Apple Plans To Fix iPad Wi-Fi Issues With Software Update

iPad WiFi connectivity issue

Ever since the iPad launched in the US market early last month, there have been several reports about users noticing Wi-Fi connectivity related issues with their iPad. The reports suggested that users were unable to detect the wireless network on their tablet device even from locations where their other devices picked up signals without any issue.

You may recall that Apple had acknowledged the problem soon after and had offered several recommendations to users looking for a workaround to resolve the issue. 

Apple has now updated its support page with additional information that offers details on a new set of workarounds to help iPad users find a solution to the Wi-Fi connectivity problem. More crucially, Apple has also noted that there are a few more potential issues that shall be corrected with a future iPad software update. 

In the newly updated document, Apple lists down a four step resolution procedure to users who "consistently encounter issues connecting to a specific Wi-Fi network". 

  • Update Wi-Fi router firmware to ensure that the firmware is up-to-date
  • Change the wireless security option of the Wi-Fi from WEP to WPA or WPA2. Apple has noted that the WPA and WPA2 protocols offer more security options compared to the older protocols
  • Adjust screen brightness so that it is not at the lowest level. Apple also advises users to turn off the auto-brightness option
  • Renew IP address on larger wireless networks by tapping Settings -> WiFi. Select 'Renew Lease' on the Wi-Fi network that the user is connected to

Apple's support document has not offered a timeline for the release of the iPad software update. However, the company insists that the troubleshooting tips should be able to resolve the pertinent Wi-Fi issues with most networks. 

If you have jailbroken your iPad using the Spirit jailbreak then you should avoid the new software update until Spirit is updated for the latest iPhone OS.

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[Apple Support via MacRumors]

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