Jailbroken iPad Gets Bluetooth Mouse Support

Connect ipad to magic mouse

The iPad is primarily a media consumption device. However, as users have slowly come to realize, it is also a great platform to work on documents using iPad apps such as Pages and Numbers. For users who are not comfortable using the virtual keyboard while working on documents, Apple also offers an iPad Keyboard dock accessory.

While this is a useful add-on for business users, a drawback in using this accessory is the touch-screen based navigation on the iPad. This is because, an iPad docked to a keyboard may be better operated using the point-and-click navigation feature offered by a mouse. 

This tutorial will take you through the steps to connect a wireless mouse to the iPad. The procedure will however require users to jailbreak their iPad. Before we proceed, we must warn you that jailbreaking may void your iPad warranty. So please proceed with caution and at your own risk. 

You can follow these steps to connect your iPad to the magic mouse:

Step 1: Ensure that your iPad is jailbroken. You may follow the instructions provided here to jailbreak your iPad using the Spirit jailbreak software.

Step 2: From the iPad HomeScreen, tap and launch Cydia.

Step 3: Navigate to the Big Boss repository and look out for BTStack Mouse app. Tap on the icon to install the application on your iPad.

Connect ipad to magic mouse

Step 4: Power on the Apple Magic Mouse or any Bluetooth mouse.

Step 5: Launch BTstack mouse app on the iPad. The application will now try and locate the Bluetooth mouse. Once discovered, tap on the 'Apple Wireless Mouse' in case of the Magic mouse. This should successfully connect your iPad to a Bluetooth enabled mouse.

Connect ipad to magic mouse

Connect ipad to magic mouse

You can checkout the cool video demo of Apple's Magic mouse connected to a jailbroken iPad.

As always, try it out and let us know how it works. 

[via Redmond Pie]

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  • Cody


  • Can you use both the wireless keyboard and mouse at the same time?

  • lstatic

    thats cool

  • Not surprise me…when the keyboard news came out I knew mouse is not far

  • Mario

    People who do this really just should have bought a laptop now. it's touchbase for a reason

  • Me

    Yeah but now its both touch and keyboard/mouse. It's just cool, don't hate cause you dont have a laptop.

  • Jake

    Yeah but now its both touch and keyboard/mouse. It's just cool, don't hate cause you dont have a laptop.

  • Wazzup

    Yeah but now its both touch and keyboard/mouse. It's just cool, don't hate cause you dont have a iPad.

  • Mario

    I got both ha joke is on you jk don't want to start nothing jst saying

  • Mario

    Navigating by touch so much cooler also … I understand the keyboard but carrying your ipad camera kit keyboard and mouse is ridiculous. And if you say I do it at home and not on the go then jump on your laptop instead of hooking everything up

  • I

    It's cool!.typing on the upas!

  • Michael

    Yap, it is working, but it crash after a few clicks, need to improved

  • TC

    No. I spent a few hours last night on this, and the BTStack app that you install to make this work replaces the on-board BT driver. When trying to pair my BT keyboard, it locked up my iPad. I also lost the ability to pair my headset as well. The mouse experience was very nice. I hope Apple sees it as a useful option to make available to us in 4.0

  • Too bad most bluetooth wireless mice are undersized I'd consider getting one for this.