you are chatting online and just viewing web sites the battery will not drain out that quick . I am also using a add on battery mophie which adds hrs of web surfing so I never run out of power,

  • Janice Choi

    You know what would be awesome? If the iPad had an efficient photo-sharing app. Like Clixtr for the iPhone:

  • Jdub

    Absolutely worth the $10 price. MyWi is reason enough by itself to jailbreak your iPhone….

  • Have you got it to work yet? Midi should defanitley work on your wifi only ipad using the iphone 3g