Play Super Mario On Your Jailbroken iPad With Wii Remote As Controller

iPad SNES emulator

Gaming on the iPad just got better. SNES4iPhone, the popular SNES emulator for jailbroken iPhones now works seamlessly on the iPad as well. The SNES emulator is available on Cydia Store for users who have jailbroken their iPad.

Noting that the emulator was built keeping the iPhone resolution in mind, ZodTTD, the developer of the SNES4iPhone emulator says that the app has now been modified to resolve issues with scaling.

ZodTTD writes: 

“I just got my iPad and the first thing I did was install a build of snes4iphone made specifically for non-jailbroken iDevices. This is the video of the first test. I have 2x scale enabled on the iPad to make it full screen, and I enabled smooth scaling in the emulator. I’m playing Super Mario Kart on my iPad and it looks, sounds, and plays great! This is going to be amazing.”

According to initial reviews, the SNES emulator works very well on the iPad with seamless integration with a WiiMote to control the characters. Here is a video demo of the emulator in action: 

If you have a WiiMote and eager to use the emulator on your iPad, please follow these instructions:

Step 1: Jailbreak your iPad with Spirit. Please note that jailbreaking your iPad may void your warranty and so proceed with caution and don’t forget to take a backup of your iPad before jailbreaking it.

Step 2: Once your iPad is jailbroken, it will also install Cydia on your iPad

Step 3: The SNES4iPhone application is available on Cydia for $5.99. Purchase the game and install it on your iPad.

Step 4: The emulator is packaged with the BT Stack application since the Wiimote does not connect to iPad’s native bluetooth. Launch SNES4iPhone and navigate to Options -> WiiMote controls and toggle it ON

Step 5: Exit and relaunch the application.

Step 6: Hold the 1 and 2 buttons on your WiiMote. The application shall automatically scan and connect your iPad to the WiiMote. Tap on the appropriate ROMs list to start playing.

As always, do let us know your feedback in the comments below. 

[via ModMyi]

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  • wolverinemarky

    now thats badass, god i wish i had an ipad lol

  • Tlaloc

    Will this work with iPhone? ie; video out to TV and use wii remote?

  • EskimoRuler

    This is so cool I think I'm going to get snes just so I can use my wii remote to play. Jailbreaking is awesome

  • Yup it works on the iPhone, haven't tried the video out bit though.

  • EskimoRuler

    Ok so I bought the app, got super Mario kart, grabbed my wii remote and was up and playing in no time. The game is not choppy at all, the sound is right on time, and the remote makes playing so much easier!

  • sp

    can i use my ps3 remote with iphone 3g?
    i got this application from cedia.pls someone give me some idea

  • Krew92

    Of course this works with an iPhone, in fact it came out for the iPhone first….

  • Sean

    There is no Wiimote controls under options. I'm on an iPod 2G.

  • james

    every time i turn wiiremote on it turns off every time i try to run a game or connect…

  • Dummy

    dummy! Now thats dumb

  • Alfa

    I just wanna ask how do u download the roms?? Please.