Another Next Gen iPhone Prototype Discovered; Teardown Reveals iPad’s A4 Chip

iPhone 4G leaked in Vietnam

Gizmodo surprised the tech world with its scoop on the iPhone 4G model last month. Today, folks at Taoviet, a Vietnamese tech forum have gone a step ahead to reveal more pictures and details about what could be Apple's new iPhone.

This is significant because the iPhone showcased at Taoviet could possibly be a newer prototype that might be closer to the actual iPhone model that is expected to go on sale next month.

The iPhone unearthed by the Vietnamese website is a 16GB pre-production model that does not run any OS. Instead, the handset is loaded with a "Bonfire" test routine. The device was apparently purchased by a businessman from an anonymous source for $4000. 

Here are some observations of the newly leaked iPhone 4G model: 

  • The new iPhone prototype revealed by Gizmodo contained a pair of screws at the bottom of the device. These screws are missing in the new prototype. You may recall that the pictures of iPhone 4G published on Twitter early this year did not contain these screws as well.
  • A teardown of the new prototype reveals an Apple A4 chip, which can clock up to 1 GHz.
  • Presence of LED Flash adjacent to the camera.
  • Camera in the new prototype is larger with a tiny Chrome bezel. You may note that the bezel in the earlier iPhone 4G prototype was around the Flash hole. 
  • The back casing of the iPhone is built with a scratch-resistant Sapphire layer.
  • MicroSIM slot is on the side of the device.

iPhone 4G leaked in Vietnam

iPhone 4G leaked in Vietnam

iPhone 4G leaked in Vietnam

iPhone 4G leaked in Vietnam

iPhone 4G leaked in Vietnam

iPhone 4G leaked in Vietnam

The website has also published a video showcasing the next iPhone prototype. Check it out below:

We can't wait for the WWDC 2010 Keynote address when Steve Jobs is expected to unveil the fourth generation iPhone.

Do you like the look of the new iPhone? What do you think about the features discovered so far? 

Thanks Jeremy for the tip!

[Taoviet via Engadget]

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  • Harsha

    awesome… i cant wait either..

  • Andy

    What's a "bonfire" test routine?
    Looks pretty snazzy non the less. 1GHz would be awesome but I doubt we're gonna get it

  • Lil_smiy

    any1 else see the cops ripping someone else`s house to bits :S

  • Ken

    This new iphone @ VN then Apple just forgets it. Don't even think they can get it back. Really want to see how Steve Job react with this hahaha….

  • Vince87

    Why wouldnt the 4G have a 1GHz! less than that would be laughing at us since the Nexus One that is 6 month old has a 1GHz processor… That flash with the camera is a good move! I cant believe this has not been implemented in an earlier version…

  • This is Apples hand work. How can two phones be missing in a shot period of time. Apple is purposely doing it and will catch us unaware. A different iphone is coming to the one we are seeing. I can bet on this. Apple is not stupid.

  • Franky j

    Someone needs to translat This video for us. I just can't believe apple didn't make the screen a little bigger. It looks nice, but still not sure if it's worth it.

  • Ken

    Here is the translation:

    This iphone came from a guy. Nothing really different. Length is longer and width is shorter. Feel really solid. Both front and back are glass. There are flash for the camera 16GB. Another camera right next to speaker. Silent and increase/decrease volume button on the side and they are round and separated. Sim slot on the other side. Another two speaker at the bottom. Can't see how to open it up since no screws. The screen you can see is inactivated or on some type of mode and need code the activated because They believed that Apple hand out a code to ppl to activated this phone. The new iphone is more thinner than the 3GS. The screen side is same. The sim card slot is smaller than the regular once. Feel really solid and more manly than the other generation.

  • samsung jack10835

    love the phone

  • Al_X

    I honestly feel like these aren't prototypes for the iPhone 4th generation but rather for the iPhone 3G. I feel like these recent phones are 2 years old and Apple considered an iPhone with a flat back but instead trashed this prototype and went with a curvy case and now these old prototypes are everywhere. And the explanation for the front camera and flash could just be that they wanted to include it 2 years ago but instead held back on those cool features to be able to release something "new" every year. Simply; This iPhone looks like an OLD prototype.

  • Cody

    True.. but if it was older it wouldn't have the A4 chip in it because it was made specifically for the iPad.

  • Cody

    I feel the same way..

    There is no way in hell Apple would allow 2 phones to slip out of their hands without all hell breaking loose. I seriously think that this will not be the iPhone that is going to be released.

    They were probably just built to have them sent out so people would be like oh this is cool.. and than when the day comes everyone will be expecting those and BAM!! Apple will have a different iPhone that looks better just to make the next iPhone seem so much better.

  • Cody

    Anyone else notice that the screws aren't on the bottom of the phone as mentioned that they were..?

  • The screws were in Gizmodo's iPhone prototype:

    We have pointed out that they're not there in this one.

  • vnwarrior

    you are wrong mate,the actual news is that a rich vietnamese guy bought it directly from apple for testing

  • nj

    sorry, but how is this possible, when the inside has a new a4 chip and more ram than the 3g?

  • james

    why do none of these photos really classify and show us that it has a front facing camera?

  • ohjayp

    You all are wrong, you know how good the Vietnamese are at making knockoffs, this guy got ahold of one of those replacement cases and rigged some shit up just to get some play. If it was a test model it would have been bricked by apple by now, not running some crappy test environment os. I dont trust it, and I bet that was also a bootleg of the BeeGees playing to.

  • steveie

    this shiet is real! who would wasted such time and affords to create such knockofs…plis!

  • Because Apple always not sell the what is best or the newest. Apple is selling a expensive dream. Buy it or not all depend on us.

  • xafo

    It is a culture for Asia to make clone out of good product. Since innovation is not their best, they simply make clones and sometimes improves it. As for this iPhone, i believe it was made out of the preview of the prototype. the rest is just just copy paste what we already know. No Screws? because it is a clip on model that was done quickly and the hole for the USB isn't complete. it is not even standard opening. The guy even mentioned stereo speakers. Fool, one is speaker the other is Mic. He just wants HITS on his site.
    Nevertheless We all want this new iPhone 4G even if it looks like 70's calculators with orange color bad digits, it is an APPLE for ?*#@ sake !

  • Thorgvin

    Who in Vietnam – that communist dictatorship! – would be able to afford an iphone?!

  • dyrenr

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    bring u update for evrything,downloading movies free onto iphone n itouch.
    n more

  • anji

    long ass finernails

  • Dave Sid

    Guys!!! this definitely is not a prototype… I have worked for some cell phone manufacturers as a Senior Designer..I know how this thng work…Companies do create prototype phones but they are limited to 2-3 pieces and are just for testing purposes… secondly these phones are kept secured…If any of you all have visited any mega manufacturer of electronic products, then you must be aware that before their employees leave the door they needs to be checked out…and trust me no company gives out testing products to their employees or executives for testing them at Bar home, Vietnam etc…These all stories are bullshyt… itz jus people wants to create hype…There is a possibility of leaked device specification and design…but thats also in rare case.. Apple is a iconic manufacturer they would never make these kind of mistakes… but there is a possibility hype being created by apple till the real version releases… As for the above pic..there are new knock off housings and casings available in the market to change your look for iphone…even I have had one with flat design…jus google it and you will be able to find it… these pics are kind of slick but its not the real deal… and whoever bullshitted about rich businessman shyt…thts all crap.. No company would sell their Prototype…and yea if in any case for instance any celebrity or highly profiled personality would buy it…they wont sell it for $5000…the prototypes can go for $50000 at least …cuz the name speaks for itself "PROTOTYPE".. hope this helps guys 🙂

  • Vince87

    If you've really been working in cell phone design you would have noticed that the motherboard in the above pictures has nothing to do with the 2G/3G/3GS and that it's not just a old iphone motherboard in a knock-off housing… The micro-sim slot and the A4 processor definitly tells us that THIS PHONE IS A PROTOTYPE FOR THE NEXT GEN IPHONE! I agree with you that Apple would not make this kind of mistake and my opinion is that it was on purpose to create a hype and come out with a slightly different final version with more features…